The Bene Elohim – Builder Gods?

One of the most fasinating, but highly controversial subjects that is connected to the Great Pyramid is regarding alien gods who are said to have been the builders of the great stone megaliths and pyramids throughout the world. The hieroglyphics at the Egyptian Temple at Edfu speak of builder gods who set the plans and foundations for all future pyramids and temples. The hieroglyphics and pictures portray giants as leading the construction of these projects.  These Egyptian texts tell us that the builder gods built the pyramids to mirror the ‘buildings of the sky’ or buildings of heaven.

The Edfu Temple texts, believed to predate the Egyptians themselves, explain something of additional significance, reminiscent of nephilim activity before and after the Flood – The most ancient of earth’s temples and monuments were built to bring about the resurrection of the destroyed world of the gods (elohim – Hebrew),  the corrupted ancient antidiluvian world destroyed by Divine Decree.

The Inca and Mayan prophecies foretell of an world-wide awakening to the knowledge of the ancient past, of the builder gods and of their return. In fact this story is not isolated to just the Maya and Inca, but appears in many of the traditions of the peoples of the earth. On the African continent numerous tribes have legends or traditions of ancient travelers from the skies:

Legends of the African Tribes:

The MASAI: The Gods sent some of their children to earth. The Gods came from above the clouds and brought plants and animals with them.

The JA-LUO: Apodho came down to earth accompanied by his wife, bringing with him all cultural assets.

The MADI-MORU: The first people lived in the Heavens. Until that connection was cut, there was a lot of traffic from the Heavens to Earth.

The GANDA: The primal women came from the Heavens.

The NYORO: When God established the Earth, he sent the first human couple down from the Heavens.

The KIVU-PYGMIES: Our ancestors fell from the Heavens.

The KULUWE: The first humans came from the Heavens, arriving with seed, rake, axe, tools etc.

The BENA-LULUA: God sent four of his sons to earth.

The ASHANTI: Seven people created by God climbed down to earth. After conceiving other people, they returned to the Heavens.

ZIBA: God Rugaba travels upwards to the heavens and then through the darkness.

The NANDI: God Tororut lives in the heavens. He looks like a human but has wings that can cause lightning. (One of their Gods is called Chepkelienskol, which when translated literally, means the thing with the 9 ray-beam legs.

It should also be noted that many Native American peoples have similiar traditions, such as the Rattlesnake Prophecy of the Cherokee Nation.

2012 and the Ancient Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecies

The Cherokee Rattlesnake Prophecies, are a series of apocalyptic prophecies made the Cherokee tribe during 1811–1812. The prophecies are very similar to Mesoamerican belief, and are viewed by scholars as likely referring to the return of the feathered serpent god Quetzalcoatl in the year 2012. Like the Maya, the Cherokee calendar ends mysteriously in the year 2012 when astronomical phenomena related to Jupiter, Venus, Orion, and Pleiades cause the powers of the star systems to awaken.

Segments of the Rattlesnake Prophecy reads:

At this time [2012] of the fingers striking Jupiter that Orion Star System will awaken. And the Pleiades and Orion will war once again as in old. Jupiter and Venus will awaken to its destiny of Time/Untime of cycles. Orion will war with Pleiades, Jupiter will war with Venus.…

In the year…[2012] an alignment will take place both on the Cherokee calendar and in the heavens of the Rattlesnake Constellation.… It is the time of the double headed serpent stick. It is the time of the red of Orion and Jupiter against the white blue of Pleiades and Venus.…

In the year…[2012] the Cherokee Rattlesnake Constellation will take on a different configuration. The snake itself will remain, however; upon the Rattlesnake shall be added upon its head feathers, its eyes will open and glow, wings spring forth as a winged rattlesnake. It shall have hands and arms and in its hands shall be a bowl. The bowl will hold blood. Upon its tail of seven rattles shall be the glowing and movement of Pleiades.

The Rattlesnake shall become a feathered rattlesnake or feathered serpent of Time and Untime [Quetzalcoatl?].

And upon the Rattlesnake is also the Milky Way. A crossing of the Milky Way shall be seen at these times [2012].

And the Cherokee calendar shall end in the year 2012…[with] the coming of the Pale One once again.

The Rattlesnake Constellation of course is Draco the Serpent. The Pale One is a reference to Pahana of the Mayans a being of light.

The most notable record of an alien visitation is recorded in the pages of the Hebrew Bible and other extra-biblical sources, such as the books of Enoch and  Jubilees.  The accounts speak of fallen angels (literally ‘messengers’ in Heb.) who came to the earth and corrupted mankind and caused a great deal of misery. The Book Jubilees places the blame for the Flood squarely upon the fornication of the Watchers with human women and the iniquity and bloodshed of the Nephilim.

Genesis 6 and the Watchers

The two names which we are most familiar for the rebel or fallen angels are the Watchers and the Anunnaki. Watchers is the Biblical name and Anunnaki is the Sumerian name.

The Watchers were race of divine beings known in Hebrew as irin  meaning those who watch or those who are awake, which is translated into Greek as egregoris or grigori, meaning watchers. The term watchers can be translated with various shades of meaning, and depending on it’s translator can be also taken to mean ‘observers’ or ‘sentinels’, or ‘sleepless ones.’ Whether they are vigilant watchmen or simply curious, they watch.

The great sin of the Watchers is that they went beyond just watching and according to the ancient texts, and took human women and had sex with them. This union created hybrid creatures which wreaked havoc on the planet. The Watchers had crossed a line and violated Divine decree.

The Watchers progeny, according to Hebrew tradition, are named as nephilim, a Hebrew word meaning those who have fallen or the fallen ones, translated into Greek as gigantes, or giants. The ‘giants’ translation may have come from the Septuagint, a Greek translation of the Hebrew Bible.  Where nephilim was gigantes which looks like giant but in modern Greek would be titans. In Greek mythos, the Titans were the supernaturally powerful offspring of gods and humans.

The name watchers appears in the book of Daniel.

“I saw in the visions of my head upon my bed, and, behold, a watcher and a holy one came down from heaven,”

“This matter is by the decree of the watchers, and by the demand of the holy ones: to the intent that the Most High ruleth in the kingdom of men, and givith it to whomever he will, and setteth up over it the basest of men.”

It has been assumed by many that the Watchers are so named, because they were set to the task of watching over humanity. However, in the Book of Enoch, where he is taken to the first and sixth heavens by the angels, these beings are watching the stars and the heavens – counting and measuring the motions of stars and planets, cycles of time,  climatology and seismology.

This fits in very well with the idea that the Watcher race, at least some of them, were responsible for the building of the Sphinx and other massive stonework projects in the Age of Leo, and perhaps gave a great measure of their knowledge to the astronomer-priests of Sumer, Akkad and Babylon, priests such as Chanoch, the biblical patriarch known popularly as Enoch.

Genesis Apocryphon mentions the Nephilim, and makes reference to the bene elohim (sons of God) and the daughters of men introduced in Genesis 6. The copy of the Genesis Apocryphon discovered in 1947 at Qumran, dates back to the 2nd century BCE, but it was obviously based on much older sources. When scholars released its content, the document revealed that divine or celestial beings from the skies had landed on planet Earth. More than that, it told how these beings had mated with Earth-women, the daughters of men, and had begat giants.

Ancient Jewish texts such as the Book of Enoch discuss alien beings having come to the earth from the heavens precisely at Mount Hermon which is located at 33.33 degrees. Ancient Mayan prophecies discuss alien beings returning to earth from the heavens at a time corresponding to 33.33. We will discuss this very important point in more depth later on.

The Book of Jubilees remarks that Yared  (Jared), a pre-flood patriarch, was so named as a prophecy because in his days the bene elohim (angels) descended upon the earth – yawrad  meaning descend. It is interesting to note that the river Yarden (Jordan -meaning the place of the descent) comes from that same root word denoting descent, coming down or falling.

The source of the Jordan river is Mount Hermon, the exact point of descent (and first contact) of the Watchers. Mt. Hermon resides in the ancient land formally known as Sidonia. Sidon is the Greek name (meaning ‘fishery’) for the Ancient Phoenician port city of Sidonia (also known as Saida) in what is, today, Lebannon (located about twenty five miles south of Beirut). Sidon is considered the ‘seat’ of the Phoenician Civilization. Along with the city of Tyre, Sidon was the most powerful City-state of ancient Phoenicia and first manufactured the purple dye which made Tyre famous and was so rare and expensive that the color purple became synonymous with royalty.

