The Child King Obama Seeking Revenge on Netanyahu

bibiobamacompareRecent comments from US President Barack Obama’s administration against Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu were a form of revenge, a senior diplomatic official in Jerusalem told Israeli media.

The official, who spoke to Avi Issacharoff of Walla! News and The Times of Israel on condition of anonymity, also said it was “no secret” Obama had worked to oust Netanyahu in last week’s elections and was disappointed by the results.

“The White House is driven by three main motives,” the senior official told Issacharoff. “The first is revenge [over the Congress speech]. The second is frustration: It’s no secret that they were involved in an attempt to bring down the Netanyahu government – something that we have clear knowledge of – and failed. The third [motive] is the administration’s attempt to divert attention from the negotiations with Iran to the Palestinian issue.”



Countdown to Oblivion

When Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu spoke to the U.S. Congress  warning of the dangers of a nuclear-armed Iran, the clock was already ticking towards  the deadline (March 31 2015) for a final agreement on the Iranian  nuclear program…..

What is worrying more than anything is that the U.S. president and his allies seem not to understand, even a little, the country now working to build nuclear weapons: its culture, its religion, and its apocalyptic obsessions….
Let us start with a recent statement by President Obama, made during a press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel on February 9, 2015. Obama argued that a nuclear deal with Iran was possible because “according to their Supreme Leader, it would be contrary to their faith to obtain a nuclear weapon.” Sadly, this comment reveals that he is as ignorant of Islamic scripture as he is of Islamic history…
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Israel Government is Expelling Jews – Again!

Snub the Hague!

David Wilder May 14, 2012

(…) A short time before Passover a group of Jews moved into a newly purchased building in Hebron. Named Beit HaMachpela, the property is situated within the complex containing Ma’arat HaMachpela, the tomb of the Patriarchs and Matriarchs, just opposite a large parking lot, used by tourists arriving at this holy site. The building was legally purchased; Hundreds of thousands of dollars passed hands. One of the Arabs involved in the deal was arrested by the palestinian authority and sentenced to death. Sale of property to Jews is a capital offence, according to PA law.
Within days, following a government decision to leave the people in the house for at least a few weeks, until further investigations could be concluded, Netanyahu gave (…) a green light to expel the building’s residents (…).
Last night HaAretz correspondent Chaim Levinson published an article citing the ostensible reason for the expulsion: Fear of the goyim.
Levinson writes: (AG) Weinstein reportedly told (PM) Netanyahu and (DM) Barak that the expropriation of Palestinian land and homes, such as the Hebron takeover, could lead to Israeli officials being indicted at the International Criminal Court in The Hague…Sources in the Justice Ministry indicated that they fear the State of Israel or Israeli officials could be charged by the ICC, in operation since 2002. According to the Fourth Geneva Convention, an occupier moving population into occupied land constitutes a war crime.
Accordingly, Netanyahu gave Barak the green light to throw the Jews out. There are a few minor issues here.
1. First, is the use of the word ‘expropriate’ (l’hafkiya in Hebrew). This is defined as dispossession of ownership, usually by a ruling power or government. In other words, any legal purchase by Jews from Arabs in Hebron, or perhaps anywhere in Judea and Samaria, is viewed, by the Attorney General of the State of Israel, as ‘expropriation.’ Purchase is ‘dispossession of ownership.’ It makes no difference that the property was purchased for legal tender. It makes no difference if the party selling the property agreed to the sale, and preferring cash to real estate.
2. The attempt to use the Fourth Geneva Convention to prevent Jews from purchasing property has already been disproven by the Israeli government itself. A position paper, published on May 20, 2001, by the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs, clearly states:International humanitarian law prohibits the forcible transfer of segments of the population of a state to the territory of another state which it has occupied as a result of the resort to armed force. This principle…was intended to protect the local population from displacement, including endangering its separate existence as a race, as occurred with respect to the forced population transfers in Czechoslovakia, Poland and Hungary before and during the war. This is clearly not the case with regard to the West Bank and Gaza.The attempt to present Israeli settlements as a violation of this principle is clearly untenable. As Professor Eugene Rostow, former Under-Secretary of State for Political Affairs has written: “the Jewish right of settlement in the area is equivalent in every way to the right of the local population to live there” (AJIL, 1990, vol. 84, p.72).

The provisions of the Geneva Convention regarding forced population transfer to occupied sovereign territory cannot be viewed as prohibiting the voluntary return of individuals to the towns and villages from which they, or their ancestors, had been ousted.

