Renouned Torah Scholar on ISIS aka Daesh

torahFINALIn a startling discovery released on June 2, Rabbi Matityahu Glazerson, prolific author and one of the world’s leading experts on Bible Codes (also known as Torah Codes), published a video on YouTube suggesting that ISIS will be destroyed between now and 2016 by the messiah, son of Joseph, known in Hebrew as Mashiach Ben Yosef.

A Message to ISIS : Be careful of what you wish for

A somewhat  ominous message was posted by someone purporting to be affiliated with the Islamic State who apparently hacked the app of New Mexico’s largest newspaper, the Albuquerque Journal, and threatened Albuquerque residents on Wednesday morning:

“You’ll see no mercy, infidels. We are already here, we are in your PCs, in each house, in each office. With Allah’s permission we begin with Albuquerque.”

In response to ISIS’ threat I would say be careful of what you wish for. New Mexico is not Iraq or Syria. New Mexicans are armed to the teeth and those of us who live in the more mountainous areas often have the God, Guns and Guts lifestyle.

While most are Christian, there are some us Jews peppered out here as well. We know this land and its secrets and certainly are not afraid of some Islamic wanna-be’s who hide behind the skirts of woman and children. We would prefer to live in peace but if you persist and come to America and New Mexico in particular we will not stand by and let the Islamic Caliphate terrorize us.

Do not mistake the actions of our cowardly government as being representative of all the peoples of this great land. We, the People, will not try to frighten you with meaningless rhetoric that our leaders espouse. We will fight you with every being of our fibers, every ounce of our will. With everything and all we possess.  We will hunt you down in every city, farm and village. We will take your heads and place them on stakes placed at the entrance of our towns, wrap your bodies in swine skins and bury them in graves of dung.

In the Name of the Most High God, YHVH, the God of Israel, we will protect our families and sanctify His Name above all others, particularly above your demon Babylonian Moon god – allah, the god of hate and cruelty, enemy of the Human Race.

We will not be threatened by the like of you. Take leave of us and go back to your feckless god and his psycho prophet and leave us in peace. Do not awaken the sleeping dragon, for the price you will pay will in the end be more than you can bear.

Descending into Chaos

Israel Hamas War

Civilized societies, it now becomes evident, have a moral weakness that can be taken advantage of by Islam’s Cult of Death. Hamas has deployed in its war against Israel is a “weapon” so evil yet ingenious that if adopted on a massive scale would make it impossible for any enlightened country, no matter how powerful, to defeat its enemy.

Imagine this scene. An entire army goes into battle with a rifle in one hand and a baby in the other. The first is meant to murder, the other to prevent their opponents from returning fire. They pillage, they rape, they conquer, secure in the knowledge that their protection is the moral code of their victims whose developed conscience – and perhaps fear of critical judgment from the media for their insensitivity to the safety of infants – doesn’t permit them to respond.

It is a perversely brilliant strategy. It neutralizes every weapon, no matter how advanced. It gives the advantage to those who have no regard for the sanctity of life. It empowers precisely those willing to forgo every last vestige of civilized behavior over people still committed to their humanity.

The only response to this is either to capitulate or to employ biblical standards of warfare that would make such atrocious acts far targets. From my view, if the Palestinians are so lost and souless as to allow their own children to be used by an evil so perverse as Hamas, then why should we stay our hand when faced with extinction?

The Torah shows that the ancient Israelites, led by HaShem himself offered no quarter to the pagan tribes of Canaan and even their children were to be destroyed. This may appear heartless but when the Israelites did not enforce this standard they very often paid the price.

We must determine for ourselves what standards of morality we will adhere to. Will they be standards which worship death and evil, and will result in the deaths of millions, possibly billions, or shall we stand for righteousness, good and life and become worshippers of the One True God – HaShem the God of Israel whose own standards condemn the actions of Hamas and the crazed radical Jihadists?

What say you?

ISIS – Rise of the Caliphate

Some time ago, Israel in Prophecy and many others warned the world of the coming rise of a new Caliphate and a war between Shia and Sunni Muslims. That warning fell on deaf ears and has now become a reality. ISIS – The Islamic State in Iraq and Syria has made major gains in Iraq and is now in possession of advanced US weaponry. They are currently assaulting the Kurds to the north, have seized the all important Mosel Dam and have murdered thousands in the most brutal ways. Christians, Jews and other religions are told to leave, convert or die.

I believe ISIS will continue to grow and very well could be an existential threat to Israel and even America due to the infiltration of the Muslim Brotherhood into Barak Obama’s administration. Obama’s weak, and I believe deliberate, lack of leadership has emboldened ISIS and radical Islam in general.

The world must wake up to the reality that Islam is not changing and is becoming more and more radicalized. The only solution is to eradicate this type of religion from existence. Religion that glorifies war in the name of its god and destroys its own children to advance its abhorrent ideology is truly demonic and must be destroyed.

US Foreign Policy

The former ambassador to the United Nations John Bolton stated that under Barak Obama’s very weak leadership that “the world’s descending into chaos” and if America continues to pull back internationally, “you’re going to have anarchy increasing.” Meaning that America’s once stabilizing force, whether seen as good or bad is being badly eroded by the Boy Who Would Be King, and the world will be worse off, particularly since the advance of militant radical Islam.

The President’s foreign policy — in regards to Russia, Ukraine, Iraq, and Gaza is at an approval rating of a mere 36%, an all-time low.

