Palestinian Barbarism

This week we saw the true character of the Palestinian Agenda. Evil. Unmitigated Evil. As millions of people watched the horrific images of the slaughter of Jews inside their own synagogue, many were so shocked at the malevolent hatred that manifested itself. Many asked why? Why would someone do that? Why would they go into a synagogue and start shooting innocent fathers like that?

And to add fuel to the fire it was the Palestinian leader, Abbas, who ignited the flames. Then the response from the Palestinian people was clear – Dancing, Cheering and the Passing out of Candy and Sweets to celebrate the success of two of their own, now deservedly dead Palestinian youths. What can a person think of such people?

There is evil and darkness in the world. And though we continue to fight back such evil with the light of our Torah and the strength of our faith, that evil and darkness is continuing to advance forward. And the world is crippled in fear to condemn such evil. This was clear by the lack of condemnation from most of the worlds leaders. Even President Obama official statement was couched in moral equivalency:

“I strongly condemn today’s terrorist attack on worshipers at a synagogue in Jerusalem, which killed four innocent people, including U.S. citizens Aryeh Kupinsky, Cary William Levine, and Mosheh Twersky, and injured several more. There is and can be no justification for such attacks against innocent civilians. The thoughts and prayers of the American people are with the victims and families of all those who were killed and injured in this horrific attack and in other recent violence. At this sensitive moment in Jerusalem, it is all the more important for Israeli and Palestinian leaders and ordinary citizens to work cooperatively together to lower tensions, reject violence, and seek a path forward towards peace.”

Contrary to his politically correct statement which should have addressed Abbas’ role in the terrorist act, Mr Obama sees the Palestinians as victims. This is well known. However God warns us not to play politics with Evil:

Woe to those who call evil good, and good evil; Who substitute darkness for light and light for darkness;
Who substitute bitter for sweet and sweet for bitter! ( Isaiah 5:20)

The current role reversal of Good & Evil are the reality of the modern world. We call that which is good evil and prop up evil and darkness as that which is good and holy. While Israel has shown tremendous restraint toward the Palestinians – offering aid, employment, medicine and much more, the World condemns Israel at every opportunity, especially when it defends itself and it’s citizens. The Palestinians and others repay Israels goodwill with hate and evil.

But my enemies are vigorous and strong, and many are those who hate me wrongfully. And those who repay evil for good, they oppose me, because I follow what is good. Do not forsake me, O Lord;
O my God, do not be far from me! (Psalm 38:19-21)

We saw how the Palestinians reacted with joy and celebration once hearing of the execution and murder of Jews who were praying to Hashem. They celebrated their evil with brazenness, but the Holy One, blessed be His Name. sees their evil crime:

The eyes of the Lord are in every place,
Watching the evil and the good. (Proverbs 15:3)

We have written various articles over the years about the conflict between the so-called Palestinian people and Israel. In my view, measured against history and my own visit to Israel, I feel the Palestinians are a reprehensible horde of people, prone to extremism and baseless hatred. Their Islamic faith only inflames that hatred to the point that they believe that genocide of the Jewish people is a viable option.

I could never see how a Palestinian State could bring peace between Israel and Palestine. In fact it will bring more terror and more war. And while the question of Palestinian statehood will not be determined by the like of me or those like me, an answer to a question many ask in such situations may give some comfort. Why does God allow such evil to exist? Why did he allow this to happen?

The righteous man perishes, and no man takes it to heart; And devout men are taken away, while no one understands. For the righteous man is taken away from evil...(Isaiah 57:1)

Please Pray for the Peace of Jerusalem.

Terrorism Against Israel is not Terrorism – at least not in Jordan

Jordan’s lower house of parliament doesn’t consider resistance against Israel to be “terror” and amended a law governing a state security court’s jurisdiction accordingly. The Jordan Times (via EOZ) writes:

The deputies agreed that any actions against Israel cannot be “terrorism” at all; hence, they approved a provision that excludes actions against Israel from terrorism crimes.

The draft amendments limit the jurisdiction of the SSC to five crimes specified in the Constitution: treason, espionage, terrorism, drugs and money counterfeiting.

The bill will be sent to the Senate for deliberations and endorsement, after which it will be forwarded to His Majesty King Abdullah for ratification.

If approved, this Mother of All Loopholes is bound to boomerang on the Hashemites.

[Source – Israel Daily News Stream from Honest Reporting]

These kind of news reports get my blood boiling. But its all in line with biblical prophecy from the Tehillim:

Why are the nations in an uproar
And the peoples devising a vain thing?
The kings of the earth take their stand
And the rulers take counsel together
Against the Lord and against His anointed, saying,
“Let us tear their fetters apart
And cast away their cords from us!”

He who sits in the heavens laughs,
The Lord scoffs at them.

(Psalm 2)


Obama Terrorism

L’shana Tova to everyone and may your new year be a bright and prosperous one. We here at Israel in Prophecy pray that Blessings and strength be bestowed upon Israel and the Jewish people worldwide. I have not been writing much as we are in the midst of moving further into the New Mexican wilderness, where we will be closer to our loved ones and somewhat more isolated from the Rat Race. Hopefully after the Holidays we can resume our series on Daniel and other projects which are on the burner. In the meantime:

Obama’s brother is about to be put on Egypt’s Terrorist Watch List and is being sought for questioning in regards to the Sudan-based Islamic Dawa Organization, or IDO, and the organization’s umbrella group, the Muslim Brotherhood, which he manages. This group has ties to Ikwhan (Muslim Brotherhood) and it’s terrorist activities.