The super-human angelic beings descended, created hybrid offspring with human women, the nephilim and mighty men of renknown, preserved in ancient myths. This is the source for the dispersion of alien technology, and the hermetic knowledge that influenced and corrupted human civilization since the days of Noah.

Etymology of Nephilim

Who are these beings? A clue to their identity is found in their name–Nephilim. The word itself is Hebrew, and it is first used in Genesis 6:4.

There were giants in the earth in those days: and also after that, when the sons of God came in unto the daughters of men, and they bare children to them, the same became mighty men which were of old, men of renown.

Although Nephilim is often translated giants in the many versions of the Bible, little other information about the word is given. The name Nephilim is of an uncertain origin. No one can say for sure what the etymology is. Most researchers say it is Hebrew from the Semetic root npl (meaning to fall). It is possible that it predates Hebrew and the language of Canaan.

Some bible commentators trace the word nephilim to the Hebrew root niphal meaning distinguished ones. This corresponds perfectly with the men of renown (literally, men of the name) at the end of Genesis 6:4. Generally it is not a generally accepted translation, but the prestigious  Koren Chumash does in fact use the term distinguished ones instead of the literal, sons of God.

Others have sought the root of the word in the Hebrew consonants npl as found in Psalm 58:8. Here it means miscarriage. Accepting this theory, the Nephilim would be those superhuman beings that resulted from miscarriages. Genesis Rabbah (26:7) confirms this translation: “Nephilim denotes that they hurled the word down, themselves fell (naflu) from the world, and filled the world with abortions (nephilim) through their immorality.”

Most scholars, however, trace the word nephilim to the Hebrew root naphal meaning to fall. Therefore the Nephilim are the fallen ones.

Because of some uncertainty in the translation of the word in it’s original Hebrew, more and more Bible versions are now leaving the original word untranslated. This also does justice to the fact that the definite article precedes the word in the original. “The Nephilim were on the earth…” The same definite article is also found in the other biblical passage where the word Nephilim occurs, namely, Numbers 13:33. “We saw the Nephilim there…

When the Greek Septuagint was composed, nephilim was translated as Gegenes and in some copies it was translated as Gigantes. Gigantes nor Gegenes translates to giants; rather it means born of the earth or more specifically born of gaia. In the Greek myth, the Gigantes made war on the gods, but were destroyed in the ensuing battle.

Although there is no etymological evidence to justify giants as an accurate translation for nephilim, such a translation is not without merit. In more senses than one, Nephilim were giants. Josephus, the noted Jewish historian of the first century CE, described these giants as having “bodies so large and countenances so entirely different from other men that they were surprising to the sight and terrible to the hearing.” Adding, that in his day, the bones of the giants were still on display.

Post Flood Appearances

And there we saw the giants [nephilim], the sons of Anak, which come of the giants: and we were in our own sight as grasshoppers, and so we were in their sight.

In Numbers 13:33, quoted above, the term Nephilim is also associated with the Anakim at the time of the Exodus. The Nephilim, as well as being genetically human and angelic, apparently procreated amongst themselves at the same time, as well as procreating with homo sapiens, resulting in the creation of a subclass of giants known as the gibborim. Not quite as tall as the Nephilim — who were likely giants among giants, dozens, perhaps hundreds of feet tall, if the midrashim are to be believed — the Gibborim were probably more the size of Goliath, in the 8-12 feet tall range.

Deuteronomy 2:11

Which also were accounted giants, as the Anakims; but the Moabites called them Emims.

Deuteronomy 2:20

(That also was accounted a land of giants: giants dwelt therein in old time; and the Ammonites call them Zamzummims;

Deuteronomy 3:11

For only Og king of Bashan remained of the remnant of giants; behold his bedstead was a bedstead of iron; is it not in Rabbath of the children of Ammon? nine cubits was the length thereof, and four cubits the breadth of it, after the cubit of a man.

Deuteronomy 3:13

And the rest of Gilead, and all Bashan, being the kingdom of Og, gave I unto the half tribe of Manasseh; all the region of Argob, with all Bashan, which was called the land of giants.2 Samuel 21 In still another battle, which took place at Gath, there was a huge man with six fingers on each hand and six toes on each foot–twenty-four in all. He also was descended from Rapha. When he taunted Israel, Jonathan son of Shimeah, David’s brother, killed him.

The Rephaim were the next generation of giants, the new Nephilim outbreak, and were of Amorite descent. The Rephaim lived on the east of Jordan.

The giant Og was descended from the Rephaim. They were conquered by Chedorlaomer (Gen. 14:5), and their territories were promised as a possession to Abraham (15:20). The Anakim, Zuzim, and Emim were branches of this bloodline.

In the Ras Shamra texts found in the Canaanite city-state of Ugarit, the Rephaim are described as being simultaneously divine beings, human beings, cultic functionaries of the Amorite god Ba’al, mighty warriors, riders of chariots, and healers, or “ones who are healed”. Some scholars also believe that that they were part of an aristocracy.

The Amorites, who worshiped the god Ba’al, also believed that Ba’al was gigantic in stature: Ba’lu the Saviour, was extremely tall. An Ugaritic myth tells us that when another god tried to sit on the throne of Ba’lu ‘his feet did not reach the foot-stool, his head did not reach the top of the back. Therefore Baal is Nephilim of some degree.

Ba’al was the Amorite/Canaanite war, storm and fertility god, whom they believed made his presence known in, among other things, the yearly rains that came and made the fields bring forth their bounty each year. When the rains ended at the end of the rainy season, it was thought that Ba’al had died and gone down to the underworld, not to return again until the rainy season in the following year. During the intervening time, he remained in the underworld, among the spirits of the dead.

The Rephaim were believed by the Amorites to be Ba’als acolytes, accompanying him both in the storm and into his journey into the underworld after the rains ceased. As a result, “since these minor deities follow Ba’al in his descent to the underworld, they later became identified with the shades of the dead, as in Biblical Hebrew and in Phoenician.” L’Heureux points out that, since greater gods in the Canaanite pantheon are described with the singular term rapha, then the term rephaim most likely refers to an assembly of lesser gods. This concept compares favorably with the Hebrew conception of elohim which most believe is meant to indicate an assembly of divine beings, or angels, in contrast to the singular El, which is used exclusively of YHWH, the head of the divine assembly. In short, Rapha is to rephaim as El is to elohim.

One of the more interesting features of the text is that the rephaim seem to be a special class of spirits: kings, heroes, warriors, rulers.”  Concerning the meaning of rapha and how it fits into the concept of underworld deity, Gray believes that the basic meaning of rapha is to heal or, more likely, to be healed. However, since it has to do with the dead rephaim, and since these dead rephaim are, along with Ba’al, resurrected at the beginning of each rainy season, I suggest that the Rephaim are not merely healed but, along with Ba’al, resurrected, and the fertility of the land resurrected with them. Thus the basic concept behind the word rephaim is “those who have been resurrected”.

The rephaim deities of the Ugaritic texts, then, were seen as the resurrected spirits of ancient warrior kings. But resurrected into what? And how does this apply to the Rephaim giants? The Rephaim were seen by the Amorites as both divine and human, as human incarnations of the divine rephaim, just as the Amorite king was considered to be the incarnation of their state god, Ba’al.These Rephaim of Earth were believed to be the earthly incarnations of the divine (or fallen) Rephaim of the underworld. Moreover, since these were the spirits of ancient warriors, kings and heroes from ancient times, it was probable, since the Rephaim giants were specifically noted by Moses as being the return of the antediluvian Nephilim, that the Rephaim were in fact the reincarnations of the demonic spirits of the Nephilim giants who had been destroyed in the Flood. Thus, inherent in the very name “Rephaim” was the confirmation that the Rephaim were indeed the return of the Nephilim. As such, we have given them their own scientific classification to identify the Rephaim as the next generation that succeeded the Nephilim breed of giants: homo artificialis rephi.

After King David there is no mention of the Nephilim in the Holy Land. They are referred to as shades and the dead. Og was the last of the Rephiam according to the Bible. Today the Valley of the Rephiam is a part of Israel just south of Jerusalem by a few miles.

Modern Evidence

Modern anthropologists discovered a race or group of people found in Australia called meganthropus. These people were estimated to be between 7 to 12 feet tall, depending on what source you read. Four jaw fragments and thousands of teeth have been found in China of gigantopithecus blacki.  Based on the size of the teeth and deep jaws, its size has been estimated at around 10 feet and as tall as 12 feet, 1200 pounds. (Photo:Giant human femur reportedly found in Turkey)

When the first Spanish chroniclers arrived with the conquistador Pizaro, the Inca explained that Tiahuanaco had been constructed by a race of giants called Huaris before Chamak-pacha, the ‘period of darkness,’ and was already in ruins before their civilization began. They said these giants had been created by Viracocha, the god who came from the heavens (ie., a Watcher), who was the builder-god of Tiachunacho (in Bolivia).

