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Signs and Wonders – Ancient Knowledge

Signs of the End of Days and 2012

This page was developed to show that the  prophecies of ancient peoples and cultures, historical data and science are converging together as we near a time known to the ancients as the End of Days or the time of Purification.  This time frame was known to be the heralding of a new age of man called by the Hopi,  the Maya, and the ancient peoples of India as the Fifth World.  The Jewish people know it as the Olam Haba or World to Come.  The sheer magnitude of information is both startling and awe-inspiring.

Part 1 – The Death of a Thousand Stabs

Weather Anomalies and Changes

As the geo-political events un-fold and occupy the news world-wide,  lessor known but equally earth-changing events have been occurring with an alarming increase in frequency.  The earth and the heavens are experiencing many changes that the prophesies from many religions and cultures spoke of millenia ago.  The earth has now been moved off it’s axis 2% due to the 9.1 earthquake/tsunami that devastated Japan.  Also, magnetic north has shifted 10%.  Last year there were 500 wildfires in Russia that devastated their grain production so that Russia suspended grain exports which has had a effect on the prices worldwide.

Some agricultural experts are now predicting that Texas will lose two thirds of this year’s wheat crop to drought and fire. And Texas is not the only U.S. state suffering from widespread crop damage this spring; Kansas and Oklahoma are also dealing with serious drought conditions, while Iowa and Minnesota are facing predictions of major floods.

Speculation that the U.S. grain production will be unusually low this year drove wheat prices up,  which may have been good news for certain commodities speculators, but was bad news for pretty much everyone else on the planet. Food prices worldwide have already been on the climb for several months, alarming international agencies that track the global economy. The World Bank recently reported that prices of basic food staples have risen 36% globally over last year.  See Crisis Boom

Currently, here in the Southwest United States, Arizona is fighting one of the largest fires in Arizona history encompassing 301 miles and 193,000 acres.  The smoke is so thick that it has blocked out the sun here in Albuquerque New Mexico.  As of June 16 2011, it has become the second largest wildfire in Arizona’s recoreded history.

See Arizona’s 50 Mile Wide Superdust Storm

There are severe droughts in Africa and India.

We have had massive earthquakes in Haiti, Chile, New Zealand, and Japan.

The Mississipi River —There is also massive flooding in Pakistan and the Mississippi River in the United States.  The New Madrid Fault, located in the Lower Mid-West which surrounds the Mississippi could be triggered by the incoming Comet Elenin which will come very close, with 42 million miles, of the Earth.  Some experts believe that massive flooding could be a sign of coming earthquake activity.  Certainly, celestial alignments have been scientifically shown to cause earthquakes and tsunami’s.

Eithiopia Africa —In 2005, a gigantic, 35-mile-long rift, called the Afar Rift broke open the desert ground in Ethiopia. At  the time, some geologists believed the rift was the beginning of a new ocean as two  parts of the African continent pulled apart, but the claim was controversial.  Recently, however the claim has been substantiated by geologists from around the globe.  This could be exacerbated by volcanic activity, earthquakes, or celestial objects (such as a comet) that can exert enough pressure of the gravitational field.

Of recent memory there have been ten of thousands of birds which have just fell out of the sky dead.  Millions of dead fish have been found on the western coasts of the United States and Mexico.There are also the deaths of 100 pilot whales in New Zealand which just had a large 6.3 earthquake.  A meteorite barely missed us (45,000 miles from earth).  If it had hit us it would have produced an impact of 1000 Hiroshima sized atomic weapons. The sun rose two days early in Greenland –  see the HUFFINGTON POST.  Also see the report of two suns that were visible in China on MSNBC. Scientists and astronomers has also announced that the star Betelgeuse is going to go supernova and that Twin Suns could be seen in 2012.

Update June 13 – video of Two Suns seen in Bangkok

Former CNN Science Feature Producer Marshal Masters on the Two Suns – Part 1    Part 2    Part 3    Part 4    Part 5    Part 6

Two SunsNASA is warning of solar flares that could result from a massive space storm as reported in the Telegraph and the Daily Mail Online

On March 19, everyone saw what can only be termed as a Super Moon, when our moon came the closest  than it has in the past 18 years, lighting up the night sky from just 221,567 miles (356,577 kilometers) away.  Recently, the moon’s appearance was observed to be out of the ordinary and it was discovered that the moon had actually flipped 135 degrees, probably due to an astronomical alignment.  Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson, the world renowned Torah Code scholar has verified that the TORAH CODES indicate that there would be changes in the Moon in 5771 (2011).   It has since almost completely righted its self. Hear the details on Yow Radio.

Could the March 11 Japanese Tsunami have been helped along by the coming March 19th Super Moon?

Scientist Mesur Omerbashich has produced a report that concludes that Astronomical Alignments are the cause of M6 Seismicity. – See Above Top Secret

Here is a very informative You Tube video that covers much of the above.

Signs in the Heavens

There are numerous prophecies within various cultures that speak of a harbinger of destruction – Sumeria, Egypt Ancient India, the Hopi Indians of the American Southwest and the Middle East to name just a few.  The Hebrew bible speaks of a day of destruction, a day of darkness, when the earth is being devastated by pole shifts, movements of land masses and the close passing of heavenly body’s ( see the books of Isaiah [Chapter 30], Zephaniah, Joel..). The prophet Zechariah (chapter 14) foretold of an event that would split the Mount of Olives in half and create a valley which gives the Jewish people an escape route against the Gog Magog armies.  Even the Christian New Testament Book of Revelation (chapters 6 and 8) makes note of the passage of an object that causes a huge earthquake, moves land masses, blots out the sun and creates a blood red moon and hurls large space rocks into the earths atmosphere.  No mere comet can produce all these effects.  Only a lage body that passes thru our solar system  between earth and the sun can accomplish this.

The ancients called this Harbinger of destruction by many names – Nibiru (Planet of Crossing), Nemesis, The Destroyer, Wormwood and Hercolubus. To the Hopi, this object is known as the Purifier.  To the ancient Celts it was known as the Frightener.  In our modern age it is called Planet X.

In 1984 an article from the September 10th issue of US News and World Report stated that NASA has discovered a planetary object 50 billion miles from our Sun.  The report stated that the IRAS platform had discovered a 10th planet, which they called Planet X.

In 1992 NASA came out again and stated that there were, “…unexplained deviations in the orbits of Uranus and Neptune which point to a large outer solar system [meaning beyond the Oort Cloud] of 4 to 8 Earth masses, on a highly tilted orbit beyond 7 billion miles from the sun.”

See Nibiru The Movie – Planet X Revealed by UFO TV (44 min.)

