Barak Obama – Apocalyptic Profile, Part 1

The Obama File

For the last four years numerous investigators, bloggers and others have collected evidence on Barak Obama and have been reporting on that evidence.  We have spent many hours pouring over reports and articles, documents and stories from across the social and political spectrum.  What becomes clear when the evidence is weighed and examined is that this man, while hated by many of us, appears to have an appointment with history and his rise to power was no accident but a carefully planned and executed coup de tat by a small but very powerful cabal who seek to control world events.

The unheard of meteoric rise to power of a previously unknown Illinois Senator and his ascension to the most powerful office in the world is an unprecedented event in American politics.  Who is this charismatic stranger who came out of nowhere and mesmerized the masses with promises of HOPE and CHANGE.  Barack Hussein Obama, who himself admits he is a Muslim and a Christian, has become an agent of social change that has rocked the very foundations of our country and the Middle East.  Many of us are convinced that this man is an enemy of America, seeking to destroy her from within.

Israel in Prophecy has collected and documented many pieces of evidence on Obama, which we have posted here from time to time.  While we believed he is truly a wicked man, we withheld making any official pronouncement on his prophetic status.  He appeared to fulfill some of the prophecies but we felt making any proclamations was pre-mature.  This is about to change.  We feel the evidence is compelling enough to earn him the status of an ‘anti-christ’ if not THE Anti-Christ, whom our tradition calls Armilius.  Some Christian commentators  believe he is the fore-runner of the one they call the Son of Perdition.

Many people will no doubt take issue with this.  Many well-meaning people, mainly Christians, have said that while he certainly has some of the characteristics of the Anti-Christ, they are adamant that he does not fulfill all the requirements.   My approach is different in that I’m really not concerned about any characteristics that are outlined in the New Testament.  My research of the last 15 years has shown that the NT is generally unreliable.  With the exception of a few interesting passages in the NT, the Tanakh (which is very reliable) will be the the primary text we will be dealing with – and the Book of Daniel in particular.

While there still remains many End Time  prophecies in Daniel that remain unfulfilled, there is enough biblical evidence to paint Barak Obama as a potential if not actual anti-christ (if not Armilius himself). The best approach in demonstrating this will be to go through several relevant passages from the Book of Daniel.  But before we do that it is necessary that we look at some background information that establishes known facts about the man and his background.

Dossier  – Barak Hussien Obama

Subject Name: Barak Hussien Obama, President of the United States.  Secret Service Code Name: ‘Renegade.’  Alais: Barry Soetoro  Born:  1961.  Presumably in Hawaii.  Birth certificate is unavailable. The President refuses to release it for public examination and has had released an obvious forgery as determined by experts. Politics: Socialist.  Religion: Islam. Status: Currently under investigation.

Father:  Barak Hussien Obama Sr.  Born in the Colony of Kenya.  Status:  British subject.  Politics: Communism.  Religion:  Islam.

Mother: Stanley Ann Dunham, born in Wichita Kansas.  Status: US citizen.  Politics: Progressive.  Religion: Secular Humanist

In 1960 Obama’s parents met in a Russian language class at the University of Hawaii.  They married on Feruary 2nd 1961.  Barak was born later that year.  They divorce in 1964. Afterwards his mother marries Lolo Soetoro a Muslim Indonesian.  Lolo returns to Indonesia in 1967 and Ann and Barry follow.  At age 6 Barak is re-named Barry Soetoro.  Indonesia records him as an Indonesian citizen and a Muslim.  There is no record of Barry Soetoro changing his name back to Barak Hussien Obama.  There is no record that President Obama ever applied for American citizenship.

In 1971, Barry Soetoro is sent to live with his maternal grandparents in Hawaii.  His grandparents were known and admitted Communists.  His grandparents friend Frank Marshall Davis befriends young Barry and begins to mentor him until he graduates high school.  Frank is a self-avowed Communist and labor union activist who has been under investigation by both the FBI and the Congress.

