European Coalition for Israel Press Release

Amid the failures of of the Quartet (USA, Russia, the EU and the UN) to broker a deal between Israel and the Philistine Authority, comes a timely press release from ECI (European Coalition for Israel) that concludes that pushing back Israel to the 1949 Armistice lines violates International Law.  The international human rights layer, Jacques Gauthier, recently spoke at the House of Commons and concludes that the Old City was promised to the Jews whose claim to it is in accordance with International Law.  Jacques Gathier has also stated previously that the ‘Green Line’ is not a legitimate border as the PA claims but is merely where the parties stopped fighting in the Armistice of 1949. [See our blog post – The Law of War and the Jewish Rights to Jerusalem].


The Following report appeared on the Israpundit Blog and is posted here in it’s entirety

ECI: “Pushing Israel back to 1967 lines is illegal under International Law”

1967 LinesEuropean Coalition for Israel Press release European speaking tour on Israel’s legal rights concluded in the Palace of Westminster in London “Pushing back Israel to 1967 lines is illegal under International Law” London, 8th July, 2011 – The Balfour Declaration, issued by the British Government in 1917, in which the Jewish people were promised a national home did not qualify as international law. However, the San Remo Resolution of 1920, which incorporated the Balfour Declaration, made the pledge binding under International Law. The San Remo Declaration, together with Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations and Article 80 in the Charter of the United Nations, are still applicable today. Pressuring Israel to go back to 1967 lines and dividing Jerusalem would thus be a serious breach of International Law.

These were the words of international human rights lawyer Jacques Gauthier who spoke at a consultation in the House of Commons in London on Thursday, little more than two months before a crucial vote in the UN General Assembly in New York. This is where Israel is being pressurized to accept a new Palestinian state along 1967 lines and to give up the Old City of Jerusalem. In his presentation, Dr Gauthier explained how the Old City of Jerusalem was promised to the Jews and how the Jewish claim to its capital is valid under International Law. The British and French Governments have said that ”they prefer a negotiated solution to the conflict between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority, but have not ruled out accepting a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State in September if no progress is made in the peace process in the next weeks.”

In his speech, Gauthier reminded the participants, among them members of both Houses of Parliament, of all the good that British Governments have done over the years to pave the way for a Jewish state, but also about their broken promises. – ‘Just imagine how the world could have been a different place if the White Paper of 1938 which prevented Jews who tried to flee Germany from entering Palestine, had not been issued by the British government.’ ECI director Tomas Sandell noted that it is often easier to commemorate and regret events of the past rather than to make wise decisions in the here and now. -‘History is being written as we speak. Let us make sure we make decisions of which we can feel proud when the events of 2011 are added to the history books’ he said, appealing to the British Government not to pressureIsrael into accepting  the 1967 lines.

The London event concluded a speaking tour of Italy, France and Britain, where these former members of the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers of the First World War were reminded of the pledges made to the Jewish people under International Law. As most people appear to believe that it was the UN Partition Plan of 1947 which gave Israel legitimacy, the speaking tour has focussed on Israel’s legal rights under International Law, dating back to 1920. – ‘Rights were given, both to Arabs and to Jews. We need to honour all of our commitments, including those given to the Jews, as we seek a negotiated solution to the conflict in the Middle East’ , Dr Gauthier concluded. The meeting was hosted by MP Jeffrey Donaldson who asked the British Government to carefully consider its decision. -‘Dividing up cities is not the formula for peace’, he said, reminding the Government of their experience in dealing with his hometown of Belfast. He personally thanked Dr Gauthier for his presentation which he considered the best overview of Israel’s legal rights he had ever heard. The ECI information campaign will continue with more activities in the coming weeks leading up to the UN vote in mid-September. Posted by Ted Belman


Torah from the Source

In reading Isaiah 2 after realizing the true Jerusalem is the Old City, not the modern suburbs or business districts, I have had a profound paradigm shift of understanding suggested to me by one of the Torah teachers in Jerusalem who warned of  ‘Torah imitations’:

Let us go up to the Mount of HaShem to the House of the God of Jacob; that He may instruct us in his ways; and that we may walk in His paths.  For the Torah shall go forth from Zion, the word of HaShem from Jerusalem.