Planet X is Coming! Norwegian Politicians will be Hiding in Underground Bases and Bunkers – A Message from a Norwegian Insider

Sunken Cities – Evidence of Ancient Cataclysms

Sunken City - JapanEveryone has heard about the legend of the Lost City of Atlantis and the Lost civilization of Lemuria, believed to be a land mass that connected the Indian sub-continent with Australia.  The are actually many such legends throughout the ancient cultures of Earth.  But are they only legends?  Or are they ancient memories of terrible cataclysms?  The facts is that they are not merely stories.  In the search for the Lost City of Atlantis and the lost city of Mu (Lemuria) explorers and archeologists have uncovered physical remains of ancient sunken cities.  In the Mediterranean Sea alone there are 200 known sunken cities.  Some of the more well know sunken cities are:

1.  The 9500 year old sunken city of the western coast of India, in the Gulf of Cambay….More Info

2. The 6000 year old sunken city off the western coast of Cuba.  The city lis 2500 feet below the ocean….More Info

3.  Off the waters of Okinawa Japan, beyond the tiny island of Yonasuni, lies a giant 600′ x 90′ pyramid structure dated to 8000 BCE…More Info

4. The ruins under Peru’s Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world…See Video Here and the BBC article Here

The are two issues of prime importance connected to these sunken cities.  First off, these cities are older than any cities that archeologists have uncovered to date above the ground.  During this time period, modern historians and archeology experts believe that primitive man was barely assembled into tribal groups, let alone building large cities.  Second and most profound of all is the fact that these cities are sunken below the oceans.  How did they get there? 


Remote Viewing – Military Application of Psychic Science

Remote viewing (RV) is the practice of seeking impressions about a distant or unseen target using paranormal means, in particular, extra-sensory perception (ESP) or sensing with mind. Scientific studies have been conducted, and although some earlier, less sophisticated experiments produced positive results, none of the newer experiments concluded with such results when under properly controlled conditions. The scientific community rejects remote viewing due to the absence of an evidence base, the lack of a theory which would explain remote viewing, and the lack of experimental techniques which can provide reliably positive results.

Research into psychic phenomenon has been on going since the mid 1800’s.  Since World War 2, the US government has been interested in the developing psychic fields and has funded several projects along the road.  Stanford Research Institute’s Stargate Project was an advanced psychic remote viewing program used to create a trainable, repetitive, accurate operational method of ‘psychic’ spying or intelligence gathering for the US Military and Intelligence communities, such as the CIA, NSA, and DIA

Edward A. Dames, Major, U.S. Army, is a decorated military intelligence officer and original member of the U.S. Army prototype remote viewing training program. Major Ed Dames served as the one and only training and operations officer for the Defense Intelligence Agency’s psychic intelligence (PSINT) collection unit, and currently serves as executive director for the Matrix Intelligence Agency.  Ed  accurately predicted the Madrid bombings that happened on March 11, 2004, five weeks before the terrorist attacks took place, and accurately predict the deadly crop fungus that began in Africa (See You Tube Video).   Ed Dames is now the head of his own remote viewing company called PSI TECH.

I personally do not advocate remote viewing as appropriate activity for those who adhere to Torah Judaism but his accuracy has been attested to by researchers and others within this field.

Ed has stated in his documentary film – KILLSHOT – that the event to look for before the series of devastating Earth Changes and cataclysms, is when a space shuttle mission encounters a meteor shower and is forced to abort and return to Earth.  There has never been a aborted shuttle mission due to meteor showers in NASA’s history, and in an of itself is quite significant.  This ordinarily would be unlikely since NASA is very good at determining windows for space missions.  However this remote viewing prediction was made several years ago and Ed would not have known about the Comet Elenin coming through our solar system this year (2011).  You should know that in 2010 President Obama ordered the end to the Shuttle Program and the last Shuttle mission is scheduled for July of 2011, literally in about 3 weeks.  If Elenin breaks up as the Shoemaker-Levy Comet did, we could see ‘meteor showers’ that Ed spoke of.

Space shuttle Atlantis is set to liftoff on the final flight of the shuttle program, STS-135, a 12-day mission to the International Space Station. Launch is
currently targeted for July 8.

Major Ed Dames – Killshot

Part 2 – The Prophetic Texts

 Is there anything to the prophecies of old?

Before I begin this section I must state that prophecy is not confined to the prophets of Israel alone, but can be seen in many of the ancient cultures. Many ancient cultures exhibit deep profound wisdom.  But the prophecies contained in the Hebrew Bible are heads above the prophecy and wisdom of the nations, and have shown themselves to be accurate in all their details.  A Jewish proverb states:

“If a person tells you that there is wisdom among the nations, believe him, as it says in Obadiah, “I will destroy the wise ones from Edom and the intelligence from Mount Esau.” If one says that there is Torah among the nations, believe him not.”

 The Torah text, which has been hand written and passed down in an unbroken chain of transmission from the time of Moshe to this very day, reminds us that if a prophet foretells of an event that comes to pass but tries to convinces you to follow after other gods, you are not to heed that prophet but you must put him to death (Deuteronomy 13).  This tells us that even idolators can even possess the prophetic gift and that the foretelling and fulfillment of a prophecy does not make you a spokesman for GOD.  Many people today believe that some one who heals or predicts the future must be sent from HaShem, but as you can see that idea has no basis in the Word of HaShem and those who follow such false prophets are fools.

From the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible)

Black SunThe Tanakh is the most informative source on the coming changes concerning the earth, moon and heavens.  The Hebrew bible does not necessarily speak of the specific cause of all the astronomical anomalies, but instead gives the effects of Planet X, which would be uncovered by a careful study.  Isaiah 24:18-20 tells us that some event will cause the foundations of the earth to quake, that the earth will totter and sway.   The prophecies of Amoz, Zephaniah, Joel and Zechariah also describe the coming cataclysm. While there are numerous references to these events, the following are the most well known among biblical scholars and researchers:

“Behold HaShem will strip the earth bare, and lay it waste and twist it’s surface…the earth shall be bare…the earth is withered, sear [scorched]; the world languishes, it is sear…the new wine fails, the vine languishes…terror and pit and trap upon you who dwell on the earth!…the earth is breaking, breaking; the earth is crumbling, crumbling. The earth is tottering, tottering; the earth is swaying like a drunkard, rocking to and fro like a hut…the moon shall be ashamed [blush], and the sun shall be abashed [delayed]…” [Isaiah 24].

“All the host of the heavens will dissolve and the heavens will be rolled up like a scroll..” [Isaiah  34:4]

“And on that day – the word of Lord HaShem/Elohim – that I will bring down the sun at midday and I will darken the land on a day of light.” [Amoz 8:9]

‘And it will happen after this [the End of Days] that I will pour out My Spirit upon all flesh, and your sons and daughters will prophesy; your elders will dream [prophetic] dreams, and your young men will see visions. Even also upon the slaves and maidservants in those days I will pour out My Spirit.  I will set wonders [signs] in the heavens and on earth: blood and fire and pillars of smoke, the sun will turn to darkness and the moon to blood, before the coming of the great and awesome day of HaShem.” [Joel 3:1-4]

“The great day of HaShem is near, it is near and hastens greatly, the sound of the day of HaShem, when the mighty warrior cries bitterly.  A day of fury is that day, a day of trouble and distress, a day of destruction and desolation, a day of darkness and blackness, a day of cloud and thick cloud…” [Zephaniah 1:14-15]

The above passages are quite foreboding and literally describe in detail the coming celestial events that will bring about a new heavens and earth also mentioned in Isaiah [chapter 65] (more on that later). 

The Destroyer

One of the ancient names of Planet X that deserves some attention is the name the Egyptians called it –  The Destroyer.