A criminal complaint (No. 1761 for the year 2013) reported to the Attorney General asked the Egyptian High Court to consider the suspicious activity of the IDO, which is owned and managed by Malik Obama.

Malik also manages the Barak H Obama Foundation which was granted highly irregular retroactive tax-exempt approval by Lois Lerner only after the group came under fire for operating as a 501(c)3 foundation since 2008 without ever having applied to the IRS.

See WND for more

Obama Pushes World Toward World War III

Support for an attack on Syria among Americans is over three times lower than support for United States war in Vietnam at the very lowest ebb of the war.

Despite this, the Bought and Sold Out media are now claiming that Obama would “lose credibility” if he does not launch a military assault. Even though 91% of Americans oppose a war against Syria, Obama and his elitist friends are intent on marching us right into World War III.

Reports of chemical weapons attacks in Syria are being blamed on the Assad government. Intercepted phone calls are the supposed evidence behind Obama’s newest push for war.  Presented by the Obama administration as proof that Bashar Al-Assad was behind last week’s chemical weapons attack in Syria, the calls actually suggest that the attack was not ordered by the Assad government.

Phone calls by the Syrian Ministry of Defense intercepted by the Israeli Mossad and passed to the US reveal that Syrian government officials, “exchanged panicked phone calls with a leader of a chemical weapons unit, demanding answers for a nerve agent strike that killed more than 1,000 people,” in the hours directly after last week’s attack.


The question begs to be asked, Why would the Syrian Ministry of Defense be making panicked phone calls “demanding answers” about the attack if they had ordered it?

There is video footage which shows US-backed rebels, (i.e., al-Qaeda) preparing and using chemical weapons. See Infowars for more.

In a related story, Obama’s desperation to maintain a narrative that will justify a cruise missile attack on Syria, the Obama regime is seemingly trying everything within its power to sabotage the UN chemical weapons investigation in Syria. The last time the United Nations investigated claims of chemical weapons use in Syria, its inspectors concluded that it was the rebels and not Assad’s forces who were likely behind the sarin gas attack.

Eager to avoid a repeat that would completely derail the march to war, the White House in concert with Britain has repeatedly attempted to derail the UN investigation.

From the Mouths of the Fallen

Those who know me personally and those who have kept up with my blog, know that I have stated time and again that al-Kaeda, the arch terror organization responsible for countless acts of terror and murderous acts, is and has always been a CIA asset. The group was created during the Soviet-Afghan war and was trained by the CIA.

It is our contention and that of many other researchers that the War on Terror is nothing more that a Global effort for world empire by the Power Elite New World Order crowd. The reality is that America is the premiere Sponsor of Terrorism in the World, not the popular bad-guy regimes of Iran and Syria and the like. This doesn’t mean that they are blameless. Far from it – but they are far from being the prime movers of terrorism. That infamous award belongs to the Hammer of the Whole Earth – Amerika.

The US Governments global War on Terror is reminiscient of the George Orwell classic 1984, where the world was involved with an unending war against a faceless enemy, much like our bogus war against the faceless al-Kaeda. Richard Clark states that al-Kaeda was created for Saudi Arabia to bankroll Osama bin Laden, through the House of Saud in the Afghan war with Soviet Russia during the 1980’s and both Riyadh and Washington contributed upwards of $3.5 billion to the mujahadeen soldiers (al-kaeda).

This is the same time period where George Herbert Walker Bush was VP of the United States and went on to be president. We all know that George junior also became president in 2001. George W. Bush went on to declare a “Global War on Terror” after a covert black ops false flag event destroyed the Twin Towers.  The  Bush, saud, and bin Laden families have deep business and personal ties to one another. The bin Laden families was wisked out of the US right after 911.

Recently, a video surfaced showing Hillary Clinton openly acknowledging that America created and funded Al Qaeda. There is no mention, however, that the US Government which is wholly owned and operated by the NWO, ever ceased funding al-Kaeda  in the course of the last 30 years.
See Before It’s News for more details



Israels Right to Defend

The following is a post from Eli Hertz who hits the bullseye with his commentary of the War in Gaza – Operation Anud Anan:
United Nations Security Council (UNSC) resolutions and International treaties define crimes against humanity as the “participation in, and knowledge of, a widespread or systematic attack against a civilian population, and the multiple commissions of [such] acts … against any civilian population.”

These international binding instruments go-on to impose uniform mandatory counter-terrorist obligations on all states to “bring to justice the perpetrators, organizers, and sponsors of terrorist attacks and stresses that those responsible for aiding, supporting or harboring the perpetrators, organizers and sponsors of these acts will be held accountable.

There is no escape clause – UNSC repeats “its unequivocal condemnation of all acts, methods and practices of terrorism as criminal and unjustifiable, regardless of their motivation, in all their forms and manifestations, wherever and by whomever committed.” Terrorist organizations such as Hamas that kidnap Israelis, blow up and destroy public buses, murder young people at cafés and discos, and school outings, alongside indiscriminate around-the-clock shelling of hundreds of Katyusha, Qassam, and Grad rockets targeting civilian populations in Israel, are clearly committing Crimes Against Humanity – acts of terrorism for which the UNSC under Chapter VII of the UN Charter directs everyone to fight terrorism by all means.

International law leaves no room to question Israel’s right to defend its citizens against systematic and sustained terrorist attacks launched from Gaza, by Hamas. Israel’s reaction to aggression is nothing more than a measured, fair response designed “to effectively terminate the attack [s]” upon it by terrorists supported by Iran, Syria, and Lebanon, in order to “prevent its recurrence.” Israel is far from using all means in fighting terrorism, as required by UNSC.