TRUE JERUSALEMA literal reading of this would seem to strongly suggest that true Torah comes from true Jerusalem which is the Old City.  The Mount of HaShem is the Har BayitMountain of the House referring to the Temple Mount.  The House of course is the Temple.  The Torah going forth from Zion is specifically Mount Zion.  All these areas are within the walls of the Old City.

During my visit to Israel in 2010, I visited the Old City twice and took note of the many synagogues and Yeshiva’s in the Old City.  Isaiah states that Torah will go forth from this specific place.  I can see now why so many Jews want to live in Jerusalem – for the abundance of real authentic Torah – the Torah Life.

This is not to say that rabbinic teaching outside the Old City is 2nd rate.  But the idea is that one should receive Torah from a pure stream of life-giving waters, Mayim Chayim.  Do not be fooled by the 2nd rate teachers, such as come from the worlds of Hebrew Roots and so-called Messianic Judaism.  But receive Torah from those who have received it from their fathers and their fathers father…all the way back to Sinai.

The Law of War and the Jewish Rights to Jerusalem

I was sent a very powerful You Tube video concerning the legal rights of the Jewish people to the disputed holy city of Jerusalem.  Scholar and Jurist Jacques Gauthier speaks about the Law of War from a legal standpoint that totally dismantle any idea that Israel is under any obligation to retreat back to the green line.   He shows that the GENERAL ARMISTICE AGREEMENT BETWEEN ISRAEL AND JORDAN – APRIL 3, 1949 states in Article 2 that, “…no provision of this agreement shall in anyway prejudice the rights, claims and positions of either party hereto in the ultimate peaceful settlement of the Palestine question…”

Gauthier points out that the Green Line is only relevant to the Law or War and is where the warring parties stopped fighting and cannot be used as a basis of claims.

Gil Hoffman of the Jerusalem Post, in a recent article, states that large majorities recognize importance of keeping Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty, oppose transferring Temple Mount to Palestinian control. Seventy-seven percent of Israelis oppose returning to pre-1967 lines the poll reads “with minor border adjustments”] even if it would lead to a peace agreement and declarations by Arab states of an end to their conflict with Israel, a poll revealed Monday.

A Dahaf Institute poll of a sample 500 Israelis taken last week found that large majorities of 85 percent and 75%, respectively, recognized the importance of maintaining a united Jerusalem under Israeli sovereignty within the framework of any final peace deal and opposed transferring the Temple Mount to Palestinian control even if the Western Wall were to remain in Israeli hands. The poll found that 60% of Israelis believed that defensible borders would ensure security more than a peace agreement would, and 82% considered security concerns more important than a peace deal.


THE OLD CITYThe Old City is basically divided into 5 zones – the Christian Quarter, Armenian Quarter, Muslim Quarter, Jewish Quarter and the Temple Mount. This is what actually makes up the true Jerusalem proper.  All the maps created by the occupiers of Jerusalem throughout the centuries have Jerusalem located within the walls of the Old City.  What lies outside of those walls is not the Jerusalem of the claimants.

In 1988 Jordan gave up it’s rights to any claim on the Old City and stated that they were assigning Jordan’s rights to the Palestinian People, which according to Jacques Gauthier could not be accomplished under International Law.

I believe this is why the PA and notable world leaders are opting for a call by the UN General Assembly to pronounce a Palestinian state at the Green Line.  Thier legal position is extremely weak and Obama knows it.  The question of true ownership of Jerusalem will ultimately be decided by war.  Israel will not surrender Jerusalem and the world powers will use force to try to accomplish their evil plans:

“Why do the nations assemble, and the peoples plot vain things; the kings of the earth take thier stand and regents intrigue together against HaShem and his anointed? [Israel] Let’s break the cords of their yoke and shake off their ropes from us!  He who is in heaven laughs, HaShem mocks them.  He then speaks to them in His anger and terrifies them in His rage; I have installed my king on Zion, My holy mountain! [the Old City of Jerusalem].  Let Me tell of the decree –  HaShem said to me, you [Israel] are my son, I have fathered you this day [this is the day when Israel accepts the yoke of the Torah once again].  Ask it of Me and I will make the nations your domain, your estate the limits of the earth.  You can smash them with an iron mace and shatter them like potter’s ware.  So now O kings be prudent, accept discipline, you rulers of the earth!  Serve HaShem in awe; tremble with fright, pay homage in good faith lest He be angered and your way be doomed in the mere flash of His anger.  Happy are those who take refuge in Him.  [Psalm 2]