Millennia ago, Egyptian and Celtic authors recorded  prophetic warnings for the future and  their harbinger signs are now converging on 2012.  These predictions are contained in The Kolbrin Bible, a secular  wisdom text  preserved by generations  of Celtic mystics in Great Britain.  This 3600-year old  text  warns of an imminent,  Armageddon-like conflict with radical Islam, but this is not the   greatest  threat. The authors of The Kolbrin Bible  predict an end to life as we know it, by  a celestial event.   It will be the return of a massive space object, in a long elliptical orbit around  our sun.  Known to the Egyptians and  Hebrews as the “Destroyer,” the Celts later called it the  “Frightener.”

Manuscripts 3:4 When blood drops upon the Earth, the Destroyer will appear, and mountains will open up and belch forth fire and ashes. Trees will be destroyed and all living things engulfed. Waters will be swallowed up by the land, and seas will boil.

The reference to an object the Egyptians called the “Destroyer” is repeated often in The Kolbrin Bible and the Egyptian scholars/scribes who wrote some of these Egyptian texts shortly after the Exodus, explain that it was a celestial body with a long orbit (3600 years) which during its last two flyby events caused the Great Flood and the Ten Plagues of the Exodus. Unlike the Torah,  this ancient work explains these events as natural disasters. First penned in ancient hieratic, the Great Book was about 4 times the size of the  Bible. The impetus for the work was the devastating defeat the Egyptians suffered at the hands of Moshe. Convinced their own gods had been proven to be impotent and inferior, they initiated the first regional anthropological study in history.

In the Hebrew Bible the Destroyer is referred to as the cause of the deaths of the first-born of Egypt during the Passover that the Children of Israel were celebrating while as slaves in Egypt.  Exodus 12:23 the Destroyer is portrayed as agent of HaShem, the God of Israel who would strike down all the first-born in the land of Egypt unless there door posts displayed the blood of a lamb.  Jeremiah 4:7, 6:26 and in Jeremiah 51 also speak of the destroyer. 

One of the most intriguing references to the Destroyer actually comes out of the Christian New Testament in the Book of Revelation, chapter 9.   This passage speaks of a star which fell on the earth which ruptures the earth and causes an opening which smoke and locusts (some kind of army that tortures mankind) pour out of.  This abyss is apparently ruled by a supernatural being that the text names both in Greek and Hebrew as Apollyon/Abaddon which in both languages means ‘destroyer’.

 More Information About the Kolbrin Bible

From the Ancient Sumerian Texts

The term “Nibiru”, meaning Planet of Crossing, comes from the Sumerian cuneiform stone tablets and writings that are 6,000 years old.  The Sumerian culture is the first recorded civilization on earth, then called Sumeria, today’s Iraq. It has been known throughout various time periods as Sumer, Mesopotamia, and Babylon, all the same location for where earth’s first culture shows up on earth. The Sumerian Culture is the oldest known civilization we know of based on the artifacts and Ancient Sumerian Cuniform Textmonuments that still remain.

The Sumerians tell us that their gods taught them all the amazing knowledge that the Sumerian Culture possessed, 6,000 years ago. They called their gods,
“Annunaki” which is translated to mean “those who from heaven to earth came”.

The Sumerians were  able to measure the distance between stars very precisely. But how is it possible that earthbound, primitive, pre-technological people were able to do this? And even more mysteriously, why? Such star maps would be necessary for space travellers, but not for the ancient primitive Sumerians. Given the extraordinary accuracy of Sumerian astronomical calculations, perhaps it is prudent to have another look at those areas where their information differs from ours.

The Sumerian calendar was originally crafted as early as 3,000 B.C. and is also the model for our calendar today. They based their calendar on the cycles of the moon, thereby breaking the year into 12 months, with a leap month put in every three years. Besides the fundamentals of day counting, the Sumerians also had knowledge of more arcane astronomical features, some of which are hard to fathom just how they knew. For example, as the earth spins on it’s axis it wobbles, so that a line drawn from the north pole into space traces a circle as the years go by.

The Sumerians assign 12 celestial bodies to our solar system – the Sun, our moon, and 10 planets.  Up until the late 18th century our astronomers only knew of 6 planets – Mercury, Venus, Earth, Mars, Jupiter and Saturn.  Uranus was discovered in 1781, and Pluto in 1930.

On Sept 30, 1846 -— one week after the discovery of Neptune, Le Verrier declared that there may be still another unknown planet out there. On October 10,
Neptune’s large moon Triton was discovered, which yielded an easy way to accurately determine the mass of Neptune, which turned out to be 2% larger than
expected from the perturbations upon Uranus. It was quickly realized that Pluto was too small to have the supposed gravitational effect on Neptune, and so the search went on beyond Pluto, for yet one more missing planet, that we now call Planet X.

In 1972 Joseph Brady, an astronomer at the Lawrence Livermore Labratory discovered a perbutation in Halley’s comet’s orbit that could only be explained by the presence of an unknown Jupiter sized body.  NASA has learned that the trajectories of their long range probes, such as the Voyager class craft, are being disturbed by an unknown gravitational force.

Ancient Sumerian Astronomy ChartThe Sumerian texts state that the 12 planet called Nibiru is on a long orbit of 3600 years (this number is not set in stone due to many variables). They also inform us concerning the color of the outer planets, and even the distance between the planets, which has been proven to be accurate. We sent space probes out in the 70’s that took the first pictures in color, which confirmed the Sumerian descriptions.

The Return of the Destroyer

Marshall Masters, a former CNN science reporter, also believes Planet X will return in 2012. In his documentary Surviving 2012 & Planet X, he points to a number of scientific reports that he claims have been later suppressed or covered up because they indicate the government knows about the existence of a rogue planet that is on a collision course with the inner solar system due in 2012.

Masters claims that low-level seismic activity and planetary changes on Earth are being created by the influence of Planet X. Most of Masters’s historical support for the impending return of the destroyer comes from a book called the Kolbrin Bible, which claims to be based on earlier ancient Egyptian records called The Great Book. These supposedly contain accounts of previous visits of the destroyer that resulted in world cataclysms.

Both Masters’s and Zechariah Sitchin’s versions of Planet X have some similarities to a much more scientific theory that supports the idea that cataclysms on Earth, including periodic mass extinction events, may be triggered by the gravitational influence of an unseen body on the edge of our solar system. This theory, however, doesn’t require a planet or brown dwarf to come charging into the orbits of the inner planets. The secret of how this might happen may be found in a far distant region of our solar system called the Oort cloud.

Dr. John Murray of the U.K.’s Open University suggests there is another planet in deep space at the edge of the Oort cloud. Murray has been studying the motions of long-period comets. By analyzing the behavior of these comets, Murray has detected what he believes are tell-tale signs of a single massive object that has deflected all of them into their current orbits, and he calculates there is only a one in 1,700 chance that this is a coincidence. In a research paper published in the Monthly Notices of the Royal Astronomical Society, he has suggested that the so-far unseen planet is a supergiant, several times bigger than the largest planet in the solar system, Jupiter.

The orbit of this supergiant would be about 3,000 billion miles and it would take as much as 6 million years to orbit the sun. Such a distant planet would be slow moving and difficult to detect despite its huge size. What is probably the most interesting part of Murray’s hypothesis is the remarkable suggestion that the planet orbits our sun in the “wrong” direction, counter to the orbits of all the other known planets. This has led Murray to believe that it did not form in this region of space and that it could be a planet that “escaped” from another star. He has even been able to calculate that the predicted supergiant lies in the constellation of Delphinus.

