Obama Places Amerika Under a ‘Peace-time Martial Law’

President Obama has quietly signed Executive Order For The Mobilization and Seizure Of All American Resources Towards “Emergencies”, Preparations For Full Scale War.

The headlong descent into total and abject tyranny is almost complete. With President Obama’s most recent executive order,  he has granted himself the authority to declare peacetime martial law. This Executive Order was posted on the WhiteHouse.gov web site on Friday, March 16, 2012.

President Obama signed THE NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS ACT  on March 16 2012 triggering provisions and posturing for the government seizure of any and all private property necessary (including food) for the war effort. The foundations for all of this were laid in many Executive Orders drafted in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan, shortly after the U.S. government became officially aware of Peak Oil.

Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline. Every oil well and field exhibits similar characteristics of being discovered, the logistics to extract the oil being put in place, a peak or plateau of production followed by relentless decline. US domestic oil production peaked in 1970. Global production of conventional crude oil plateaued in 2005.  The defacto Amerikan Regime’s wars in the Middle East for the past 22 years were designed and implemented to place the US and the Power Elite in control of the world’s dwindling oil supply.

This executive order is particularly draconian in that it eliminates the private ownership  and Obama has delegated the complete control of the nation’s resources to his cabinet level department heads (i.e. Czars).

 Section 601 signals the most Orwellian aspect of this executive order in which “upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services” (paragraph 2). What is particularly troubling is that the Secretary of Labor will possess oversight over the Selective Service process, instead of the Secretary of Defense.  Why would the Department of Labor be in charge of the coming military draft?

To understand, one must remember  the 2008 Presidential campaign in which Obama stated that “we need to construct a national civilian security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” (as the military). Obama is clearly planning to conscript civilians, train them and send them where they are needed and will pay them whatever wage the Secretary of Commerce determines (Section 601; paragraphs 3, 4-Section 801; paragraph C). In one fell swoop, Obama has side-stepped the 13th Amendment as we are talking about the introduction of forced labor (i.e. slavery). 

How ironic and tragic that our first black president has declared his intention to impose government sanctioned slavery upon the American people?

You history buffs should remember the forced labor camps run by the Nazi’s in which the Jewish people and other political prisoners were forced into slave labor in support of the Nazi war effort while being systematically starved to death.

Although Obama’s EO is almost an identical update to President Clinton’s EO 12919 (1994),if would be wise to take note that in Section 201(b) of the Obama version, Obama inserted the phrase “under both emergency and non-emergency conditions.” This enables the President, solely based upon his own authority, to declare peacetime martial law which is tantamount to the establishment of an indefinite dictatorship. Also, the intent behind the Obama EO must be considered within the context of the times that we presently live in.

 There can be no doubt that America is witnessing the systematic and incremental implementation of Obama’s modern day version of the Nazi Enabling Act of 1933 which brought the world the second World War and Genocide of 6 million Jews and other ethnic groups. The Enabling Act permitted the German cabinet to enact previously prohibited legislation, which included laws which clearly deviated from and profoundly altered the meaning of the German constitution. As with Obama’s unconstitutional actions, this was accomplished without the consent of the Reichstag. Within the parameters of the Enabling Act, the Nazis created “Special Courts” to punish political dissent in a strikingly similar manner identified in the Obama sponsored NDAA as well as a number of declarations and proclamations referenced in the previous paragraph. Also contained in the Enabling Act was a series of civil laws that barred Jews from holding civil service positions as well as jobs in the legal, medical and teaching professions.


Arm Yourselves with Truth and Knowledge.  The War is Coming

Obama Coup de’tat – Welcome to Amerika

The OBAMA Cout de’ Tat – Welcome to Amerika

Recently we have been focusing on US President Obama, who we believe to a Manchurian Candidate and a first class con man who has perpetrated a grand illusion on a tremendous scale.   This was not accomplished simply because Obama is some kind of genius, because he’s not.  His ascension to the most powerful office in the world was planned aided and implemented by the Power Elite to fundamentally change the USA which will result in a shift in the balance in power globally.  This change will seriously affect the political relationship America has with Israel and will ultimately place Israel in a camp by itself, with the world’s governments (not nessessarily the peoples) against her.

We must realize that America as we have known her may be gone, because of the actions of influential and powerful men and women in high places who have acted with treason and have sold the American people down the river.  Sadly, many of us warned Americans not to elect this man of mystery, this imp of dark sayings who dazzled the young and foolish of this nations population with his boyish charm and charismatic presense.  Now we will pay the price.