As concerning giants, the Book of Urantia does not state that there were the traditional giants as we have come to understand the ancient records. However, it does say that there were Nephilim and that these Nephilim were a result of the mating with indigenous humans.

Some archaeologists believe that the Adamites were extremely tall people, considerably larger than modern  homo sapiens. This reference to extremely tall people is a result of the discovery of graves containing such people.

Ancient Evidence – Cities of the Giants

Deuteronomy 3:4 states that the Argob, which Jair seized from the giant King Og, contained sixty cities built by the huge Rephaim. To those who never saw it, it seemed incredible that an oval-shaped district only twenty-two miles long and fourteen wide could accommodate that many cities. But archaeologists and other travelers to that region can still vouch for it. For the ruins, even after all these centuries, not only remain, but, in fact, still stand in a great state of preservation. “The streets,” observes Cyril Graham, “are perfect, the walls perfect, and, what seems more astonishing, the stone doors are still hanging on their hinges. . . . Some of these gates are large enough to admit of a camel passing through them, and the doors are of proportionate dimensions, some of the stones of which they are formed being eighteen inches in thickness. The roofs also are formed of huge stone slabs resting on the massive walls. All betoken the workmanship of a race endowed with powers far exceeding those of ordinary men; and [all] give credibility to the supposition that we have in them the dwellings of the giant race that occupied that district before it was invaded by the Israelites. We could not help being impressed with the belief that had we never known anything of the early portion of Scripture history before visiting this country, we should have been forced to the conclusion that its original inhabitants, the people who had constructed those cities, were not only a powerful and mighty nation, but individuals of greater strength than ourselves.”

Gilgal Refaim

Another archaeological site is a construction of concentric stone circles and reputedly built by giants. The Circle of the Giants – Gilgal Refaim. 5200-year-old monument believed by some to have been built by the biblical giants. The fact remains that Israeli archaeologists are totally mystified by the Gilgal Refaim. No other complex built in the Middle East resembles it and it predates the official age of pyramids by over 500 years. The indigenous nomads of the time did not engage in this kind of megalith building, so outsiders were probably the builders. According to the Bible, the only outsiders living on the Golan Heights back then were giants.

In the late 1980’s a group of British archaeologists may have uncovered skeletal evidence for giants in Jordan. At the site of Tel es-Sa’idiyeh, archaeologist Jonathan Tubb and a team from the British Museum unearthed the remains of some extremely tall people.”


According to an Arabic manuscript found at Baalbek and quoted by Alouf in his informative History of Baalbek “after the flood, when Nimrod reigned over Lebanon, he sent giants to rebuild the fortress of Baalbek, which was so named in honour of Baal, the god of the Moabites and worshippers of the Sun.”

The great platform at Baalbek is extremely ancient. The current temple ruins at the site were built by the Romans. The original platform may be from a pre-flood culture. This platform is made up of megalithic stones precisely cut and placed to form a foundation for an ancient temple from the distant past. This ancient temple floor has three huge quarried stones each of them weigh about one thousand tons. They are called the Trilithon. These blocks show more erosion than the later Roman additions.Today we are at a lost to explain how ancient men cut and moved such huge behemoths. Roman engineers never moved anything so large. The people that lived near by the temple believed that the great stones were cut and assembled by Djenoun, a Nephilim.

Manipulation of the Genome

In his book “Life, Liberty and the Defense of Dignity: The Challenges of Bioethics,” the former chairman of the President’s Council on Bioethics, Leon Kass provided a status report on where we stand today regarding transhumanism. He warned in the introduction that “Human nature itself lies on the operating table, ready for alteration, for eugenic and psychic ‘enhancement,’ for wholesale redesign. In leading laboratories, academic and industrial, new creators are confidently amassing their powers and quietly honing their skills, while on the street their evangelists are zealously prophesying a posthuman future. For anyone who cares about preserving our humanity, the time has come for paying attention.”

Not to be outdone in this regard by the National Institute of Health, DARPA and other agencies of the U.S. military have taken inspiration from the likes of Tolkein’s Lord of the Rings. In a scene reminiscent of Saruman the wizard creating monstrous Uruk-Hai to wage unending, merciless war, we find billions of American tax dollars have flowed into the Pentagon’s Frankensteinian dream of “super-soldiers” and the “Extended Performance War Fighter” program. Not only does the EPWFP envision “injecting young men and women with hormonal, neurological and genetic concoctions; implanting microchips and electrodes in their bodies to control their internal organs and brain functions; and plying them with drugs that deaden some of their normal human tendencies: the need for sleep, the fear of death, [and] the reluctance to kill their fellow human beings,” but Chris Floyd in an article for CounterPunch a while back quoted the Daily Telegraph and Christian Science Monitor, saying “some of the research now underway involves actually altering the genetic code of soldiers, modifying bits of DNA to fashion a new type of human specimen, one that functions like a machine, killing tirelessly for days and nights on end…. mutations [that] will ‘revolutionize the contemporary order of battle’ and guarantee ‘operational dominance across the whole range of potential U.S. military employments.”

“At that moment, when the DNA/RNA system became understood, the debate between Evolutionists and Creationists should have come to a screeching halt…”

After the Watchers had instructed humans in the secrets of heaven, the Book of Yasher tells us of their corruption of antediluvian DNA:

“[Then] the sons of men [began teaching] the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order therewith to provoke the Lord” (Jasher 4:18).

Some believe that the program of DNA corruption was intended to halt the coming of the Messiah, a theory which is very popular among Christians, but an alternative theory for why the Watchers may have blended living organisms exists. In an effort to harmonize the ancient records, it may be that the motive for whatever the Watchers were doing with the DNA of various species had to be understood within the context of their foremost goal, which was to leave their plane of existence and to enter ours, a theory that is based on a reading of a passage in the New Testament:

And angels who did not keep their own domain, but abandoned their proper abode, He has kept in eternal bonds under darkness for the judgment of the great day (Jude 1:6)

Based on the Book of Enoch and 2 Peter 2:4, these Angelic beings are keep in chains in a place called Tartarus awaiting final judgement.

And the key to creating or recreating man, as we have discovered in the twentieth century, is the human genome. DNA manipulation of living tissue by the Watchers led to an unusual body made up of human, animal, and plant genetics known as Nephilim, It should be pointed out that the Greek antecedent of the word giants is the word gegenes, from which was derived the Greek word gigantes (Genesis 6:4, LXX), from which we in turn derive the English word giant. Moreover, gegenes, besides being the root of the word giant, is also the root of the words genes, genetics, geneaology, and so forth. Thus, the choice of this word again suggests a genetic component to the creation of these giants.”

The book of Job may elucidate this idea when it says, “Dead things are formed from under the waters. . . .” (Job 26.5). The dead in this text are Rephaim and the phrase “are formed” is from the Hebrew “chuwl”, meaning to twist or whirl as in a double helix coil or genetic manufacturing.

While modern ethics has prevented scientists from pursuing eugenics, it is completely possible that genetic manipulation in human genetic components might create a very different being from human DNA. A hint of what might result from such a modification was seen in April 1997, when scientists at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore revealed that they had discovered a gene in mice which they called growth differentiation factor-8 (GDF-8).

When mice cells were altered genetically to delete this gene, the creatures that were conceived from these altered eggs grew enormous muscles, becoming “super mice” for all practical purposes. The scientists wrote in the science journal Nature:

“We disrupted the GDF-8 gene by gene targeting in mice. [Mice lacking the gene] are significantly larger than wild-type animals and show a large and widespread increase in skeletal muscle mass. Individual muscles of mutant animals weigh two to three times more than those of wild-type animals.”

These animals, with the GDF-8 gene, were not only stronger, they were two to three times larger. Imagine a human being so altered, who is stronger and two or three times larger than an average person, and you’ll see the modern equivalent of the ancient giants, the mighty men of the biblical accounts.

Nephilim Researcher Steve Quayle also points out that the giants did not suffer from a hormonal imbalance, commonly known today as gigantism, as those who suffer from gigantism usually suffer from a number of debilitative diseases that make movement for them difficult and painful. This is altogether different from the powerful, proportionally built, athletically superb warriors portrayed in the Bible and other ancient texts. So, according to Quayle, there is definitive evidence that genetic manipulation can in fact result in the development of a gigantic version of a particular species — in this case, mice. But can the same thing be done with humans?