Richard A. Muller dubbed this hypothetical star Nemesis. Nemesis is theorized to be orbiting the sun at a distance of between 50,000 to 100,000 AU, somewhat beyond the Oort cloud. The existence of this star was originally postulated as part of a hypothesis to explain an apparent cycle of mass extinctions in the geological record.

Other astronomers, including Daniel Whitmire, Albert Jackson, and John Matese, argue that the unseen companion to the sun is much more likely to be a brown dwarf. These are unborn stars that briefly ignite but then quickly die. The initial ignition dust cloud that surrounds them makes them very hard to see and even the most powerful telescopes could miss such a star, even if it were very close to our solar system. Brown dwarfs are very common, and if one were orbiting somewhere around the outer edge of the Oort cloud it would be a good fit for the perturber sending comets toward us.

No matter what Planet X turns out to be, the historical record and cultural record from the ancients show that over the millenia the Earth has been visited by celestial events that have caused tremendous destruction and should be taken very seriously.

From the Christian Texts

There are several references in the New Testament to cosmic events which come about during the Last Days.  The book of Luqas states that:

Wormwood CometThere will be signs in the sun, in the moon, and in the stars; and on the earth distress of nations, with perplexity, the sea and the waves roaring; men’s hearts failing them from fear and the expectation of those things which are coming on the earth, for the powers of the heavens will be shaken. [Luqas 21:25-25]

This text tells us that even though the signs are present, most of humanity will be ‘perplexed’ as to what is causing all the chaos.  Anyone who begins to investigates what is actually going on comes to realize that there are unexplainable ‘signs’ affecting the sun, moon and other heavenly bodies.

Could Elenin be Wormwood?

The most significant information concerning these cosmic events comes from the Book of Revelation a book of prophecy that utilizes apocalyptic imagery.  Chapter 6 describes the opening of the 6th seal which brings about the darkening of the sun, a blood red moon, meteorites which fall to earth and the earth’s atmosphere being stripped away.  This appears to a single extinction level event which causes mankind to seek safety in underground caves, caverns and cities.  A fly by of Nibiru (Planet of Crossing) between the the earth and sun would be able to produce all these effects on the earth.

Revelation chapter eight’s Wormwood is often confused with Nibiru and is often presented by quasi-researchers as Nibiru, often without any substantial analysis. 

And the third messenger sounded, and there fell from heaven a star burning like a lamp; and it fell upon a third part of the rivers and upon the fountains of water. 11 And the name of the star was called Wormwood; and a third part of the waters became wormwood; and many persons died from the waters because they were bitter. 12 And the fourth Messenger sounded, and a third part of the sun was smitten, and the third part of the moon, and the third part of the stars; so that the third part of them were dark, and they became dark; and the day did not give light for the third part of it, and the night in like manner.

 The description  is that of an object striking the earth which is small enough to affect an estimated one-third of the  land, ocean, and air without completely destroying the earth.  This object is large enough to cause a cataclysm, yet clearly not as large as the object thought to be the size of “Planet X”.  The estimated size of the incoming Planet X is larger than Jupiter.  Such an object would completely obliterate the earth, not just one third of it. 

In fact Revelation 8:8 tells us – “And a second messenger sounded and, as it were a great mountain burning with fire, was cast into the sea; and also a third part of the sea became blood.”

This description identifies the ‘star’ as a comet or possibly fragments of a comet.  In no way could it be identified with the Planet of Crossing.  The name Wormwood as a celestial object is unknown in the ancient world and texts that I know of.  It’s identification may simply be describing the effects which it causes.  Any object of reasonable size that impacts earth will cause massive amounts of debris, vapor, and gases to be propelled into the atmosphere causing a chemical reaction that produces acid rain.

The Woman of Revelation 12

Another celestial event is mentioned in the 12th chapter of Revelation that has a particular importance for 2011.  The writer speaks of a great sign in the heavens – a woman clothed with the sun with the moon at (or under) her feet.  This sign is one of the constellations that can be seen in the night sky.  The writer calls this a great sign which could be one way of referencing the constellations of the Zodiac, specifically the Woman – Betulah (Heb.) – also known as Virgo.  As one of the 12 Zodiac signs, Betulah is regularly seen in the skies of Contellation BetulahJerusalem.

While the particular make-up of this sign has been seen before, such as in 1996 and 1999.  But the sign did not coincide with the persecution or assault that is described in the rest of chapter 12.  In interpreting this sign we must remember that the original group of Jesus’ disciples were not Christians as we have come to understand the term, but were Jews who believed that their teacher was the promised Messiah, an idea not supported by the Jewish people.  The Jewish writer of the book of Revelation, whoever that was, wrote of topics and idea’s that a Levite or Priest would have had understanding of, including astronomy.

The sign speaks of her being clothed with the sun meaning Sol (the Sun) was in Virgo (Betulah) which occurs during the month of Tishrei (September/October). Likewise the moon would at the same time be at or under her feet.  The moon we are speaking of would also be a new moon, therefore dark.  Based on research using my Stellarium astronomy software this particular alignment will occur on Rosh Hashana 5772 or September 29-30 of 2011 which is only a few months away. After this,  the next time the conjunction occurs is Rosh Hashana 5776 or October 3-4 2016.  Rosh Hashana,  while being the beginning of the civil calendar, is also known in the Tanakh as Yom Teruah, a day of blowing, when shofars are blown as a warning.

It is well known by now that the PA seeks for the UN to proclaim a Palestinian state at the September General Assembly.  If passed, the nation of Israel will be ordered to evacuate the new PA state which it will not do.  An attack on Israel to enforce the new ‘peace’ will most likely result.  This is a potentially good fit for the Christian prophecy. 

The passage also speaks of the ‘birth’ of a male child who would rule all nations.  The birth could refer to a couple things.  Since Revelation is a prophetic Apocalypse, the imagery is not normally literal.  The male child, which has been typically assigned to Jesus by the Church, could be also referring to the revealing of the Messiah son of Joseph during this time (2011).  This Messiah however is destined to die, according to Jewish tradition and evident in verse 12:5 that says that this male would be taken up to God.  Another possible aspect of of this sign is that ‘Zion’ is born.  This Mashiach will become the leader of the Malchut Shamayim or Kingdom of God. Those who make up this kingdom are faithful Torah Jews.   Secular Israeli government will still be in place as it is destined to according to the Zohar and the Book of Zechariah, but initially Zion will be born and persecuted and driven out of the new PA homeland.

It must be understood that according to our holy rabbi’s the term ‘a time of trouble’ (referring to the time of Jacob’s trouble) in Hebrew has a gematria of 772.  The year 2012 has a gematria of 772 as well and the Hebrew year 5772 corresponds to the Gregorian year 2012.  The implication is that in 2012/5772 the Time of Jacob’s Trouble is set to begin. 

 To be perfectly clear, the Jewish 2012 starts in the Gregorian calendar year of 2011 on the 1st of Tishrei – Rosh hashana 5772.

Update on Comet Elenin – August 15, 2011

A recent article from Space.Com reports that Elenin passed by one of NASA’s  twin STEREO (  Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory) telescopes and should now become increasingly brighter as it approaches earth.   “From August 15 onward, the comet enters the HI-1 telescope’s nominal field of view, at which time we should enjoy continuous viewing of the comet,” NASA researchers explained in an update posted to the Stereo mission website.  Comet Elenin will fly through the inner solar system in October 2011 and be 22 million miles (35 million kilometers) away at its closest approach to our planet, NASA scientists have said.

