The Distant Beat of an Ominious War Drum – Part 2

As reported by this blog and many others on the Internet and Alternative Media, we are moving precariously closer to war with Pakistan who has recently further cemented it’s ties with China.  In May, China warned the United States that any attack on Pakistan is an attack on China.  An while the Bought and Paid For Media will not cover these developments, the US GOV is actively engaged in proxy warfare with Pakistan.  The stakes got higher on July 10, 2011, when U.S. White House Chief of Staff Bill Daley announced that the U.S. will suspend approximately $800 million in aid to Pakistan’s military, a significant development highlighting the rapidly eroding situation in Pakistan.

In response, on July 12, the Chinese foreign ministry spokesman Hong Lei, while talking to reporters in Beijing, pledged China’s support to Pakistan in the wake of the U.S. military aid cut, stating: “Pakistan is an important country in South Asia. The stability and development of Pakistan is closely connected with the peace and stability of South Asia… China has always provided assistance to Pakistan,helping it improve people’s livelihood and realize the sustainable development of its economy and society. China will continue to do so in the future.”[Source – (Pakistan), July 12, 2011].

Pakistani Defense Minister Chaudhry Ahmed Mukhtar threatened to pull back Pakistani troops from nearly 1,100 security check-posts along the Pakistan-Afghan border, noting that about $300 million of the U.S. military aid is used to go to troops engaged in a counter-terrorism offensive in the border region.


In a past posting we demonstrated the connection between Iran and China as Gog with regions of Iran, Pakistan, Afghanistan an other islamic countries as being the biblical Land of Magog.  See our article – The Distant Beat of an Ominious War Drum – Part 1.  Also see the Evidence of Chazal(Our Sages of Blessed Memory) concerning the Land of Magog

Pakistan’s Plan to re-install the Taliban after US Withdrawl

Pakistan’s  Daily Times editorial of July 12th 2011 states:

“In response to Pakistan’s attempts to reverse the carte blanche given by it to the Americans during the Musharraf regime, the U.S. has withheld over a third of the military aid – $800 million – to Pakistan this year. In principle, it is perfectly within the realm of propriety for Pakistan to roll back undue U.S. influence in the country, but how to do it is a question of debate. Things had been souring between the U.S. and Pakistan over some time, which became manifest in the Raymond Davis case.

“Moreover, Pakistan’s military and the ISI have been looking to fulfill their plan for the Afghan endgame to insert the Taliban in power after the U.S. withdrawal. Although the U.S. is engaging with the Taliban for a negotiated political settlement, it has completely bypassed Pakistan. This also became a point of friction. All these things have been accumulating and the crowning feather of the Pak-U.S. rift was the Abbottabad incident [the killing of Osama bin Laden on May 2]. When Pakistan faced embarrassment both domestically and internationally following the Abbottabad raid, in a fit of nationalism, the military accelerated the process of cutting back ties with the U.S. – it sent back American military trainers; the number of visas issued to the U.S. personnel was reduced; and intelligence sharing stopped altogether.

Inside of Pakistan (as well as world wide, Hizb ut Tahrir is working towards the world wide establishment of the Khalifah (Caliphate).  Hizb ut-Tahrir claims it has emerged as the single largest Islamic political party in the world.  In a letter post on their website, Hizb ut Tahrir encourages Pakistani’s to overthrow the Pakistani government who support America, a relationship which now is unraveling quickly.  The letter also states that America’s defeat in the ‘Graveyard of Empires’ (meaning Afghanistan) would spell the end of her capitalist empire.

Throughout the letter, the Hizb ut-Tahrir appeal to the Military officers concerning the condition of Pakistan under the boot of American military operations, employing them to take action.  We know according to various intelligence sources that the Pakistani military and the ISI have been infiltrated by Islamists and many within those organizations are sympathic to the Jihadist cause.

Establish the Khilafah, even though Pakistan’s traitor rulers hate it O officers of Pakistan’s armed forces! 

 You are leading the largest and most capable Muslim armed forces in the world.

 The Muslim armed forces alone have the material strength to establish the Khilafah.

See Hizb ut Tahrir’s video proclamation against the American occupation of Pakistan and the Pakistani rulers that support them.

On the weekend before 28 Rajab 1432 AH, Day of the Fall of the Khilafah,Hizb ut Tahrir wilayah  Pakistan organized gatherings throughout Pakistan. They demanded  that the sincere officers in Pakistan’s armed forces grant Hizb ut Tahrir the Nussrah (Material Support) for the establishment of the Khilafah. The Rajab Nussrah (Material Aid) declaration is as follows:




See the Rajab 28 Declaration from Hizb ut-Tahrir website

The Pashtun (Pathan) Taliban is Pakistani

Though unknown to most people, the Taliban is primarily made up of the Pashtun (aka the Pathans) Tribe, known for their hard-fighting almost legendary warriors. The Pashtun, who date back at least to the third century BC, have been immortalized in song, story and poem  and grudgingly acknowledged as forces to be reckoned with by none other than Winston Churchill.  The British suffered a shocking defeat to Pashtuns in the 18th century. There have been a number of reports about their “reckless bravery” in the face of Soviet and NATO forces. The Soviet Union left after a futile 10-year battle to control Afghanistan. Many historians have called the Pashtun the world’s only unconquered tribe.  The Pashtuns halted the Horde of Genghis Khan at  Pakistan’s Khyber Pass which they have guarded for 2000 years.