The Apocryphal books of Enoch, 2 Esdras, Genesis Aprocryphon and Jasher support the Genesis story, adding that the sin of the angels grew to include genetic modification of animals as well as humans. The Book of Jasher, mentioned in the Bible in Joshua 10:13 and 2 Samuel 1:18, says:

“After the fallen angels went into the daughters of men, the sons of men taught the mixture of animals of one species with the other, in order to provoke the Lord”


This clear reference to the Genesis 6 record illustrates that animals were included in whatever cross-breeding experiments were being conducted. This activity ultimately resulted in judgment from God.

The Book of Enoch also supports this record, saying that after the fallen angels merged their DNA with women, they “began to sin against birds, and beasts, and reptiles, and fish” (7:5,6). The Hebrew Bible contains associated reference to genetic mutations, which developed among humans following this activity, including unusual size, physical strength, six fingers, six toes, animal appetite for blood and even lion-like features among men (2 Sam 21:20; 23:20).


Though there has been a well orchestrated agenda to deny the real origins of humanity by the elite oligarchy, the truth is coming out.  As we shall see Humanity was a special creation of the Creator.  Adam and his chosen line ruled and reigned as kings on the earth.  Jewish tradition tells that humanity was created as a race of light with no need of high technology.

A second line of humanity, through Cain, was taught high technology by the so called builder gods who sought to enslave them and were directly involved in our fall and the judgement of the flood.

The bible and many ancient traditions tell us that these gods will return to recreate the Nephilim Menace and enslave humanity.  They will return at a specific time, thru a ‘doorway’ spoken of as the Abyss.

Though what we have been speaking of smacks of sci-fi, it is the only thing that fits the prophesies of all traditions, with one twist.  While Judaism recognizes the wisdom of the nations, it stops short of the idolatry of believing that these shining builder gods are benevolent or our creators.

In fact they are our ancient enemy, a topic we shal deal with in upcoming chapters.

A Message From Across Time

Lying literally at the center of the world, halfway between the North Cape of Norway and the Cape of Good Hope in South Africa, and halfway between the east coast of China and the west coast of Mexico is the Giza Plateau and the Great Pyramid. The Great Pyramid intersects at the 30th parallel both longitude and latitude.

The Great Pyramid of Giza is is the oldest and largest of the three pyramids in the Giza Necropolis bordering what is now El Giza, Egypt. It is the oldest of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, and the only one to remain largely intact. It was finished in a highly polished limestone and it’s capstone was believe to be made of pure gold. The massive stones and casings were fitted to within 2000ths of an inch, a tolerance that even a razor blade could not be inserted between the stones.

The official story is that the pyramid was built as a tomb for fourth dynasty Egyptian Pharaoh Khufu (Cheops in Greek) over an 20-year period concluding around 2560 BC. The Great Pyramid was the tallest man-made structure in the world for over 3,800 years.

Originally, the Great Pyramid was covered by casing stones that formed a smooth outer surface; what is seen today is the underlying core structure. Some of the casing stones that once covered the structure can still be seen around the base. There have been varying scientific and alternative theories about the Great Pyramid’s construction techniques and age. Most accepted construction hypotheses are based on the idea that it was built by moving huge stones from a quarry and dragging and lifting them into place, by thousands of slave workers. This idea, however, taxes the boundaries of reality.

The term Pyramid comes from a compound word comprised of two distinct ideas. The Egyptian name for the Pyramid is Khuti, or lights. This term was translated into Egyptian from the Hebrew term Urim, or “the lights.” The Hebrew term Urim appears in the Torah in just seven instances. It is almost always associated with one of two stones on the breastplate of Aaron and they were used to provide righteous judgment in the Holy of Holies. Urim-middin is a compound word meaning “the lights, the measures.” The Greek word Pur means light source and when translated into Greek the word becomes “Purim-midden” and  transliterates  into Pyramid.

There are three known chambers inside the Great Pyramid. The lowest chamber is cut into the bedrock upon which the pyramid was built and was unfinished. The so-called[1] Queen’s Chamber and King’s Chamber are higher up within the pyramid structure. The Great Pyramid of Giza is the only pyramid in Egypt known to contain both ascending and descending passages. The main part of the Giza complex is a setting of buildings that included two mortuary temples in honor of Khufu (one close to the pyramid and one near the Nile), three smaller pyramids for Khufu’s wives, an even smaller “satellite” pyramid, a raised causeway connecting the two temples, and small mastaba tombs surrounding the pyramid for nobles.

The Mystery of the Great Pyramid at Giza

The story that is feed to the public is that the purpose of pyramids was that they were tombs of the ruling class, tombs of pharaohs.  This is simple dis-information given the historical fact that not a single remains of any pharaoh has ever been found in any of the pyramids. Additionally, the public has also been deliberately mis-informed that the ancient Egyptians built the pyramids. The historical record indicates that the technical proficiency required to build them was beyond the capabilities of early Egypt.

According to standard Egyptological thinking, the Great Sphinx, which is contemporaneous with the Giza Pyramids, was carved from the limestone bedrock on the orders of the Old Kingdom Pharaoh Khufu around 2500 BCE.

This however does not line up with the geological evidence. Robert Schoch discovered that the Sphinx, and on the walls of the Sphinx Enclosure (the pit or hollow remaining after the Sphinx’s body was carved from the bedrock), heavy erosional features that he concluded could only have been caused by rainfall and water run-off.

Quite an pill to swallow given that the Sphinx sits on the edge of the Sahara Desert and the region has been quite arid for the last 5000 years. But Robert  concluded that the oldest portions of the Great Sphinx, (which he refers to as the core-body), must date back to an earlier period (at least 5000 B.C., and maybe as early as 7000 or 9000 B.C.), a time when the climate was very different and included more rain.

Back in the early 1990s, when it was first suggested that the Great Sphinx was much older than the traditionally accepted view.  Egyptologists challenged the assertion – “Where is the evidence of that earlier civilization that could have built the Sphinx.” They were sure that sophisticated culture, what we call civilization, did not exist prior to about 3000 or 4000 B.C. Now, however, there is clear evidence of high culture dating back over 11,000-12,000 years ago, at a site in Turkey known as Göbekli Tepe (which is the oldest known religious site in the world)where massive carved stones were supposedly crafted and arranged by prehistoric people who had not yet developed metal tools or even pottery. These megaliths predate Stonehenge by some 6,000 years.

Many people have said that the Great Sphinx cannot be so old, in part because the head is clearly a dynastic Egyptian head and the dynastic period did not start until about 3000 B.C. In fact, if you look at the current Great Sphinx you may notice that the head is actually too small for the body. It is clear to me that the current head is not the original head. The original head would have become severely weathered and eroded. It was later re-carved, during dynastic times, and in the re-carving it naturally became smaller. Thus, the head of the Great Sphinx is not the original head. In fact, the Sphinx may not have originally been a sphinx at all. Perhaps it was a male lion – an ancient Ariel.

The Sheer Marvel of the Great Pyramid

In our modern high-tech society, we lack the technical expertise to construct the Great pyramid and other monuments and Megaliths of the ancient past. We lack the construction proficiency. The astronomical and mathematical knowledge that went into the building of the Great Pyramid rivals that of any known today. The built-in mathematics of the structure boggles the human mind:

The length of the diagonals of the pyramid’s base total 25,827 inches equal to the number of years for the cycle of the procession of the equinoxes.

The length of each base is 365,2422 Hebrew cubits, the number of days in the solar year.

Twice the length of the base divided by the height in cubits equal 3.14159, or pi. By multiplying the altitude of the Great Pyramid by ten raised by the ninth power, one arrives at the figure 91, 840,000 the distance of the earth from the sun. The reason for applying this equation is that for every ten feet up the angle of slope, nine feet is gained in altitude.

Also encoded within the Great Pyramid is the speed of light (299,792458) in millions of meters per second.

The triangulated distance between Giza, Nazca and a third point of equal length results in a pyramidal shape which is an exact replica of the Great Pyramid on a massive scale.

Double pi, a mathematical fixture of the Great Pyramid, also encodes the latitude of another grid formation, celestial and not on the earth.  This one is a 5 sided pyramid located in the area know as Cydonia Mars!  The face on Mars has become quite famous in the last 30 years, which can now be mathematically proven to be a structure in the Giza matrix system.

Geographers and mathematicians have now found that the Great Pyramid was not just a stone structure stuck randomly on the plateau of Giza, but is situated exactly at the center of gravity of the Earth.