From Nostradamus

Lost Book of NostradamusMichel de Nostredame (14 or 21 December 1503[1] – 2 July 1566), usually Latinised to Nostradamus, was a French apothecary and reputed seer who published collections of prophecies that have since become famous worldwide. He is best known for his book Les Propheties (The Prophecies), the first edition of which appeared in 1555.

In 1994, Italian journalist Enza Massa was at the Italian National Library in Rome when she stumbled upon an unusual find. It was a manuscript dating to 1629, titled: Nostradamus Vatinicia Code. Michel de Notre dame, the author’s name, was on the inside in indelible ink. This manuscript, never published by Nostradamus, was handed down to the prophet’s son and later donated by him to Pope Urban VIII. It did not surface again until now, almost four hundred years later. This book, popularly known as the Lost Book of Nostradamus, uses cryptic paintings of strange and bizarre  images of popes, decapitation and strange creatures, to explain these ‘lost’ prophecies.  Known as the “Vaticinia Nostradami”,this book has often been considered to be Nostradamus’ final prophecies about the end of the world as we know it. Some of the paintings show new prophecies, while others are either generally indecipherable or linked to earlier quatrains, but not indicated. Among the paintings are a Pope with the body of a dog, female priests, clergymen being attacked and a black-skinned pope.  Following are original images from the Nostradamus Vatinicia. [Click here for images].

The following clips are short segments of the orignal History Channel special on the Lost Book :

Nostradamus 2012 Episode 1  Episode 2   Episode 3   Episode 4   Episode 5   Episode 6   Episode 7   Episode 8   Episode 9   Episode 10   Episode 11

One of the most interesting aspects to the Lost Book of Nostradamus is appearance on Dec 21 2012 of the constellation Ophiuchus a Greek word meaning Serpent-Bearer, the 13th Ophiuchus the Serpent Bearersign of the zodiac. Ophiuchus is called the hidden sign and one which is considered ominous. At that very same time Sagittarius will be pointing his arrow directly at the galactic center, also known as  Leviathan or the Dark Rift. And of course we will be passing through it as well.  The Sun spends only about nineteen days in this 13th sign of the Mazzaroth. This constellation is at the centre of both the divine cross in the heavens, formed by the galactic equator and the ecliptic, and the terrestrial mundane cross formed by the equinoxes.  These two crosses align every 13,000 years and are about to do so again in 2012.

Part 3 – Science and Astronomy

In December 2010 Russian Astronomer, Professor Leonid Elenin, discovered an inbound object that NASA is calling a comet, named Elenin, is due to hit our part of the solar system around September/October of this year (2011).  Based on various calculations put forth by various scientists, Elenin will come very close to the earth this fall and could cause potential problems for Earth.  Some scientists are convinced that the real danger is being hidden from the public.  Marshall Master and panel discuss the topic on Yow Radio – Comet Elenin-The End Times Harbinger. 

On September 27th, there will be another Sun-Earth-Elenin alignment. This occurs just before the New Moon of Tishrei, marking Roshashana, the Jewish New Year.  This might produce more dramatic EM action on the planet. You should also note that this alignment is actually very interesting because Mercury also lines up on the opposite side of the Sun. So it is really a Mercury-Sun-Elenin-Moon-Earth alignment. See THE WATCHERS – Watching the world evolve and transform.

Comet C/2010 X1 (Elenin) was discovered by  Leonid Elenin on December 10, 2010. But in a official White House document  written back in October 2010, the White House addressed the possibility of an Comet/Asteroid striking the Earth. (See the letter here).  As far back as 1983, the US government has known of an inbound object that was spotted on NASA’s IRAS Telescope and reported by major news outlets.  Within hours of those initial news reports, the kabash was put on any information concern the IRAS discovery.

NASA scientists claiming that Elenin is little more than a comet comprising icy space debris with negligible  mass that will have little effect on the Earth. However other scientists and private researchers claim that Elenin is a large planetary body, possibly a brown dwarf star, and its near approach will have calamitous effects.  Much of the evidence for Elenin being a large planetary body has  been centered on conspiracy theories related to a government cover-up of an incoming brown dwarf star given the name Planet X. Rather than mere conjecture by conspiracy theorists, Planet X was first reported  by the Washington Post and New York Times in two articles that appeared in 1983.

The debate over Elenin’s significance has been dramatically changed with the emergence of a Bosnian scientist who has released a remarkable paper tracking the relationship between planetary alignments and seismic (earthquake) activity on the Earth. Dr Mensur Omerbashich claims that  since 2006, comet Elenin has had a measurable impact on the Earth’s seismic activity. If Dr Omerbashich is correct, then we can expect  a rapid surge in seismic activity in terms of major earthquakes as   Elenin approaches the Earth during the latter part of 2011.

Dr Omerbashich’s paper was released on April 11, 2011 and is titled  “Astronomical Alignments as the cause of ~M6 + seismicity.” His basic idea is that as planetary bodies align with the Earth, that seismic activity increases.   He provides historic data on large earthquakes, greater than magnitude 6, and how these have occurred during planetary alignments. For example,  he notes that the 9.1 earthquake that hit Indonesia on December 26, 2004 causing over 230,000 deaths around the Indian Ocean, occurred   when the Earth, Mercury and Venus were in alignment. At first, the  planetary alignment thesis seems puzzling since it’s not obvious what  is happening during an alignment that would cause seismic behavior on Earth. [Source-]

See for more information

Newly Discovered ‘TYCHE’ may be Planet X

The list of observation platforms that are either involved in or actively tracking ELE’s which could endanger our solar system and our planet continue to grow. IRAS was the first to identify Planet X in 1983, but the story was suppressed and covered-up.  There is also HUBBLE which has had it’s mission life extended to 2013.  The newest earth-bound observatory is the SPT (South Pole Telescope a 10 meter diameter telescope located at the Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station, Antarctica) which was necessary due to Planet X’s long orbit south of the ecliptic. NASA is spending vast amounts of money to launch satellites and telescopes into orbit to track the developments of ELE’s.  See for more on this development.

Robert S. Harrington

Dr. Robert S. Harrington was the chief astronomer of the U.S. Naval Observatory in 1988.  Dr. Harrington had become interested in the Planet X phenomenon and in 1991 had traveled to New Zealand to do research on the topic using a 8 inch telescope with a specially ground lens.  Harrington had become convinced of the reality of Planet X and wrote a paper called the Location of Planet X, which outlines the science behind it.  Dr. Harrington however never left New Zealand having developed what was reported to be esophageal cancer and died quite quickly before he could return and make a public announcement of his discovery. has a good work-up on the topic including discussing the idea that he was purposely killed to prevent disclosure.

Visit Robert Harrington and Planet X and read his Location of Planet X paper

In 2008 a disclosure video was uploaded to You Tube which caused quite a stir.  The person who uploaded the video claimed it was authentic and taken from the South Pole Telescope (SPT).  The video was copied by Marshall Masters and was checked and verified.  However soon after the release of these disclosure videos, You Tube took down the video’s and closed the persons account.  Read the story here at Your Own World USA (Yowusa).

