Convergence Theory – Where Science, Religion, History and Legend Intersect

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This page is dedicated to a very important topic that we call Convergence Theory. Our world is being inundated from all sides with chaos and conflict. The world is on fire and there are few answers for the myriad of questions that people from all social levels, racial streams, religious persuasions and cultures are asking. Our civilization is hurling headlong toward a zero-point or convergence, where prophecy, religion, ancient legends and science and technology are bring us to intersection with our past and future. Humanity’s destiny is what is in the balance. All these important elements are bringing us to  Convergence – the time when the Prophecies of old begin their ultimate fulfillment.
The field of study for this page covers ancient civilizations, forbidden history and archaeology, ancient legends, Nephilim, UFO and Alien Abduction phenomenon, transhumanism, Genome manipulation, ancient high tech artifacts, astronomy, space travel and numerous other topics important for understanding the End of Days. All these areas of study are moving toward a single point in time – a Convergence – which all occur during one on the darkest periods of our history, when the planet is ruled by sociopath leaders who are instrumental in bringing a man to power who is evil incarnate.

Interesting Links, Articles and Stories.

atacama humanoid      View with discretion and discernment. While much of the information that Dr. Steven Greer brings to the table is extremely valuable and accurate, we must part company with his view that the ET reality is benevolent. Our research and that of numerous others in the field of Ufology demonstrates a consistent pattern of deception,violence and terror that behaves in the same manner as demons.
Photographic and Forensic evidence of a 13 CM alien being known as the Atacama Humanoid – Anti-religious overtones but good information from an expert in the aviation field. A Evangelical Christian news organization, run by Tom Horn, that specializes in topics such as UFO’s, Alien Abduction, Nephilim, and biblical prophecy. Recently they have released two important books – Petrus Romanus and Exo-Vaticana that center on the 112th pope (now the current pope) who many believe is the False Prophet and the Vatican’s preparation for Disclosure and their subsequent retelling of the Gospels in light of the ET reality. Though we don’t sign off on Christianity’s god-man Jesus, the information presented is professionally done and well documented.
The Mystery of Iapetus. One of the moons of Saturn – Iapetus – 17th of 33 moons and the third largest, is quite a mystery. Named after a Greek Titan. In Greek myth, Iapetus is the progenitor of Homo Sapiens. In 2004, it was discovered that a 1,300 km long ridge of 20 km (12 miles or 60,000 ft.) high mountains runs down the centre of Cassini Regio, almost perfectly following Iapetus’s equator. The origin of this extremely unusual feature is as yet unknown. There is also a structure which appears to be a pyramid.

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