The Grand Gallery leading up to the Kings Chamber was constructed with computer precision as a observatory focused upon a particular section of the stars. The ‘star shafts’ point to four specific stars – Orion, Sirius, Beta Ursa Minor and Draco.

The Science and Mathemathics were Beyond Egyptian Achievement

Carl Munck, a colleague of Richard Hoagland, who has been studying the mathematics of the Giza Plateau for decades, shows that the geo-mathematics derived from the Giza plateau with it’s nine pyramids connects mathematically with the monumental structures all over the planet. Places such as Cuicuilco & Teotihuacan in Mexico, Stonehenge in England, Monks Mound at Cahoki illinois, New Hampshires Man in the Mountain, Emerald Mound Mississippi, Poverty Pointe Complex in Louisiana, the Leopard Mound in Florida  (another Sphinx except on a enormous scale),  Bimini’s Shark Mound, the Pyramids of China, Maachu Picchu of the Incas and many others. This geo-mathematical matrix also works with the other monuments within the matrix, including Giza, a truly monumental achievement unmatched by even our technology in 2012.

This radian based ancient matrix system consists of ancient structures all across the globe. These monuments include megalithic stone works, pyramids, circular works, effigies, and ancient earth mounds. Each structure is a point in a remarkable global matrix which explains a global positioning system involving the mathematical precisions of the Earth.

In order to read this matrix one must first change the current Prime Meridian back to the pyramid fields at Giza. For longitude the ancient builders referenced their original Prime Meridian that ran from pole to pole marked by The Great Pyramid at Giza. Today it can be found at 31 degrees, 08 minutes, and 00.8 seconds to the east of our modern Greenwich Prime Meridian. For latitude, ancient monuments were referenced to the same equator that we use today.


The Great Pyramid and the Beit HaMikdash of Israel

Another unknown but amazing facet of the Great Pyramid is it’s connection to the Temple of Solomon, built by the Israelites some 3000 years ago.

The height of the Great Pyramid is 481 feet hight.  Therefore it’s radius is 962 feet. If you multiply that by pi (3.14159265) the result is 3022 feet which is the circumference of the Great Pyramid.

962 is the actual date of the dedication of Solomon’s Temple – 962 BCE.  The perimeter, 3022 feet, is actually the number of years between 962 BCE and 2016 CE, an important date in eschatology.  3022 biblical years consisting of 360 days each, converts to 2,978 years of 365.242 days each.  2978 – 962 = 2016. The end-point of 2016 is incorporated into the most obvious feature of the Great Pyramid, it’s height. 2016 is the Jewish year 5776, which is the height of the Great pyramid in inches – 962 feet = 5776 inches.

Originally the Great Pyramid was covered with a 144,000 white granite casing stones, giving it a smooth and shimmering appearance. Likewise the area of the Temple Mount is 144,000 cubits. Consider that the walls of New Jerusalem, spoken of in the Christian New Testament are stated as being 144 cubits in diameter (Revelation 21: 17)

Ley Lines

The Great Pyramid is also a scale model of the earth which was then used by the Builders to measure the earth. The Builders also built structures along a circle in perfect alignment with one another along a 25,000 mile path, a Ley Line. The Giza Pyramid ley lines runs through the Grand Mosque of Mecca where the Kaaba is located, the Baalbek temple structure of Lebanon (N to S), Uruk Iraq to the east, a large hexagonal city, which is contemporary with Ur of the Chaldees  and the Vatican to the west.

The Builders of the Antediluvian World

We have been told that the ancient Egyptians built the Pyramids of Egypt. But where is the ancient Egyptian documentation describing the technology they used to build those pyramids? How those massive blocks were lifted and placed so accurately? The absence of any documentation lends credence to the view that the ancient Egyptians did not build it.

We have been told the Egyptians used only primitive tools to construct the great Pyramid but there is abundant evidence to the contrary, such as machined quarry milling marks as fine as those made today with modern high tech tools.

To believe that twenty thousand highly skilled laborers stacked each stone with laser precision in just twenty years is an impossible feat even for today’s engineering technologies.

There are numerous theories regarding the building of the vast megaliths and structures throughout the planet including the Pyramid of Khufu or the Great Pyramid as it has come to be known.  Notable is the popular theory that an alien race built the Pyramid and then left the planet to return one day in the far distant future. This theory, while immensely popular, is rejected by the author based on evidence and research.  The answer to this question does not lie with an unknown race beyond our solar system or galaxy, but is found right here on earth, by our own ancient ancestors.

There is evidence that the antediluvian world was a very advanced society.  Various archeological discoveries of ancient high technology have been hidden from the public and most of these sites are closed off. As we noted in previous chapters there are numerous ancient sunken cities and pyramids, some 8000 years old, others up to 9500 years old and even a few older that that.

The actual positioning and alignment of the stones of the Great Pyramid to the stars with the degree of accuracy necessary would have been impossible without lasers and infrared telescopes – and therefore the existence of an technologically advanced society is necessary even before a project like the Great Pyramid can even be planned let alone built.  Our modern society views the ancients as primitive people’s, have little technology.  However, it the truth be known the exact opposite is true.  The oldest civilization, often spoken of as legendary, was in fact more advanced then than we are today.

Given the witness of truthful archeology and science and matching that to the written records at our disposal, it was not alien races that built the amazing Great Pyramid, but man himself during a golden age which time forgot.

Enoch and the Historical Record

Within the pages of the Hebrew Bible, we find a veiled reference to the Giza Pyramids.  Jeremiah the prophet tells us over 2700 years ago that it was HaShem, the God of the Israelites, who takes credit for building the Great Pyramid in Egypt:

“…O great and mighty God. The Lord of hosts is His name;  great in counsel and mighty in deed, whose eyes are open to all the ways of the sons of men, giving to everyone according to his ways and according to the fruit of his deeds;  who has set signs and wonders in the land of Egypt, and even to this day both in Israel and among mankind; and You have made a name for Yourself, as at this day.

In the 19th chapter of Isaiah it is spoken of in a mystery:

In that day there will be an altar to the Lord in the midst of the land of Egypt, and a pillar to the Lord near its border. It will become a sign and a witness to the Lord of hosts in the land of Egypt; for they will cry to the Lord because of oppressors, and He will send them a Savior and a Champion, and He will deliver them. Thus the Lord will make Himself known to Egypt, and the Egyptians will know the Lord in that day. They will even worship with sacrifice and offering, and will make a vow to the Lord and perform it. The Lord will strike Egypt, striking but healing; so they will return to the Lord, and He will respond to them and will heal them.

(Isaiah 19:19-22)

The only structure that can fulfill this passage are the Giza Pyramids which lie in the middle of Egypt.  But how can it lie in the middle of Egypt and also be at it’s border at the same time?  The key to understanding this is in understanding ancient Egyptian history and geography.  The Great Pyramid lies at the apex of the Nile Delta.  In ancient days, Egypt was divided in two – Lower Egypt which encompassed the Nile Delta and Upper Egypt.  The Great Pyramid sits precisely on this ancient border.

There is a tradition recorded in the pages of Antiquities of the Jews, written by the Jewish Historian, Josephus.  This tradition tells us two very important things.  First that the Adamic pre-flood civilization, through the line of Set (Seth) were experts in the field of astronomy. And second that a building project was undertaken to preserve their wisdom. The text reads:

“They were also inventors of that peculiar sort of wisdom which is concerned with the heavenly bodies and their order. And [so] that their inventions might not be lost before they were sufficiently known, upon Adam’s prediction that the world was to be destroyed at one time by the force of fire, and at another time by the violence and force of water, they made two pillars – one of brick, the other of stone. They inscribed their discoveries on them both, that in case the pillar of brick should be destroyed by the flood, the pillar of stone might remain and exhibit those discoveries to mankind and also inform them that there was another pillar of brick erected by them. Now this remains in the land of Siriad to this day.”

The land of Siriad is the ancient designation for Egypt. Josephus tells us that this ‘pillar’ of wisdom still existed in his day (First Century CE). Many who have read this text assumed that hidden at Giza was a library of texts containing this information (which very well could be true). But, their wisdom shines through to us today – instead of a library which every treasure hunter has been searching for – the wisdom of the ancients was encoded in the very construction of the pillar itself.

The only human capable of orchestrating the construction of  The Pyramid is the biblical patriarch Enoch. One only need read the scientific information available in the Book of Enoch and understand the import. No other faith, myth, wives tale, or any other attempt at creation science even comes close to containing the scientific information provided in Enoch.

The Egyptian historian Manetho stated that the Pharoah who is recognized as the builder of the Great Pyramid, Khufu (Cheops in Greek), was of a “different race.” Herodotus, Greek historian of the 5th century BCE said that the builders of the Great Pyramid were shepherds, a class of persons deemed as an abomination to Egyptians, according to the Torah.