While at Occidental College, Obama uses his name ‘Barry Soetoro’ and is registered as a student from Indonesia and the California Assembly records show that he received a grant as a Indonesian student.  Obama admits himself in his book, Dreams of My Father, that he was very careful about his friends and acquaintances:  ““To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully.  The more politically active black students. The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminists.”

Barak Obama also claimed to have attended Columbia University (NYC) and Harvard University.  To date all transcripts and records of his college and university years are sealed and President Obama has spent over 2 million dollars in lawyers fees to keep them from the public.

After Harvard Barak Obama moved to Chicago and began work as an attorney and community organizer.  When he was sworn in as an Illinois attorney he was questioned if had ever us went by any other names or alias’s. He responded ‘no’ which is tantamount to perjury.

Associations with Persons of Question

Chicago offered Obama to network among known communists, socialist and activists.  He made associations and friendships with Bill Ayers, member of the Weather Underground, a group responsible for numerous bombings in the 1960’s.  Barak saw fit to launch his political career from his home.

Barak during his Chicago years became aquainted with the Saul Alinsky book ‘Rules for Radicals’ and Mike Kruglik, an associate said Barak was a master of agitation which he learned from Saul Alinsky.

Barak became a member of The New Party, a group formed by the DSA (Democratic Socialists of America) who describe themselves as the ‘largest socialist organization in the USA.’  The DSA are in bed with ACORN who are under investigation in 14 states for voter registration fraud.  Barak Obama became the attorney and trainer for ACORN (Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now).

Barak Obama also considers Reverend Jeremiah Wright ‘a mentor and friend’ and was a member of his church for over 20 years.  Wright is a former Muslim who calls himself a Christian, but is noted for his anti-American stance and is also anti-white (racist).

In 2003 Obama spoke at a AAAN  (Arab American Action Network) event where he toasted former PLO spokesman (and Chicago professor)  Rashid Khaladi and described Israel’s actions as “genocide against the Palestinian people.”


President Obama, since his election has upset many of our close allies, has moved us closer into Socialism, increased our national debt, weakened our economy and has failed to meet his promises and obligations under the constitution.  As we continue to publish additional segments of our research it will be clear that since his election Barak Obama has implemented a path of radical change for America against our will and policies that will make her susceptible to overthrow or civil unrest – in essence a Coup de tat.

Barak Hussien Obama is considered a dangerous Person of Interest and is wanted for questioning to answer the charges of:

  • Perjury
  • Seeking to overthrow the US constitution
  • Subverting the Congress
  • Purposely weakening America’s defense’s
  • Giving aid and comfort to enemies of the US
  • Aiding in the overthrown of the lawful government of Egypt
  • Social Security fraud
  • Identity theft
  • Fomenting civil unrest through the Occupy Movement

In future segments of this apocalyptic profile we will show that Barak Obama is a man of destiny who fulfills several key characteristics from the Book of Daniel, which we shall spend a considerable amount of time on looking closely at.  It will also be shown that Obama’s mantra of HOPE and CHANGE is prophetic language used by a ‘Brazen-faced king’ in the Time of the End.  This contemptuous leader is prophesied to take the kingdom by treachery and with his charismatic words will deceive many people.  We hope you will join us for this important research in the days and weeks to come.

Obama’s Birth Certificate is Verified as a Forgery by His Own Lawyer

The internet is a buzzing with information concerning the New Jersey court contest in regards to Barack Obama’s eligibility to be on the state’s ballot.  At the center of the controversy now is the fact that Barack Obama’s own lawyer has apparently conceded the fact that the document is a forgery.

According to, attorney Alexandra Hill, of the Newark-based law firm Genova, Burn and Giantomasi, admitted that the image of Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and made the absurd claim that, therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship status.  She concluded her analysis of the online birth certificate arguing that it is “irrelevant to his placement on the ballot”……. Read More

It never seizes to amaze me at the utter hypocrisy and level of hubris that the Obama Regime exhibits.  Deception and subterfuge are weapons he wields with a great deal of skill.  While his lawyers tactic maybe ‘legal’ it certainly is not within the spirit of the law or any sense of justice.  Alexandra, I’m sure your parents are so proud.