From the Mouths of the Fallen

Those who know me personally and those who have kept up with my blog, know that I have stated time and again that al-Kaeda, the arch terror organization responsible for countless acts of terror and murderous acts, is and has always been a CIA asset. The group was created during the Soviet-Afghan war and was trained by the CIA.

It is our contention and that of many other researchers that the War on Terror is nothing more that a Global effort for world empire by the Power Elite New World Order crowd. The reality is that America is the premiere Sponsor of Terrorism in the World, not the popular bad-guy regimes of Iran and Syria and the like. This doesn’t mean that they are blameless. Far from it – but they are far from being the prime movers of terrorism. That infamous award belongs to the Hammer of the Whole Earth – Amerika.

The US Governments global War on Terror is reminiscient of the George Orwell classic 1984, where the world was involved with an unending war against a faceless enemy, much like our bogus war against the faceless al-Kaeda. Richard Clark states that al-Kaeda was created for Saudi Arabia to bankroll Osama bin Laden, through the House of Saud in the Afghan war with Soviet Russia during the 1980’s and both Riyadh and Washington contributed upwards of $3.5 billion to the mujahadeen soldiers (al-kaeda).

This is the same time period where George Herbert Walker Bush was VP of the United States and went on to be president. We all know that George junior also became president in 2001. George W. Bush went on to declare a “Global War on Terror” after a covert black ops false flag event destroyed the Twin Towers.  The  Bush, saud, and bin Laden families have deep business and personal ties to one another. The bin Laden families was wisked out of the US right after 911.

Recently, a video surfaced showing Hillary Clinton openly acknowledging that America created and funded Al Qaeda. There is no mention, however, that the US Government which is wholly owned and operated by the NWO, ever ceased funding al-Kaeda  in the course of the last 30 years.
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