The Seventh Generation

The legend of Enoch begins with the Sumerian King List. This is a list of rulers before the Flood, and is preserved in several forms, including Berossus. Here one of the kings, often given as the seventh (as Enoch is in his list), is called Enmeduranki or Enmeduranna.  The Book of Yashar (the true record or writing) tells us that Enoch indeed was a king over the sons of man.  It is quite possible that the Sumerian Kings List is a written record of the patriarchs of the Bible.

Chapters 1-11 in the the book of Genesis is a condensed history of the pre-flood society and that which came directly afterwards. As such, the information that is offered is of vital importance. Biblically, Enoch is the 7th generation of Man, who lived 365 years and walked with God.

James C. Vanderkam reasons there is ample reason for believing that the biblical and pseudepigraphic Enoch are reflections of Mesopotamian traditions about the seventh antediluvian king Enmeduranki of Sippar, a king who was associated with the sun god and with divination. Oral and written traditions teach that Enoch, the seventh pre-flood patriarch in the Bible, taught a solar calendar and received revelations about the future.

According to ancient Sumerian texts, it was at Eridu’s temple that Enki, as guardian of the secrets of all scientific knowledge, kept ME’s – tablet-like objects on which the scientific data were inscribed. One of the Sumerian texts details how the goddess Inanna (later known as Ishtar), wishing to give status to her ‘cult center’ Uruk (the biblical Erech), tricked Enki into giving her some of those divine formulas. Adapa, we find, was also nicknamed NUN.ME, meaning He who can decipher the ME’s. Even a millennia later, in the days of the ancient Assyrians, the saying ‘Wise as Adapa’ meant that someone was exceedingly wise and knowledgeable.

The wide knowledge imparted by Enki to Adapa included writing, medicine, and – according to the astronomical series of tablets UD.SAR.ANUM.ENLILLA (‘The Great Days of Amu and Enlil’) – knowledge of astronomy and astrology.

“…It is almost certain that the biblical ‘Enoch’ was the equivalent of the Sumerian first priest, EN.ME.DUR.AN.KI (‘High Priest of the ME’s of the Bond Heaven-Earth’), the man from the city Sippar taken heavenward to be taught the secrets of Heaven and Earth, of divination, and of the calendar. It was with him that the generations of astronomer-priests, of Keepers of the Secrets, began.”

These details show how the biblical portrait of Enoch may have been compiled from Enmeduranki: each is seventh in the antediluvian list; the biblical 365 preserves the affinity to the sun, rather than the sun god; walking with God suggests the intimacy between the Divine and man and his choseness as King/Pharoah over the sons of man.

One cannot rule out the possibility that like Enmduranki and Enoch, Adapa too was the seventh in a line of sages, the Sages of Eridu, and thus another version of the Sumerian memory echoed in the biblical Enoch record. According to this tale, seven Wise Men were trained in Eridu, Enki’s city; their epithets and particular knowledge varied from version to version.

Rykle Borger, examining this tale in light of the Enoch traditions, was intrigued by the inscription on the third tablet of the series of Assyrian Oath Incantations. In it the name of each sage is given and his main call on fame is explained; it says thus of the seventh: ‘Uta-abzu, he who to heaven ascended’.  Citing a second such text, R. Borger concluded that this seventh sage, whose name combined that of Utu/Shamash with the Lower World (Abzu) domain of Enki, was the Assyrian Enoch.

According to the Assyrian references to the wisdom of Adapa, he composed a book of sciences titled U.SAR d ANUM d ENLILA – ‘Writings regarding Time; from divine Anu and divine Enlil’. Adapa, thus, is credited with writing Mankind’s first book of astronomy and the calendar.”

The ancient Greeks declare that Enoch is the same as Mercury Trismegistus [Hermes], and that he taught the sons of men the art of building cities, and enacted some admirable laws. He discovered the knowledge of the Zodiac, and the course of the Planets (which is pointed out in the Book of Enoch) and he taught the sons of men, that they should worship God. According to Freemasonry, Enoch was the inventor of writing, and that he taught men the art of building, and that, before the flood, he feared that the real secrets would be lost – to prevent which he concealed the grand Secret, engraven on a white oriental porphyry stone, in the bowels of the earth. 

Manly Hall, one of Masonry’s top scholars says that  Enoch constructed an underground temple [at Moriah] consisting of nine vaults, one beneath the other, placing in the deepest vault a triangular tablet of gold [a ‘white oriental porphyry stone’ in one version] bearing upon it the absolute and ineffable name of Deity.

We believe the biblical patriarch Enoch was given the astronomical and geographical information necessary to design the Pyramid. But he could never have been able to ensure the astronomical accuracy in the end using just stone age chisels and hammers. Even if twenty thousand men could stack the estimated 2.4 million blocks of stone in a precise arrangement, astronomically aligned to the four directions of the compass, they could not have possibly arranged the interior geometry of passages and distances that tell the story of The Adamic Race in the same amount of time.

The early Church historian Eusebius stated that Enoch was Atlas, king of Atlantis. Atlas is identical with the Egyptian god, Temu (or Atum), whose symbol was the sacred hill or island that rises above the waters (Atlantis), symbolism that is reminiscent of the rising phoenix in many cultures around the globe, including that of Freemasonry and even America.

Temu like Enoch (in Enochian literature) was personified as the great predynastic king who was renowned for being the first man to have become divine (resurrection?). He was depicted as a bearded initiate-king, wearing the crowns of North (Lower) and South (Upper) Egypt, and carrying the sceptre and ankh. But, uniquely, he is shown wearing the red crown of the North inside the white crown of the South, which is the reverse of the headwear of all other gods and pharaohs.

According to ancient Egyptian tradition, all the Egyptian wisdom teaching was derived from Temu, including language, hieroglyphic writing, numerology, cosmology, geomancy, and the seven liberal arts and sciences.

What is it’s Purpose?

The Pyramidian (the capstone) of the Great Pyramid will have a perimeter precisely 12 cubits long. The presence of pi (3.14) points us to a circle. Together they refer to a 12 zone circle – the Zodiac.  The four angles of the pyramid refer to the Four Prime Signs of the Zodiac – The Bull (Taurus), the Lion (Leo), Scorpio and Aquarius. In ancient world Scorpio was represented by the Eagle and Aquarius by an Angel or Man. The four are known as the Four Guardians of Heaven and are described in the Book of Ezekiel as Cherubim or Seraphim. They embody the procession of the constellations, which endure for approximately 26,000 years.  In Hebrew Gematria 26 is the value of the Ineffable Name of God.  It’s half 13, an important number in the Mayan Calender, is the value of two very important Hebrew words, echad meaning one and ahavah, meaning love. God who created the heavens and earth is one, and His character is one of love, and the act of Creation itself is an act of love.

Given the evidence provided above, our conclusion is that the massive undertaking of the Great Pyramid was under the watchful eye of God, not directed by some alien race for some nefarious purpose.

The Builders, the Biblical Patriarchial Society (Atlantis) are pointing us to a critical astronomical cycle of our planet, the procession of the equinoxes/constellations over a 26,000 year cycle.

Why is it so important to draw attention to this 26,000 year cycle?

The following is a chapter from a book I am developing – called Shadows of the Apocalypse.

The Great Pyramid is a coded message from across time from a very ancient people regarding something so important, they built  massive structures designed to outlast millenia to convey that message.

The ancient traditions tell us that Enoch, aside from being a man of science was also a prophet. It is quite reasonable to assume that his construction project also pointed to a time of dramatic change, a time popularly known as the End Times.  This time period would be fraught with terrible events but with hope of deliverance at the end of the tunnel.

The Giza Plateau is an astronomical clock and the Sphinx are its hands.  When the lions heart on the Sphinx lines up with Regulas, the Lions Heart in heaven, then the new age begins.  In the Hebrew mind, a day begins in darkness which slowly passes into the Light.  So shall be the End Times.  The years between 2012 and 2016 will bring about a paradigm shift for humanity. The Mayans & Toltecs believe that in 2012, their god will return from the heavens. Many have speculated that this time frame will signal the return of the Nephelim of Genesis Chapter 6. Others say that the AntiChrist (the occult Messiah) will reveal himself.  Regardless of specifics, antiquity has spoken to us of the importance of this time.

Herald it’s coming. Heed it’s message.