Bolton stated: It’s just the tip of the iceberg. Look, Putin gave us strategic warning eight years ago when he said the collapse of the Soviet Union was the greatest geopolitical catastrophe of the 20th century. That was a statement right then that he intended to get Russian hegemony in the space of the former Soviet Union. That’s what he is doing and he is meeting no effective American or European resistance.

Ebola Outbreak

According to a senior health fellow at the Council on Foreign Relations, the world has no strategic plan to contain the worst Ebola outbreak in history while scientists are saying an outbreak on U.S. soil would require sweeping measures. Total quarantine of cities or sections of infected cities and restrictions on air travel could be expected. The CDC has 20 known quarantine stations throughout the U.S. but it is not known if those would be adequate to contain a full outbreak.

All this chaos is creating the perfect storm which will bring about the rise of the evil Tyrant of the Book of Daniel and the Christian book of Revelation. What ever you call him – Armilus, Dajjal, the Man of Sin, the Antichrist, the World Teacher, Matreiya – he is a despotic ruler who will bring humanity to the brink of oblivion.


As my studies and those of countless other demonstrates, this perfect storm is being created by a small group of elites to bring about their New World Order – whether you call them the Illuminati, the Money Power, the Brotherhood – they are bringing doom to our planet and must be not only stopped but destroyed as well. Only HaShem can accomplish this. Let us pray for His will and hope for deliverance.

America’s Transformation

I have been on quite a long period of rest and reflection and I have not written much in the last several months. My apologies. The events of the last year both in the world and in my own life have been monumental to say the least. Regarding Presidential politics, one prominent lawmaker in Washington D.C believes that the ‘wheels are coming off’ in regards to the Obama regime which is beset with crisis after crisis both domestic and foreign policy decisions.  We have a catastrophic humanitarian crisis at our southern border, where thousands of immigrants from South America and Mexico are streaming to the border of Texas and Arizona and being used politically to try to change the demographics of Texas. Border Patrols are unable to focus on illegal border crossings because of the tens of thousands of children which have been transported to our borders by ‘coyotes’ and other groups for political reasons , monetary compensation or drug trafficking. Border Patrol agents are reporting that some of these immigrants are infected with tuberculosis.

I am watching my beloved America being transformed into a tyrannical despotic wasteland by a man who has no legitimate right to govern, and holds evil intent against people like me. As two important Jewish researchers identified in his 2008 campaign – Obama is the evil of our time. One of the closest aides to Vladimir Putin, the leader of Russia, believes that America is the Antichrist power. Alexander Dugin, known as ‘Putin’s Brain’ believes that the U.S.-led New World Order is the “kingdom of the Antichrist”

Dugin  envisions an inevitable conflict between Eurasia (dominated by Russia) and the Atlanticist New World Order of the western world during which the forces of global liberal hegemony will be defeated.  In simpler terms, he is fundamentally convinced that someday there will be a major war between Russia and the United States which Russia will win.

Dugin is a professor at the top university in Russia and a very influential writer.  Dugin’s writing about Eurasia was making waves long before Putin took office or ever came up with the idea for a “Eurasian Union“. Much of what Putin is promoting now had its genesis in the work of Alexander Dugin. This certainly goes a long way in explaining Putins push to regain the Ukraine, which is a critical piece in the Eurasian Union.

While I agree congressman Boehner’s remark that the ‘wheels are coming off’ – it is the wheels of America which are coming off. Obama is not inept as some are suggesting. He is implementing that ‘fundamental change’ not just here in America but in the Middle East as well. Few understand that the ISIS terrorist group taking over large segments of Iraq, including some important oil fields, was trained by the  US military in military tactics, while they were allies against the Assad regime in the Syrian civil war. Aaron Klein, a reporter for -did a news story in 2012 reporting that ISIS was secretly trained in 2012 by the US in Jordan,  a story which has been corroborated by Reuters, the UK Guardian and a German news source.

Now these well trained al-Qaeda rejects are creating  conditions ripe for the rise of an Islamic Sharia Caliphate smack dab in the center of the Middle East. ISIS now is in possession of large amounts of finances due to the sacking of an Iraqi bank in Mosul which yielded ISIS over 500 million dollars in operating revenues and the capture of Iraqi oil fields. This will not bode well for either Israel, the American people, or for the people of the Middle East.

Here in America we are confronted with pathetic leadership to stand up to the criminal enterprises of the Obama regime’ which continues to break American laws at will and targeting those would oppose them. IRS scandals, NSA wiretapping of ordinary citizens, gun running to Mexican drug cartels, rampant illegal immigration, souring gas and food prices.

Americans for the most part do not trust their government. The current administration is a group of pathological liars a opportunists. recently the arrogant IRS commissioner stonewalled a congressional investigation and lied under oath about the emails of Lois Lerner and her subordinates, which now have experienced a hard drive failure after promising those emails for several months. Obama Care is a monumental lie. Our politicians care not for the will of the American people but are sold out to other interests and under the thumb of the real power brokers who hide in the shadows. The Sages of Israel foretold that the leaders of the nations in the LAST DAYS would worthless scoundrels who had no right to govern ( my paraphrase).

Luckily, unlike most countries, American citizens are heavily armed and some of us are unwilling to let the tyranny of big government roll right over us. Many of us have been preparing for years. I myself moved my family to an area which not only provided me more financial opportunities but one which I am able to be more independent – raising farm animals, growing crops, ect…, That however will not keep the government storm troopers from breaking down our doors when it suits them.

There is a war a brewing and American citizens are now considered a threat against the Obama Amerikan Occupation Government which is rapidly creating that New World Order spoken of in the Book of Daniel.

The Day is Later Than You Think