It is my belief that there are no real challengers to this man Obama, and he may be re-elected by the same fools who first elected him – time will tell.  But even if one of the Republican challengers gives him a run for his money, I believe Obama will be unwilling to let go of the reins of power and will end the American Experiment and declare himself President for Life.  Ridiculous you say?  Impossible?   Maybe.   But I encourage you to read an article wriiten by Stanley Zir of NEVER AGAIN IS NOW.   Stanley makes the case that Obama has been planning a coup de’tat since his election to the Oval Office.

The following article is from Stanley Zir.

I originally wrote Obama’s Coup because it became evident all the conditions that he created were in place to launch a coup.   After reading this essay on September 07, 2011, doubters came around to believing that what I said about President Obama’s being a Third World Communist Dictator, could be valid indeed, but still there were skeptics.  And now, six months later, it’s apparent that his Marxist ideology had filtered down to the Democratic party, because the chairwoman of the Lake County Democratic party, Nancy Hurlbert, flew an American flag with Obama’s picture where the states’ stars should be.  Indeed, this is both disrespectful of our flag and a symbol of dictatorships.    This was the piece de resistance.   It’s one thing for a teenager to wear a dress sewn from American flag-designed fabric, but quite another to fly it over the Democratic party’s headquarters.  With an apology, she took it down days later, only to indicate that it might be flown again.     What was newsworthy was the lack of response from the National Democratic Party of this desecration of the American flag, flying over one of their headquarters even after the veterans expressed their outrage that Obama’s image had replaced the 50 stars.    That is why I am releasing all three parts of this essay again, because that’s where I predicted that the coup would become violent this summer.  Be assured that President Obama  will do anything to steal the election, where victory for democracy or tyranny lays in the balance. There’s a roar in the distance and it’s getting louder.  Occupy Wall Street was just the opening act.  We are not living in ordinary times:  Fight Back! Take Action NOW!

Obama’s Coup a Look into Americas: Part One

Wednesday, 07, September 2011

It’s Wednesday night, September 7, 2011, one day before President Obama will address the nation.  I find it quite shocking that for weeks on end, the best of our political analysts were unsure what the President would say when addressing the nation about the status of our economy and jobs.  But the truth is, his speech on this topic is always the same – attempting to replace our free-market system of competitive ideas with an American-style, Red-Chinese government-controlled economy.

This time, the stakes are infinitely higher, because President Obama has America just where he wants her, with her back to the wall, her economy dead in the water,  and 14 million people unemployed.  I am sure he will come out swinging.

There is no doubt in my mind that President Obama will use Thursday night to launch his final attack on the free-market system that has sustained America for more than 200 years.  With the economy in ruins, he is going to put the finishing touches on his Yes-We-Can campaign, converting the United States from a capitalist system into a socialist state.  And some thought this was going to be a fireside chat – or a second run for the White House.  Hold on to your seats; you’re in for a shock.

After two years in the White House, America’s financial system is in ruins.  Even after emptying our nation’s coffers, President Obama will have the audacity to claim he could resuscitate America’s economy by again investing in the modernization of our infrastructure, even if it means spending money that doesn’t exist.  But he will assure us that this is the only way we’ll get our economy back – but for one hitch: all the trains to “Destination Recovery” are en route to Obama’s Gulag.

President Obama has been able to accomplish this ruse because he convinced the American people that our free-market competitive system was the cause of our financial collapse, thus a non-starter.  Once this stage was set, he could dismantle our current system of governance and replace it with one he claimed would bring about a fairer and equitable society, one based on the common good, not greed.

·    From Day One, he blamed Bush’s trickle down economic approach for our failing economy, to be replaced with his “Down with Wall Street – Up with Main Street” with government municipal bonds.

·    He blamed Bush’s involvement in two wars – standing up against tyranny was a bad investment.

·    He blamed the rich for not paying their full share and putting it on the backs of the Middle Class, thereby instigating class warfare.

·    He introduced Obamacare, a program that will bankrupt the entire healthcare system and the economy, while claming Obamacare was the fix for the health insurance companies’ greed .

·    He blamed the greed of Wall Street and the banks for the loss of jobs and failed mortgages on Main Street, not on the democrats’ failed domestic policies.

·    He had two years to spend our tax money, with the full blessing of the Senate and House, yet no jobs were created, and again he blamed this on former President Bush.

·    When the people voted new representatives into Congress to stop his spending spree, he denied their mandate and vilified them, claiming they were radicals who were removing entitlements from the needy and denying the government union workers their just due. When the two parties couldn’t come together to work on the debt ceiling, he claimed they were gridlocked because neither would follow his lead.  Soon his mantra would be “Congress is gridlocked; Washington is broken.”  The result was that people here and around the world were questioning whether our system of governance could indeed still be effective.