Part 4 – What the American Indian Cultures Say

An interesting parallel exists between the ancient Hebrew Culture and the cultures of the American Indians.  As many people have learned, the indigenous peoples of Turtle Island (America) are spiritually connected to their tribal lands and are very protective of what is left of them.  The Creator is extremely concerned about the land/earth and how it must be looked after.  The Tanakh tells us that HaShem told the Israelites not to defile the land (Numbers 35:33-35) by blood violence (among others) because there is no expiation that can be offered for this sin. Deuteronomy 29:20-27 tells us that exile from the land is because of covenant disobedience.  Exile from the land allows the land to heal itself.  There is a deep mystery concerning the connection between the land/earth and humanity, but that is for another time.

The Hopi maintain a complex religious and mythological tradition stretching back over centuries. Hopi legend tells that the current earth is the Fourth World to be inhabited by Tawa’s (the name for the Sun Spirit) creations. The story essentially states that in each previous world, the people, though originally happy, became disobedient and lived contrary to Tawa’s plan; they engaged in sexual promiscuity, fought one another and would not live in harmony.  In some stories, these former worlds were then destroyed along with their wicked inhabitants, whereas in others the good people were simply led away from the chaos which had been created by their actions.

One Hopi tradition says that Tawa destroyed the Third World in a great flood. Before the destruction, Spider Grandmother sealed the more righteous people into hollow reeds which were used as boats. Thus, the most obedient were led (usually by Spider Woman) to the next higher world, with physical changes occurring both in the people in the course of their journey, and in the environment of the next world.

Hopi tradition tells of sacred tablets which were given to the Hopi by various deities.  The most important was said to be in the possession of the Fire Clan, and is related to the return of the Pahana,  the Lost White Brother of the Hopi. The Pahana or Elder Brother left for the east at the time that the Hopi entered the Fourth World and began their migrations. However, the Hopi say that he will return again and at his coming the wicked will be destroyed and a new age of peace, the Fifth World, will be ushered into the world.  The Hopi say they will recognize the Pahana when he returns because he will bring the broken piece of the sacred text that was given to the Hopi people.  It is said that he will return from the East and bring the People a new religion which is not really new.

The message of the Hopi People is the same message that we find in the Tanakh (Hebrew Bible) – a message of hope and peace for all people.  The end of violence and war and it’s companions famine and disease.   See A Message From the Hopi Elders


The Nine prophecies of the Hopi Indians

“This is the First Sign: We are told of the coming of the white-skinned men, like Pahana, but not living like Pahana men who took the land that was not theirs. And men who struck their enemies with thunder.

“This is the Second Sign: Our lands will see the coming of spinning wheels filled with voices. In his youth, my father saw this prophecy come true with his
eyes — the white men bringing their families in wagons across the prairies.”

“This is the Third Sign: A strange beast like a buffalo but with great long horns, will overrun the land in large numbers. These White Feather saw with his eyes — the coming of the white men’s cattle.”

“This is the Fourth Sign: The land will be crossed by snakes of iron.”

“This is the Fifth Sign: The land shall be criss-crossed by a giant spider’s web.”

“This is the Sixth sign: The land shall be criss-crossed with rivers of stone that make pictures in the sun.”

“This is the Seventh Sign: You will hear of the sea turning black, and many living things dying because of it.”

“This is the Eight Sign: You will see many youth, who wear their hair long like my people, come and join the tribal nations, to learn their ways and wisdom.

“And this is the Ninth and Last Sign: You will hear of a dwelling-place in the heavens, above the earth, that shall fall with a great crash. It will appear as a blue star. Very soon after this, the ceremonies of my people will cease.

Concerning the Blue Star Kachina Prophecy, there are some who believe that Comet Hale-Bopp was the fulfilment of this prophecy, but others note that it could not be the fulfilment since the Hopi’s still celebrate the sacred ceremonies.

It is said of the Blue Kachina:

“When the Blue Star makes it’s appearance in the heavens, the 5th world will emerge.  This will be the day of purification.  It will come when the Saquasohuh (blue) kachina dances in the plaza and removes his mask.”

Watch the You Tube VideoThe Hopi Blue Kachina/Red Kachina Prophecy

In the Final days we will look up in our heavens and we will witness the return of the two brothers who helped create this world in the birthing time. Poganghoya is the guardian of our North Pole and his Brother Palongawhoya is the guardian of the South pole. In the final days the Blue Star Katchina will come to be with his nephews and they will return the Earth to its natural rotation which is counter clock wise.”

The Hopi prophecy tells us of the coming of two heavenly bodies, one called the Blue Kachina which precedes the second the Red Kachina , also known as the Purifier. Given a review of the current information, it does not seem likely that Comet Elenin is the Harbinger of Doom or Red Kachina/Nibiru of the ancient prophecy, but it certainly may be it’s forerunner (the Blue Kachina), one of the ‘signs’ in the heavens spoken of in the prophetic writings.

It is possible that this reference to north and south could be referring to the positions of the two stars –The Red Kachina coming from below the ecliptic, or from the south and the Blue Kachina (which may or may not be Elenin ) is coming to us from north of the ecliptic.  Or it could be speaking of an object (comet, asteroid) that breaks up during it’s passing.

The Prophecy continues and says :

And the twins will be seen in our northwestern skies and they will come to visit flying in their Patuwvotas (flying shields) to see who still remembered the original teachings.  They will bring many of their star family with them in the Final Days…”

This part of the prophecy appears to be saying that UFO’s will be seen in conjunction with this Harbinger Event which may bring about Disclosure concerning ‘alien’ life.

Concerning the Red Kachina:

“When the Purifier comes we will see him first as a small Red Star which will come very close and sit in our heavens watching us. Watching us to see how well we have remembered the sacred teachings.”

“This Purifier will show us many miraculous signs in our heavens In this way we will know Creator is not a dream. Even those who do not feel their connection to spirit will see the face of creator across the sky. Things unseen will be felt very strongly.”

” Many things will begin to occur that will not make sense, for reality will be shifting back in and out of the dream state. There will be many doorways to the lower world that will open at this time. Things long forgotten will come back to remind us of our past creations. All lBlue and Red Kachinasiving things will want
to be present for this day when time ends, and we enter the forever cycle of the Fifth World.”

The Hopi People also foretold  the advent of World War 2, Atomic weapons, of a time when men will desire to be women and women men, the discovery of DNA, tele-communications, crop circles and much more.

See this 5 part video entitled 2012 Ascension of Extinction – An Ancient Hopi Native American Prophecy which goes into great detail about various parts of the Hopi prophesies.

Part 1      Part 2      Part 3       Part 4      Part 5

For more information on the Hopi Prophecy read Indian in the Machine

The Mayan Calendar

The predominate view on the conclusion of the Mayan long count calendar is that it will end on December 21, 2012 of the current Gregorian calendar.  However there is a dissenting viewpoint from Dr. Carl Jonan Callerman that the Mayan Cycles will end on October 28, 2011. According to researchers like Ian Xel Lungold and Dr. Carl Johan Callerman, the true Mayan end date is 13 months and three weeks sooner than the more modern or commonly accepted date. Why the difference? The researchers claim that the Dreamspell or 13 lunar-month calendar upon which Arguelles and others based their calculations does not take into account the quarterly leap day(Feb.29) introduced into the Gregorian calendar by Pope Gregory in 1582, whereas the true Mayan calendar does. This pushes the end date almost 14 months ahead of schedule to Dec.21st, 2012(as calculated from Aug.of 3115 BC). 

