The Way of the Wise

Who is wise? The one who is grounded, and knows how to live, and equally knows how not to die.

Think it’s easy? How’s your life going? Are you more into living in a way that promotes life, or are you living in a way that draws you every closer to death?

No, it’s not easy. Life is not easy. Life is a long road, without shortcuts. Our GPS shows the path. The path is Yod Hey Waw Hey.

When in nature, I am natural. When I am out of nature, I am unnatural. God is natural. So, that’s I what chose to be. To be one with nature, is to be one with God.

This is the secret meaning of Halakha (the Way). This is how I live, and how I promote life, the natural way.

Why do you not recognize that this is the essence of Torah,
and the whole of Judaism?

May God continue to bless you, and keep you.


Ariel B Tzadok

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