An Egyptian Gives America a History Lesson

Susan North, Author & Stanley Zir, Political Consultant & Co-Author

Last Thursday, July 3rd, Egyptian opposition activist Ahmed El Hawary spoke out on CNN about the Egyptian military’s removal of president Mohamed Morsy. “The military aligned its actions with the will of the people,” El Hawary said, “Morsy’s government policies failed; his removal was not a coup.”

“We didn’t have any outlet or any way to be heard he ignored us.” This activist explained:  “The opposition had no trustworthy dialogue channel with the presidency or with his   cabinet”.

Anderson Cooper, the interviewer kept insisting “this is a coup” explaining that in a democracy you can vote someone out of office, if you disagree. Cooper continued. “Isn’t democracy at the ballot box, not by putting bodies on the street and getting the military involved?”

Ahmed El Hawary responded; “Exactly, when you have a political process, that’s the idea, but we don’t have a political process. Mohamed Morsy has deprived his country of a real parliament, and any kind of format for a political process” Ahmed El Hawary made it clear that Morsy’s government made sure the Egyptian people had no chance in reviewing any of the political polices he made..

Hopefully the military stepped in because of Morsy’s betrayal of the will of the people who put him into office.there was no other avenue of recourse. but only time will reveal their true intentions.  The fact remains Morsy had compromised the judiciary, and bastardized the constitution in order to install Islamic law as the law of the land. It was Morsy who staged the coup. In this case El Hawary was right; the army had acted on behalf of the people because there was no other avenue for recourse. Wasn’t that the reason for America’s revolution?…………

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