The Spanish expeditions to the New World yielded Mayan texts which were taken back to the Vatican where the Church spent some 5 months reconciling the Mayan Long Count calendar with the soon to be released Gregorian calendar so that the end of the Mayan calendar occurred on Dec. 21, 2012 at 1:11am. [See 2012 the Online Movie].  Some experts say that Callermans view should not be dismissed since his calculations are geared towards the beginning of the end, not the end of the end, so to speak.  Callerman’s date [8/28/2011] coincides with the new moon of Cheshvan (Hebrew calendar). 

 Read more at Revising the Mayan End Date

The Age of Kali-Yuga

2012 not only marks the end of the Mayan calendar but also the conclusion of the ancient Hindu calendar.  Sanscrit tradition foretold of the Age of Kali-Yuga, humanity’s descent into dark ignorance and spiritual depravity.  The Vishna Purana, the oldest sacred text of India states that,

“The leaders who rule over will be violent and seize the goods of their subjects…the leaders with the excuse of fiscal need, will rob and despoil their subjects and take away private property. Moral values and the rule of law will lessen day to day until the world will be completely perverted and agnosticism will gain the day among men.”

The modern world is sinking in it’s own depravity.  The signs of corporate greed, political deception, and the ever increasing terrorism fulfil the words of the Vishna Purana.  The Hindu tradition tells us that this will end in 2012 through cataclysmic events.  After the purification events, the Earth will enter into a new age of enlightenment called the Age of Satya-Yuga.  This new age is marked by Global regeneration and the absence of technology.  Satya-Yuga is the 5th world spoken of by the Mayan.

Part 5 CROP CIRCLES and more…

Menorah crop CircleYears ago, in the 1970’s when the first crop circles appeared, it was easy for the Establishment to debunk these crop circles since their designs were fairly simple, often just large circles.  As the years went by the Crop Circles started becoming more and more complex with hidden messages within their design.  Many of the crop circles within the last 20 years contain such information.   In  July 2008 at Avebury Manor, Wilts, England, a  crop circle appeared that shows the planetary alignments of our solar system that will occur on 21 December 2012.  See the Avebury Crop Circle here

Crop circle experts note that authentic crop circles produce an effect in the grain that cannot be reproduced by man.  The stalks of the grain in which they are made are bent at a precise 51 degree angle that does not break the stalk and still allows it to continue to grow.  All the hoaxed crop circles break the stalks and therefore destroy it’s ability to continue to grow.  Another important consideration is that many of these crop circles are very large, some as large as a football field and many simply appear over night or even within a few hours.  Couple this with the obvious complexity of many of the more modern crop circles, and any theories that these are simply hoax’s fly’s out the window.  Only a highly sofisticated intelligence could have possibly created them.

The Significance of 2012

The Mayan Long Count calendar has been the topic of intrigue, speculation, popular movies and best selling books, especially in last few years.  It conjures up ideas of uncertainty, doom, hope and apocalyptic events.  Those study the subject closely are convinced of it’s coming.  Researchers have discovered that 2012 is a date when all cycles of time come to a close or completion.  The Mayans built Temples to tell the story of their cosmology.  Those temple were either 5 or 9 tiered pyramids depicting the 9 cycles of creation (conscienceness) within a 7 day  repeating sub-cycle reminiscent of the 7 days of creation in the Hebrew Bible.  Each of the 9 primary steps of the pyramid represented an epoch in earth’s history:

1. The Cellular Cycle – 16.4 Billion years ago with 7 sub-cycles (representing a change in intention) This is the Creation of the Universe.

2. The Mammillian Cycle – 820 million years ago with sub-cycles of 63.4 million years

3. The Familiar Cycle – 41 million years ago with 3.2 million sub cycles

4. Tribal Cycle – 2 million years ago with 160,000 year sub-cycles

5. Cultural Cycle – 102,000 years ago with 8,000 year sub-cycles

6. National Cycle – began in 3115 BCE with the uniting of Upper and Lower Egypt as a nation.  400 year sub cycles

7. Planetary Cycle – 1755 CE.  Birth of the Industrial revolution. 19.7 year sub cycles

8. Galactic Cycle – 1/5/1999 – sub cycles every 360 days

9. Universal Cycle – began on 2/10/2011. This cycle is only 260 days long and completes itself on 12/21/2012

The UFO phenomenon is also connected to this important number/date of 2012.  On David Flynn’s popular website David states,

 “… no UFO conversation goes very long without mention of the Roswell event. It is the pre-eminent story of extraterrestrial folklore. Paradoxically, some say that what occurred near Ancient UFORoswell NM in July 1947 will never be entirely known. Others, like our own government, claim it was a simple case of misidentification… no mystery. But there is a mystery…and there is good reason to believe the truth was covered up… This is why the number 33 and the compass and square are such important symbols of the illumined elite. 33.33 degrees of the great circle of the earth represents 2012 nautical miles. Mount Hermon in Phoenicia,the first location of extraterrestrial influence with man, lies precisely at 33.33 degrees north 33.33 degrees east … 2,012 miles from the equator and 2,012 miles from the prime meridian. To be completely accurate, the number of nautical miles in 33.33 degrees of the earth is 2012 “.9″ This corresponds to the year and date that the ancient Mayans of middle America believed their calendar will end, December 21st, 2012. This is also the year their serpent god and founder of civilization, Quetzalcoatl, will return from heaven.”

It should also be noted that the Planet X’s trajectory is tilted at 33 degrees to the epileptic plane of our solar system. 

To be continued…..

Part 6 – The Wisdom of the Jewish Sages

What Do Our Sages and Rabbi’s tell Us Concerning 2012 and the End of Days?

Many people are now getting more familiar with what is known as the Torah Codes.  Jewish tradition teaches us that the Children of Israel received a written text from outside our world and agreed to accept it as the Law of the new born nation with the responsibility to safeguard it for future generations.  Within the Hebrew Torah (5 books of Moshe) are messages encoded through and Equal Distance Letter Skip that the Jewish Sages have know about for a few centuries but could not advance the study of them until our modern age when high speed computers can be utilized to find these codes within short periods of time.  These are not the popular Bible Codes produced by Micheal Drosin which the Torah Code team states are flawed.  The Torah Code Project is made up of experts in their field of studies. The team consists of

  • Dr. LA Marzulli
  • Professor Eliyahu Rips
  • Rabbi Matrtityahu Glazerson
  • Professor Robert Haralick
  • Spiritual Advisor Michael Beckwith

Torah code for NibiruRecently an extremely tight code produced by the Torah Code researchers in Jerusalem and New York tell us of a Nibiru fly by in 2013. This code “The Star Nibiru in 2013,” was first discovered by Rabbi Glazerson from Jerusalem.  The code uses a variant spelling of  the more common “Nibiru.”  the spelling in this matrix, which uses “Nabiru.” The initial feedback from Jerusalem  was that while there is only one or two solid Planet X codes for 2012, there are numerous solid hits for the year 2013, and on more than one spelling of the name.