Obama had accomplished his goal: Chaos.  It is a fait accompli. Our country is now divided along racial, cultural, and class lines, and the majority has lost faith in our system of governance and Congress.  Americans now find themselves in a Perfect Storm.  Fourteen million people are out of work for more than two years and no one knows what is coming next in the markets.

Now that Obama has completely ruined our economy, the conditions to establish his junta were in place: Give all perceived victims of this evil capitalistic system jobs.  Put everyone to work, starting with rebuilding the infrastructure and they will be beholden to Obama – just as with any other leader in a banana republic.

And the timing couldn’t be better.  President Obama could claim, with Mother Nature’s assault on America – the hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, our infrastructure needs to be upgraded if we are to compete in the new global economy.

Now he could challenge both houses in Congress.  How long would it take them to create jobs with all their bickering?   He had already set up a Super Congress that is also doomed to failure.  The coup is complete.  I’m sure you’ll hear something like this on Thursday, “I have a responsibility to this nation.  There are 14 million unemployed people and I must put them back to work immediately.

President Obama said last Sunday:  “My unions are ready, the business world is ready, but now we have to get Congress on board.”  If Congress doesn’t acquiesce, he’ll make them look un-American, not for the people they’re supposed to represent So the question is how Obama will finance his new work program and get the backing from the people he’s counting on for his success if Congress turns him down?

His plan is already in motion.  He is now suing the banks for $200 million, claiming they ripped off their customers, the poor and the middle classes.  He has created 4,200 regulations against the small business people since taking office.  Due to a minor error, as Gibson Guitar found out, Obama’s IRS-men came in and took away a million dollars’ worth of Gibson’s assets.  One disagreement with his immigration policy, as the governor of Arizona learned, Obama uses his executive order.  Claiming humanitarian reasons, Obama will be letting illegal aliens out of jail and no longer pursue their arrests, thus ignoring the standing law.  He is using the Department of Labor to break Congress’s laws and support Labor’s demands for open ballot.  He carries out the Dream Act, even though Congress never approved it.  It’s all happening in front of our very eyes.

Republicans, although you might think you have the election in the bag, be wary.  President Roosevelt was able to win the election in his second term, even when unemployment was at 14%, and he won by 14.6% because he gave the people jobs through government work programs.

This is Obama’s can-do version of Roosevelt’s 1940 campaign.  Remember Wisconsin, when the unions invaded the State Capitol this year?  This is the new army that Mr. Hoffa, president of the Teamsters, is offering to President Obama to get the job done.  If they don’t get their way, there will be a good chance that millions will be demonstrating, marching, perhaps harassing, and even outbreaks of violence may occur throughout our nation in 2012. This is called Class War.

On a final note, three weeks ago, I was working on a political campaign, going door to door, to support a local politician.  At one particular house, the lady came downstairs to greet me.  And, when I asked for my survey, “Do you think you’ll be voting Republican or Democrat?” her answer astounded me.  In my entire life, I never heard this in America, only in Communist nations.  She said, “I’m with We the People.  Whoever is against the banks and the rich people, that’s the party I’m in.”  Yes, there is a trickled down Communist agenda coming from the White House.

Thank you, Stanley Zir

Website: neveragainisnow.net

Image: Veterans Outraged Over American Flag With Obama Image

Critical Race Theory – the Vetting of Obama and His Dangerous Friends

Recently, Breitbart.com released a video of President Barack Obama  embracing radical Marxist Harvard Professor Derrick Bell in his college years. Now, predictably, the mainstream media is circling the wagons around the president and trying to obfuscate the real issue: Barack Obama is a radical and his political philosophy was built by people like Bill Ayers, Jeremiah Wright and Derrick Bell. President Obama denies close ties to radical preacher Jeremiah Wright, will he now deny the connection between himself and radical professor Derrick Bell? “Open up your hearts and your minds to the words of Professor Derrick Bell,” Obama said.

In an interview with Joe Pollack from Breitbart.com, Soledad OBrien of CNN tries to derail Pollack’s connection between Obama and Derrick Bell,but Pollack out manuevers her pathetic attempts to confuse the issue. Pollak attended Harvard College and graduated magna cum laude in 1999 with a joint degree in Social Studies and Environmental Science & Public Policy (ESPP). He earned a master’s degree in Jewish Studies from the University of Cape Town in 2006. He then enrolled at Harvard Law School. He worked as a research assistant for Alan Dershowitz. After graduating in 2009, he was admitted to the State Bar of California, though he has never practiced law. He is currently a Research Fellow at the Hudson Institute, working with noted human rights scholar and activist Anne Bayefsky. He married Julia Inge Pollak (née Bertelsmann) in December 2009.