3. After all of this, since when (…) should the Prime Minister of Israel fear being charged with war crimes as a result of settlement of Eretz Yisrael – the Land of Israel?! Buying a house in Hebron is a war crime?!?!?

Roosevelt said the only thing to fear, is fear itself. (…) G-d did not command us to fear Hague, certainly not people, who, if they had their way, would have prevented the rebirth of our people in our land, people who did nothing to prevent extermination of between six to seven million Jews a few decades ago, people, whose governments participated, actively or passively, with Nazi Germany.

The Prime Minister of Israel, together with his government, should be an exemplary model of Jewish faith, of Jewish attributes, of Jewish pride and courage.
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Revisting Israel’s Covenant With Death

Behold I am laying a stone for a foundation in Zion, a sturdy stone, a precious cornerstone, a secure foundation.  Let the believer not expect it soon.  I shall use judgement as a measuring line, and righteousness as a plumb bob.  Hail will sweep away the shelter of deceit and water will wash away the refuge [of falsehood].  And your covenant with death will be annulled, and your compact with the grave will not be binding;  Whenever it passes through it will take you….

Israel, once the staunch opponent of capitulation to terrorism, has again lost it’s way and will succumb to calls to do whatever it takes to ‘give peace a chance’.  The Israeli government has negotiated for the release of Gilad Shalit.   And the price is very high.   Israel has agreed to release 1,074 terrorist from it’s prisons in order for 1 brave IDF soldier to be released.  My good friend Asher tells me it is a good thing.  It shows the world that the Jewish people place a high value on life, that the life of one Jew is worth more than 1,000 terrorists.

I commend his viewpoint in principle.   One good Jew is definitely worth more than 1000 murdering terrorists on any day, even a bad one.  However the issue is far more complex than some philosophical axiom.  In the real world the swap brings out many emotions and problems that cannot be smoothed over by well spoken words that speak to our better nature, but do nothing to alleviate the huge moral issue that arises from it.  From my own perspective, I feel that the issues of Justice and Equity being trampled upon by a government that has few real choices, given it’s proclivity to reject the Torah and God.

Among the terrorist are murderers and kidnappers  of Jewish men. women, children and IDF soldiers.  Were is the justice for their dead loved ones?   How is it that murdering terrorist go free by the hand of the Israeli government, but that the justice and rights of Jews are trampled upon on a regular basis?  Fortunately, their is a huge out cry coming forth from the victim families and even the soldiers themselves.

Arutz Sheva reports that Active Duty and Reserve soldiers from elite counter-terrorism units who risked their lives during previous missions to capture terrorists submitted a petition to the Netanyahu government protesting the wholesale release of terrorists in exchange for the release of kidnapped Gilad Shalit after six years in Hamas captivity.

 “We, soldiers past and present, vehemently oppose return of terrorists to their homes, which undermines years of work and raises the overall risk of soldiers being killed in the line of duty,”We are very hurt by the cabinet’s attitude on this matter, and the next time we soldiers are asked to stop terrorists again we will have to think twice about whether it is worth risking our lives to capture killers who will only be released again.  We the undersigned demand that the State of Israel not release murderers we will only have to risk our lives yet again to capture later in our service, “We note, that according to the sequence of the deal to release Gilad Shalit, which was revealed today, 450 murderers with blood on their hands will be released, in addition to 550 other prisoners, for the release of one kidnapped soldier.”

It seems to me that the Israeli government’s actions to release known killers into society violates the principles of justice and will only increase terrorism, murder, crime, ect, ect…  On top of it all some of Israel’s most elite soldiers have basically threatened a backlash if the deal goes through.  It is becoming more and more obvious that Secular Israeli government is unfit to lead the Jewish People and is more interested in pleasing it’s gentile  masters who have no love for Jews or anything Jewish.

While my heart goes out to the Shalit family, Israel cannot sacrifice the security of the nation for one man. as a soldier,  I believe Gilad Shalit would agree.

As the prophet tells us, “..your covenant with death will not stand….it [DEATH] will overtake you…”    This deal, and all subsequent deals that operate outside of the framework of the Torah are destined to doom.  Several israeli leaders have already warned of the terrible consequences Israel will pay.   More innocent blood will be spilled.  Death will overtake Israel because it failed to stand for whats right.   It is said that the definition of insanity is continuing to do the same thing hoping for a different result.   In this way, Israel is INSANE.   It’s time for real significant change in Israeli society.   Israelis must elected real leaders and throw out the pretenders.  Only then will Israel’s house be strong.