Atlantis – The Highly Advanced World of the Pre-Flood Humanity

Earth History You Didn’t Learn in School

In order to understand the gathering and consolidation of power and control over the earth in our present day we must first understand our ancient past, employing the old adage that if you don’t learn the lessons of history, you are doomed to repeat it’s mistakes.  And believe me when I say that if humanity as a whole were aware of our true history, there would be a massive world-wide revolution against the current power brokers and their ilk.

Our future as a race lies buried beneath millennium of rocks, earth and water and in the pages of texts which describe a civilization so old, it is spoken of as legends, instead of the authentic history of the antediluvian society. It is the contention of the author that the biblical pre-flood civilization of the Hebrew bible and other ancient traditions are none other than the legend of Atlantis spoken of in so many ancient texts.

America as the New Atlantis

In the 16th century, Sir Francis Bacon, who described himself as the Herald of a New Age, was at the helm of the secret societies in England and is accredited with the formation of Freemasonry. When Bacon penned his classic work, The New Atlantis he believed that America and Atlantis were one and the same. This view was shared by many of Bacon’s contemporaries.

Atlantis is the subject of a legend about an advanced island civilization that was destroyed or lost. Stories about Atlantis are first mentioned in Plato’s dialogues Timaeus and Critias, in which its characters say it was destroyed by an earthquake or a tsunami about 9,000 years before the time in which Plato wrote (about 11,699 years ago).

About 2500 years ago, the Greek philosopher Plato set down a dialog where he recounted a story from an ancient Greek poet and statesman called Solon. Solon had journeyed to Egypt in search of wisdom to help his beloved Greece, which was beset with factions and troubles. Solon took counsel from the priests of the city of Sais.  An old priest told him, ” O Solon, Solon, you Greeks are never anything but children. There is no old opinion handed down among you, or any science that is white with age…” The priest then recounted the story of the lost city of Atlantis which lay west beyond the Straits of Gibraltar.

Throughout the centuries many explorers, researchers and treasure hunters have sought out the location of the Lost City of Atlantis.  Scholars have put out various theories regarding it possible locations.  All these efforts have not led to any firm conclusions of it’s location.  However, these explorers have discovered many other related cities, often sunken in the seas or oceans of the world. Several of these structures are pyramidal in nature. According to sources, Atlantis architecture is pyramidal. One theory states that the people of Atlantis also practiced mummification, elongated the skulls of their children, and constructed corbel vault architecture. 

Sunken Cities – Evidence of Ancient Cataclysms

In support of this idea is physical evidence on a world wide scale. Everyone has heard about the legend of the Lost City of Atlantis and the Lost civilization of Lemuria, believed to be a land mass that connected the Indian sub-continent with Australia. There are actually many such legends throughout the ancient cultures of Earth. But are they only legends? Or are they ancient memories of terrible cataclysms?

The facts are that they are not merely stories. In the search for the Lost City of Atlantis and the lost city of Mu (Lemuria) explorers and archeologists have uncovered physical remains of ancient sunken cities. And these cities are constructed using methods and technologies which today in 2012 are beyond our technical expertise.

In the Mediterranean Sea alone there are 200 known sunken cities. Some of the more well know sunken cities in the world are:

1. The 9500 year old sunken city of the western coast of India, in the Gulf of Cambay.

2. The 6000 year old sunken city off the western coast of Cuba. The city lis 2500 feet below the ocean.

Off the waters of Okinawa Japan, beyond the tiny island of Yonasuni, lies a giant 600′ x 90′ pyramid structure dated to 8000 BCE.

The ruins under Peru’s Lake Titicaca, the highest lake in the world.

The Hindu traditions speak of Atala, a sunken Paradise lying in the Far East.

A 420 foot pyramid off the coast of Florida discovered by Captain Don Henry in 1976. The pyramid is forty miles off the southern coast of Florida, 300 feet below the surface. Subsequent underwater closed-circuit TV was to show the pyramid to be about 420 feet high, close to the size of the Great Pyramid of Egypt.

Some 12 miles south of Lake Titicaca are the ancient remains of Tiahuanaco. Things that can’t happen have happened here. The site is built 12,000 feet above sea level. This is oxygen-poor air, in which the slightest exertion can cause nausea and worse. Yet blocks of up to 200 tons were maneuvered over distances of up to 90 miles. This grand complex was built with a technical skill unknown to modern civilization.

One hundred pyramids have been discovered in Shensi Province of China. The largest according to one claim, is 1200 feet high, 2.5 times the height of Egypt’s Great Pyramid.

Historical Evidence on Atlantis

Corroborating evidence of the dating the destruction of Atlantis is compelling.  Many sources put the destruction at 11, 600-12,000 years ago – Plato, Manetho, Hindu traditions on the Yugas, the Codex Troano of the Mayas, Hindu traditions and others.

The are two issues of prime importance connected to these sunken cities. First off, these cities are older than any cities that archeologists have uncovered to date above the ground. During this time period, modern historians and archeology experts believe that primitive man was barely assembled into tribal groups, let alone building large cities. Second and most profound of all is the fact that these cities are sunken below the oceans. How did they get there?

Atlantis was referred to as an island which existed beyond the Pillars of Hercules (the Straits of Gibraltar) by Plato. Typically when we think of an island we think of a small land mass surrounded by water.  So when we think of Atlantis we think of it in those terms.

Manly P Hall, considered by Masons as Freemasonry’s greatest philosopher, believed Atlantis was a vast empire comprised of a commonwealth of nations, which would one day be rebuilt. He also taught that the ancient wisdom of Atlantis was  contained in the writings and teachings of Freemasonry and all the secret societies.

Turtle Island

Also very noteworthy is the wisdom of the indigenous people’s of Canada and America who refer to Turtle Island, as an ancient designation for North America. These tribes are traditionally known as the Original Nations of Turtle Island, or the First Peoples or First Nations. This establishes that the idea of a ‘continental island.’

The Mayas tell, in their myths of origin, of a mysterious island or continent called Aztlan from where their people originated.

Many critics of Atlantis insist that, besides Plato’s dialogues, Timaeus and Critias, there is no other independent evidence provided by ancient authorities on the matter. A huge understatement and not consistent with the truth. Ancient myths and traditions of most nations center on the legend of the Flood and on the destruction of Paradise.  The original focus of civilization that is none other than Atlantis.

The Pillars of Atlantis

Proclus, a commentator on Plato’s works, affirms that Crantor also visited Sais Egypt, as Solon had done 300 years before, where he was shown a golden pillar inscribed with hieroglyphs that recorded in detail the history of Atlantis exactly as they had told it to his famous predecessor.

Manetho, the Egyptian chronicler, confirms the existence of such pillars and claims that, shortly before the Flood, Thoth-Hermes inscribed in pillars the epitome of the ancient wisdom, so that the ancient knowledge should not be lost in the cataclysm, an act which demonstrates knowledge of the coming destruction.

Herodotus (Hist. II:58) personally saw, in Tyre, in a temple of Hercules, “two pillars, one of pure gold, the other of emerald, which shone with great brilliancy at night.” Such Pillars of Hercules were erected by the Phoenicians just about everywhere they settled. But they did it particularly at crucial straits linking two seas, as was the case of Gibraltar and the Bosphorus. The twin pillars commemorated, according to experts, the two founders of Atlantis, Hercules and Atlas.

Alexander, the Great, personally inspected, according to his historians, many such giant pillars of gold bearing strange scripts in the extremities of India. He went beyond the pillars of Hercules and Dionysus as the limits of his campaigns in the Orient (the Indies), and even left his own pillars as a testimony of this.

Josephus, the Jewish first century historian, reports that Seth (Set), the son of Adam, “in order that wisdom and astronomical knowledge should not perish in the cataclysm [the Flood] made two pillars, one of stone the other of brick in which he inscribed this knowledge for posterity, said pillars existing in the land of Siriad [Egypt]to this day.”

Plato affirms, in his Critias, that the Atlantean kings inscribed in golden pillars their laws, edicts and judicial decisions, in a strange ritual involving the sacrifice of a bull dedicated to Poseidon. This type of ritual is characteristic of the Indies, where it is called Gomedha This sacrifice commemorates the death of Paradise (Gomeda-dvipa), which seems to be no other than Atlantis itself. A well-known instance of such inscribed pillars in India is the Pillar of Delhi, erected by King Ashoka, to commemorate his victory over his enemies. Though made of steel, the Pillar of Delhi is a peerless technological feat of antiquity, one that many experts associate with Atlantis. The pillar is forged from a single piece of steel, and is stainless, having defied the centuries without any oxidation at all.