The Ascension of Critical Race Theory as a Political Weapon of the Left

Derrick Bell, now deceased, developed a controversial theory termed ‘Critical Race Theory’ which proclaims that the Civil Rights movement was political obfuscation and that White Supremacy is still the order of the day and must be overthrown.  The theory claims that Civil Rights laws are ineffective and racial equality will never be realized because the American social, legal and constitutional systems were created by White Supremacists.

Andrew Breitbart, a brilliant conservative thinker (now deceased), states that racial division and class warfare was central to Obama’s ‘Hope and Change’ which was sold to America in the 2008 Presidential Campaign [see video].  Andrew wanted to do what the mainstream media would not. First and foremost: Andrew pledged to vet President Barack H. Obama. Andrew did not want to re-litigate the 2008 election. Nor did he want to let Republicans off the hook. Instead, he wanted to show that the media had failed in its most basic duty: to uncover the truth, and hold those in power accountable, regardless of party. We can now see more of the foundations of Obama’s thinking and governing policies stem from Critical Race Theory, except it’s no longer just a theory.   It has been deployed as a political strategy by the Obama team to fundamentally change America’s social, political, legal and religious systems to a more authoritarian/totalitarian system, such as Social Communism or even Islamic Sharia Law .

Please forward this information to every one you know.  We must try to halt the Obama War Machine before America delves into another civil war or worse.  Another Obama term as president would have devastating effects on both America and Israel.  It’s time to throw out the trash!

Chanukah in Today’s Amerika

Dictator of Amerika

Today our President signed into law the 2012 Defence Appropriations bill which has provisions which basically erases the Bill of Rights which guaranteed certain inalienable rights – such as life and liberty – from the oppressive long arm of the law.  Granted, our rights have been eroded for many years now, particularly with the Patriot Act which our traitorous President (Bush) and Congress passed over 10 years ago.  But even with that American citizens still had rights that the government was hesitant at times to violate.

For the last few years we all have watched as the worst President in American history has done his best to destroy America the Beautiful.  An un-noble man unworthy as a leader has brought shame to a once proud office and ridicules the very laws and constitution he swore an oath to uphold.  A Tyrant who desires to be Dictator For Life.  Sadly, my heart wretches as I look around at America.   I no longer recognize her.  Darkness fills her soul.  Her ramparts are no longer guarded by the proud citizens of past generations, who rejoiced in her liberties and the freedom won by many bloody battles by common men and women with uncommon courage and hope.

Chanukah begins tonight in today’s Amerika.  Chanukah is our Festival of Light.   Judaism celebrates the boundless desire of the human spirit to be free from oppression, free from bondage and free from the grip of tyrants.  Chanukah takes place in the darkest part of the year – in the midst of winter.  While all other festival days – Passover, Shavuot, and the other biblical Feasts of HaShem – are celebrated during the daylight hours, Chanukah is celebrated during the night – during the darkness of the winter night’s.

As we look at the horrendous situation that has brought our country so low, it is important to remember an old cliché – It is always darkest before the dawn.  While our traitorous leaders busy themselves in the winters dark nights – plotting against her people and filling their bellies with the graft of greed and corruption – our hope lies in the Holy One of Israel who will deliver all who call on Him.

Welcome to the New Amerika – May her life be snuffed out with the prayers and deeds of the righteous.  May her godless leaders be brought to justice.  And may the King of Israel be revealed and in our days, speedily and soon, and say AMEN!!

Obama the Leper Messiah and the Egyptian Endgame


The following article was written by Stanley Zir, author and founder of Never Again Is NOW and has been reprinted here.

Egypt, beyond Obama

Stanley Zir, author

“Last week the White House  called for the Egyptian military to surrender all power immediately to a  soon-to-be elected new civilian government.”  This White House statement  marks a shift from its more ambiguous positions in which it sought to  avoid publicly criticising the military regime that receives about  $1.3bn a year in aid from the US.

This  was due to a marked increase in pressure on the ruling generals. After  days of protests on Tahrir Square, swelling crowds chanted, “leave,  leave” and “the people want to bring down the field marshal,”  referencing military leader Mohamed Tantawi who assumed power from  Mubarak.