A New Heavens and New Earth for A New Humanity

In Hebrew the word often translated as ‘new’ can mean re-new.  The Hebrew word ‘chasash’ can mean renewed depending on it’s contect, such as a new moon.  The new moon is not a brand new moon but one that has been renewed in it’s monthly cycle.  Hense the idea of a new heaven and earth is one which is renewed in it’s cycle.  The ancient Hebrews understood that time itself is not linear but cyclical.  The Maya are also noted for this understanding as well.

In 2012 our Milky Way galaxy will complete it’s 26,000 year procession and a larger 104,000 year cycle on December 21, at 11:11 am (8th of Tevet 5773 of the Hebrew Calendar)  This will produce what is called the galactic alignment, which shall be the dawn of a new age or era for humanity.  There will be an alignment of 13 planets including the earth, sun, the Milky Way, the Pleiades, Sirius and more.  There is also the possibility that the earth will experience a pole shift during this time frame. The tilting of the earth will allow us to face Hunab-ku (Mayan word for the center of the galaxy).  This will allow us to receive the energy from the galactic core from it’s SOURCE.  See National Geographic

This alignment will allow a stream of new light, which emanates from the center of the galaxy, to shine on the earth without any interference of the planets. It is believed that this new photonic light will transform humanity at the genetic level to evolve.  According to the Mayan tradition this event will significantly influence our consciousness raising it to a extremely high level.

According to both the Maya and the Jewish sages this new light or energy cannot be absorbed by wicked people and will cause their ultimate doom.  The Gemara in Nedarim 8:2 states that:

“In the World to Come, there will be no Gehinnom (hell). Rather, HaShem will remove the sun from it’s sheath and the righteous will be healed by it, while the wicked will be punished by it…”

The Gemara bases this on a passage from the book of Malachi that speaks of a day burning like an oven when the righteous – those who revere the Name of HaShem – are healed by what is termed the Sun of Righteousness.  The wicked are trampled down.  The passage stresses keeping of the Torah which is actually the biblical definition of righteousness.  The Hebrew word orot meaning lights has a gematria of 613 which is the number of Torah commandments.  The gematria of tzedek meaning righteousness and kli meaning vessel are 194.  The association indicates that righteousness requires a vessel.  When some turns to the Torah life they become a fitting vessel for this divine light.

The Rabbi’s have told us that the SUN represents the human intellect that illuminates a person.  The Hebrew word for sun is ‘chamah‘ which is spelled with a chet, mem, hey.  The word for the mind is spelled in reverse of chamah – Hey, Mem, Chet

Footsteps of the Messiah

Unknown to many people, there is a very strong connection between the Mayan Wisdom Traditions and the Jewish Traditions.  The Mayan 2012 prophecy also parallels the Jewish tradition called, “The Footsteps of the Messiah.”  As noted above the Mayan and Hebrew calendars are similar.  The Torah Codes connect the phrase ‘end of the redemption’ with the Hebrew equivalent of 2012, which is the Hebrew calendar year of 5772.  This combination appears in the Torah text that discusses the keeping of the Torah laws and the fear of heaven. [The Mayan Culture and Judaism by Rabbi Mattityahu Glazerson and Professor Robert Haralick, pg 44 and 46.  I highly recommend this book].

In another Torah Code table from the above noted book, shows that the words ‘melech mashiach’ (king messiah) with the years of redemption – 5760, 5766, 5772.  The year 5772 (2012) appears next to melech mashiach in a 2 letter EDL skip.  Also part of this table are the words Mikdash and Eliyahu.  At the top of the table the words ‘im shamo’a tishma bekolo’ (if you will harken to my voice) appear which directly connects Eliyahu (Elijah the prophet) with the appearance of the Messiah from a passage in Sanhedrin 98:1

The phrase time of trouble in Hebrew gematria is 772.  The gematria of the  phrase time of clarity is also 772.  And the gematria for 2012 is also 772.  In the book of Jeremiah chapter 30 is the reference to the Time of Jacob’s Trouble.  If we are deducing this correctly the time of trouble for the nation of Israel is in 2012, which on the Hebrew calendar begins on Roshashana in 2011, which is this year.  The meaning of the gematria can be suggested to indicate that 2012 may be a time of trouble for the wicked who are trying to destroying Israel, but for the righteous, it will be a time of clarity.

A New Humanity

ResurrectionThere is a electro-magnetic plasma field that envelops our solar system that has become measurably thicker in recent years.  This change will impact humanity at is most fundamental base – it’s sociological and physiological levels.  Humanity is linked to Earth’s resonance field, called the Schumann Cavity Resonance.  Up until 1986, this resonance was recorded at a constant 7.8 Hertz.   Humanity’s physiology matches the Earth’s resonance, which match’s the Sun’s, which match’s the solar system’s, which in turn match’s the galactic core which is in step with the pulse of the universe.  In 1986, this resonance began to increase and some experts believe that it will continue to increase until it reaches 13 Hertz in 2012.

The Hebrew Bible teaches us that there is a intimate connection between mankind and the earth:

“…the Lord God formed man from the dust of the earth.  He blew into his nostrils the breath of life, and man became a living being.” [Genesis 2:7]

Throughout history it humanity has had a deep connection to the land or earth.  Many cultures refer to their lands as the motherland or fatherland.  There are numerous legends and stories of people who would rather die than give up their land.  The land of Israel for many centuries laid fallow and desolate because it’s true inhabitants did not occupy Eretz Israel.  Only when the Jewish people began to return to the Land of Israel did it begin to flourish again.  Mark Twain wrote  about the Holy Land during his visit in 1867:

“….. A desolate country whose soil is rich enough, but is given over wholly to weeds… a silent mournful expanse…. a desolation…. we never saw a human being on the whole route…. hardly a tree or shrub anywhere. Even the olive tree and the cactus, those fast friends of a worthless soil, had almost deserted the country.”

The creation of Man is inextricably tied to creation as a whole.  The increasing resonance may be a cosmic software program which could culminate in the re-organization of human DNA and an evolutionary leap forward in conscienceness and spiritual awareness.  Humanity would literally go through a ‘systems upgrade.’ 

The resurrection of the dead is a fundamental principle of the Jewish faith.  Even the Islamic and Christian religions see the promise of the resurrection of the dead as fundamental to their belief systems.  This belief in the resurrection is not simply the raising of the old human forms but a change in  physiology.  The New Testament tells us that in the resurrection the body is:

“… sown in corruption, but it is raised in incorruption.  It is sown in dishonor, it is raised in glory, it is sown in weakness, it is raised in power. It is sown a natural body, it is raised a spiritual body.  And so it is written, the man Adam became a living being.  The last Adam became a life-giving spirit.  [1 Corinthians 15:42-45]

After the cataclysmic events of the End of Days, there will reign a new humanity, with a changed and evolved DNA.

Other Important Links and Notes

Marshall Masters website

The HOPI Kachina Prophecy

Also see Space Obs for tracking data and astronomical alignments

Click here to see NASA’s data on Elenin from the California Institute of Technology’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory

On February 19, 2011 the EU Times reported that in a meeting with the Pope, the Russian President Medvedev told the Pontiff that a 12 planet , name Tyche would enter our solar system in 2012.


4 thoughts on “Signs and Wonders

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    • Im interested in your proposition. I am in the process of writing a series of ebooks on the end of days which cover pre-flood/Atlantean history, post flood prophecy and modern day fulfillments of the Hebrew Bible and other ancient records. Some parts of the ebooks are already on my blog.

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