Another puzzling technology that proves the superior metallurgical skill of the Atlanteans is the “orichalch” that Plato mentions as covering the walls of Atlantis. The true etym of the name is the Latin spelling aurichalcum, that is, “golden copper”, or “golden bronze”. In reality the word pertains to brass, an alloy of copper and zinc that resembles gold, just as Plato states. The fact that Plato knew of it, and attributed its technology to Atlantis can, hence, hardly be doubted.

Plato tells how the walls of Atlantis were clad with gold, silver, bronze, tin and orichalch, attesting to Atlantis’ enormous mineral wealth, during an era when no one else had yet developed these sophisticated technologies.

The sources of these metals and, particularly, tin, have never been adequately identified. The Koltepe mines in Anatolia were small and insufficient for the task, those of Tartessos, Spain were purely legendary, and those of Cornwall were only discovered after the Bronze Age.

All that tin traditionally came from the legendary Islands of Tin, the Cassiterides. These mysterious islands were also called Tarshish and  Tartessos, Islands of Metals. Their existence is stated in the Bible and other sources.

Cataclysm, Flood or Nuclear War?

Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds – The Bhagavad-Gita

The History Channel broadcasted a documentary which discussed ancient nuclear wars in the Indian subcontinent which were based on the literary evidences in ancient Vedic texts and epics like Mahabharata and the modern findings of archaeological excavations at sites like Mohenjo Daro and Harappa, Pakistan.

According to David Davenport, an expert of Sanskrit who spent 12 years studying ancient Hindu scripts and evidence at the ancient site of Mohenjo-Daro, declared in 1996 that what was uncovered at the site of Mohenjo Daro corresponds exactly to the destruction at Nagasaki, Japan when it was destroyed by an atomic bomb near the end of World War II.

Davenport published his startling findings in an amazing book, “Atomic Destruction in 2000 B.C.”, Milan, Italy, 1979. Davenport reported that:

There was an epicenter about 50 yards wide where everything was crystallized, fused or melted

Sixty yards from the center the bricks are melted on one side indicating a blast.

The horrible, mysterious event of 4,000 years ago that leveled Mohenjo Daro is recorded in an old Hindu manuscript called the Mahabharata, which has been guarded by Hindu holy men for centuries. The text reads:

“…white hot smoke that was a thousand times brighter than the sun rose in infinite brilliance and reduced the city to ashes. Water boiled…horses and war chariots were burned by the thousands…the corpses of the fallen were mutilated by the terrible heat so that they no longer looked like human beings…”

Professor Antonio Castellani, a space engineer in Rome, also stated that, it’s possible that what happened at Mohenjo Daro was not a natural phenomenon.

The ruins of the ancient cities of Mohenjo-Daro and Harappa are extremely radioactive. They had been ruined with a nuclear blast. Huge stratum of clay and green glass were found, melted under the high temperature. Similar stratum of green glass can also found in Nevada deserts after every nuclear explosion. Evidence of melted sand turned to glass can be found all over the planet. The real Mount Sinai in modern day Saudi Arabia is covered with black glass reminiscent of a nuclear blast.

Excavations down to the street level revealed 44 scattered skeletons. All the skeletons were flattened to the ground. It has been claimed that the skeletons, after thousands of years, are still among the most radioactive that have ever been found, on a par with those of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

The Mahabharata, the great ancient Indian epic, contains many legends about the powerful force of a mysterious weapon. One of the chapters tells of a shell, which sparkled like fire, but had no smoke:

“When the shell hit the ground, the darkness covered the sky, twisters and storms leveled the towns. A horrible blast burnt thousands of animals and people to ashes. Peasants, townspeople and warriors dived in the river to wash away the poisonous dust.”

Astounding mysteries of India’s antiquity can also be found in the town of Shivapur. There are two enigmatic stones resting opposite the local shrine. One of them weighs 55 kilograms, the other one is 41 kilograms. If eleven men touch the bigger stone, and nine men touch the smaller stone, if they all chant the magic phrase, which is carved on one of the walls of the shrine, the two stones will levitate in the air and will hang there for two seconds.

More Mysteries in India-Pakistan

According to the Hindu texts, millions of soldiers died in the Mahabharata war, a war  which lasted for only 18 days. The detailed description of the adverse impact the war had on nature which was so obvious even years after the war:

“36 Years after the great Mahabharata war – strong and dry winds carrying gravels (rock fragments) still blew from every side. The horizon was always covered with some kind of fog in all directions. Blazing pieces of coal fell from sky to earth. The disc of the Sun was always covered with dust.” [Mahabharata – Vana Parva (Book 3)]

The Vedic civilization spanned from around 10500 BCE, to around 3000 BCE. Mahabharata – the longest epic in the world with around 100,000 verses, is the history of the ancient world centered around ancient India at the end of the Dwapara Yuga – dating back to anywhere around 3500 BCE to 6000 BCE – based on the astronomical dating proofs and the drying up of the mighty Vedic river Saraswati which is said to have taken place at the end of the Mahabharata period.

In the forest areas between the Indian mountains of Rajmahal and the Ganges, the explorer De Camp came upon unknown charred ruins. A number of huge masses appeared fused together and hollowed at various points “like lumps of tin struck by a stream of molten steel.” The result could not be due to ordinary fire.

Similar reports have come from other travelers in the jungle areas, reports of ruined buildings with walls ‘like thick slabs of crystal,” likewise holed, split and corroded by some mysterious force.

Here are eyewitness reports that raise the compelling question: Did nuclear war wipe out large sections of the civilized world in the upper regions of the Ganges during the third millennium BCE?.

The ancient text of the Mahabharata recounts in detail how aircraft were used to launch a weapon that devastated three cities. The record is strangely similar to an eyewitness report of an atomic detonation. It describes:

The brightness of the blast, the column of rising smoke and fire, the fallout, intense shock waves and heatwaves, the appearance of the victims, the effects of radiation poisoning

The historical text describes the following characteristics of the war:

An iron thunderbolt contained ‘the power of the universe.

An incandescent column of smoke and flame, as bright as ten thousand suns, rose in all its splendor.

Clouds roared upward. Blood-colored clouds swept down onto the earth.

Fierce winds began to blow. Elephant’s miles away were knocked off their feet.

The earth shook, scorched by the terrible violent heat of this weapon.

Corpses were so burnt that they were no longer recognizable. Hair and nails fell out. Pottery broke without cause. Birds were turned white. After a few hours, all foodstuffs were infected.

Thousands of war vehicles fell down on all sides . . .

Thousands of corpses burnt to ashes.

Never before have we seen such an awful weapon, and never before have we heard of such a weapon.

Until we started to experiment with radioactive substances, no person on earth could have described radiation sickness, for the simple reason that such a disease did not exist. Yet radiation sickness, in clinical detail, is described: the hair loss, vomiting, weakness and eventual death—classic symptoms of radiation poisoning.

More significantly, it states that one could save himself by removing all metal from his person and immersing himself in the water of rivers. The reason can only be in order to wash away contaminated particles—the exact procedure followed today.

Now the reason for the occurrences of such drastic changes in nature could be only one of the following three events:

·An asteroid or comet impact

·A massive volcano

·The aftermath of a massive nuclear war

Volcanoes are ruled out in this part of the world. And we have no literary evidences of any asteroid or comet impact during that period. However what we have is the literary evidence of a massive war that took place during that period of time – and the adverse effects on nature are described in the texts to be a result of the war itself.

Here (Chapter 22) the Vedic text also speaks of Krishna who describes the war he fought with the Salwa King who had attacked Krishna’s city Dwaraka. It is said that the Salwa King had a Vimana (aircraft) called Saubha Vimana which the king used for both travel and aerial warfare. Krishna says that:

The sound of this Salwa’s spacecraft was inaudible and this flying car made up of costly metals used to vanish creating illusion!….It was capable of going anywhere at will, bewildering my eyes, reappeared at Pragjyotisha (a nearby city). Then it suddenly drowned me with a mighty shower of rocks.

Angered by the destruction of his city Dwaraka by Salwa’s aircraft, Krishna then decides to destroy it completely and brings out his favorite weapon which he describes as

“…the weapon of fire, blazing and of celestial origin, of irresistible force, and incapable of being baffled, bursting with energy, capable of penetrating into anything and everything.”

Wrap Up

For almost 20 years I have investigated the claims of the Hebrew Bible.  I have determined that this ancient text preserved the ancient record of not only the traditional biblical period but the facts of earth’s pre-history of a by-gone age that was destroyed in a cataclysm which ended the highly advanced society of the pre-flood world.  Many of the archeological sites and discoveries which prove this have been closed off or hidden away from prying eyes to obfuscate the truth of our once glorious yet tragic past.