Washington  appears to have withdrawn its support for the army to retain a  significant political role after next week’s parliamentary elections.   In the past,  Washington  had condemned the violence only in broad terms, angering many Egyptians  by implying that the security forces and protesters were equally  responsible.  Our administration never publicly questioned the army’s  oversight of the process nor its plan to retain significant political  power for many months – possibly years to come ” click here  But  this time, even though the people in Tahrir Square do not trust  Ganzouri, a throwback to the Mubarak regime, the United States threw its  lot in with the new prime minister, Ganzouri, certain that Tantawi is  not intent on staying in power.

What  message is Obama trying to relay to the Egyptians as they go to the  polls? One of confidence? That he stands for a new, free Egypt? You’d  have a better chance of understanding his purpose by deciphering  hieroglyphics.  One moment Obama stands with the protesters, calling for  the Egyptian military to surrender all power immediately to a new  civilian government, and the next, he collaborates with the military,  saying the  new government must be empowered with sufficient authority  to smoothly transition to democracy.

Even though this may sound confusing,  Obama’s foreign policy follows a distinct pattern of behaviour when  dealing with the uprisings in the Islamic world. His commitment to give  support to those who are leading the uprising in the Arab Spring changes  in direct proportion to those who are guaranteed to win.

  • In  Egypt, it was only until Obama knew that Mubarak would fall, that he  announced to the world he was calling the people of Egypt to overthrow  their oppressor. In this case he was not willing to support the  perceived victim until the outcome appeared guaranteed.

What  he never commits to is a policy that insists that a constitutional  government be implemented that opposes Islamic tyranny, even if it is  not the will of the victors. Obama manages to shuck his responsibility  as the leader of the free world when it suits his purpose, proclaiming America will not interfere in the internal affairs of any nation in the Islamic world

  • In Libya,  he backed the rebels, not knowing who they were or what they stood for,  but knowing there was a greater chance to overthrow the tyrant Ghadaffi  with military support, making him the hero while  ignoring the fact that the rebels would be forming an Islamic state at odds with the freedoms they’re fighting for.
  • Iran,  2009, was the worst case scenario, when the people protested in the  streets against Ahmadinejad’s rigged elections, Obama was silent. When  it looked as though the protesters had no chance to effect regime  change, he stood with Ahmadinejad , telling the protesters he would  honour the  Iranian sovereign authority by accepting  the election results.  What was his policy then? Not to anger the Islamic republic of Iran or the Islamic world?   Here he justifies his cowardly action by using his “we must stay out of Islamic affairs.”

Now, what happened in Iran could happen in Egypt. In Charlie Rose’s November 22nd Interview of Naguib Sawiris, ( http://www.charlierose.com/view/interview/12005)   co-founder  of Free Egyptians, a liberal-secular political party, the guest spoke  about the protest at Tahrir Square and Obama’s failed foreign policy  toward Egypt. Sawiris  said, “From the beginning, the army gave the Muslim Brotherhood (MB)  too much lead; this is a tribal war and and they believe they are in  power already.   After a million people came to Tahrir Square, the  Brotherhood said, ’Whoever thinks they can stop us will be buried  alive.’“

When  Sawriri was asked what he thought was the biggest mistake the US made  in dealing with Egypt, Sawrisi replied ‚  “It was Obama’s just sitting  and watching from the sidelines, and not being pro-active in any  sense.”  “While  the Catholics finance the Brotherhood and Saudis finance individuals  not with the government, no one sides with those against a religious  state.  Even other secularists are all too willing to work with the  devil (MB) in order to form a new state.  The devil eats them up‚   Sawiris stressed, “Here we are sitting, crying that no one is with us.   There are many people, rich and poor, who do not want a religious  state.“

Unfortunately, it looks as though Obama’s policies are capricious.  Would he agree with the Egyptian people if they declare it  is an inalienable right to choose Islamic tyranny through free elections??  If Obama does not  declare what America stands against, then for what DO we stand, and with  whom?

[End of Article]


Never  Again Is Now has taken the lead in uniting the Jewish-American people  in defense of Israel.  As many of us know by now, Barak Hussein Obama is the Manchurian Candidate of our time and is an enemy of the American People and most likely an illegal alien.  It is clear from his actions that Obama not only wants the Muslim Brotherhood in control of Egypt but that was his end-game for Egypt.

Obama is an extreme threat to our way of life and the security of the Middle East and must be removed from office.  Failure to do so will plunge us into an apocalyptic style religious world war, if it hasn’t already.

More of Stanley Zir’s articles can be read at his website: http://www.neveragainisnow.net/