In the late eighties Pakistan assisted Pashtun tribes in attempting to overthrow the Soviet influenced Afghanistan Government.  A group of religious Pashtun scholars and Pashtun mujahideen fighters were organized and formed the Taliban.  After the war ended various factions fought each other for power and none were able to gain control over the entire country.

Global Security.Org notes that,”… the insurgency in Afghanistan has been raised by residents of Pakistan, some of whom are refugees from Afghanistan, others of whom are Pakistanis. It does not arise from opposition among large elements of the Afghan population toward their government. This is a Pashtun insurgency. The insurgency is organized, funded, trained and directed from Pakistan, where most Pashtuns live, and where most Pashtuns have always lived.

The Land of MagogLost 10 Tribes and the Land of Magog

Pashtuns are always described in larger-than-life terms. They are fierce warriors  yet very hospitable. Their tribal code, called Puchtunwali, has been equally romanticized. Its tenets to uphold rule and honor involve protecting to the death anyone who seeks refuge with you.  After the September 11, 2001 attacks the U.S. demanded that the Taliban handover Bin Laden.  The Taliban we would not betray a “friend” to the Afghanistan people because it would betray the sacrifices during the Afghan-Soviet War.  The Taliban didn’t give Osama Bin Laden up because they are Pashtuns and because of their codes of honor and sanctuary prevented such a betrayal.

Simcha Jacobovici,  a Canadian film director, producer, free-lance journalist, and writer who hosts the TV program The Naked Archeologist, produced a important documentary called the Quest for the Lost Tribes of Israel (10 parts).  In it he travel through out the Middle and Far East and discovered remnants of the Lost 10 Tribes of Israel who were exiled from the Land of Israel over 2800 years ago.  One of the people groups he investigated was the Pashtuns who demonstrated very obvious Israelite names and customs.  The Pathans claim descent from Afghana, grandson of King Saul of Israel.  Though they appear as Muslims, when studying the Koran they rock their bodies like Jews, something most Muslims do not do.  When there arise a conflict between Islamic Law and Puchtunwali, then Puchtunwali has more authority in the eyes of the Pathans.  They also practice the ancient biblical law of the cities of refuge, where those accused of manslaughter may flee from the avenger, the eight day circumcision of their sons and much more. 

They also claim to be Bani Israel (Israelites) and call them selves Musakhel – of the People of Moshe.   The Pathans have 11 tribal groups and their names reflect their connection to the people of Israel – The Tribe of Rabani (Rueben), the tribe of Levani (Levi), the tribe of Shimwari (Shimon), the small tribe of Gadun (Gad).  The most numerous of all the tribes is  Efriti (Ephraim).  Simcha points out that there is also a sub tribe call Waziri, who wears their hair long much like the biblical Naziri (Nazarites). 

The Black Flags of Khorusan

 Khurosan Army of the Black FlagsAfghanistan has special significance to the world of militant Islam. It was once called Khurasan (meaning the Land of the Rising Sun), along with parts of Iran and Pakistan.  As was noted in a previous blog, Khurusan is also the biblical Land of Magog, from where a large army marches to the Land of Israel for a final showdown in the Last Days.  This Army of Black Flags is the army of the Al- Mahdi, the Islamic deliverer.

Muhammad said: “If you see the black flags coming from Khurasan, join that army, even if you have to crawl over ice, for that is the army of the Imam al-Mahdi and no one can stop that army until it reaches Jerusalem.”

Khorusan is the area that is primarily controlled by the Pathans (Pashtuns) or their allies.   According to Ahadith the main signs identifying (the majority of) the Muslim forces of Imam Mahdi are the following.

1. They will come from the East

2. They will be from the race of Bani Ishaq/Al-e-Haroon/Bani-Israel (Ancient Israelites)

3. They will come from the historical geographical region of Ancient Khorasan.

4. They will be from a mighty warrior nation.

5. They will be from a poor Nation.

6.  They are from a place with cold climate.

7.  Their Leader Imam Mahdi will be wearing QUTWANI CLOAKS.  Qutwani Cloak has fringes like the Tallit that Jews wear for prayer.   Both Qutwani cloak and TALLIT have fringes (tzitzit) on borders and its mostly made of Wool.  It generally falls across the head, neck, and shoulders. However the Qutwani cloak is larger and more conspicuous prayer shawl than the Tallit.

8.  They will be Tortured, expelled from homes.

9.   They will be from the region of Taliqon (i.e Afghanistan) 

10.  The majority of them are non-Arabs

Now which ethnic group among the Muslims has all these signs?  The Pathans living in Afghanistan and Pakistan have all these signs because they live in the East, they are the only people among Muslims considered to be among the lost tribes of Israel. The Pathans are not Arabs, they live in the region of ancient Khorasan, they belong to very poor nation, they are considered to be a fierce Warrior Race , and they are from a place with cold climate.  US and Nato forces have waged  a long protracted war on the Pathans and have tortured those who were captured.  They themselves acknowledge their Israelite history and do not consider themselves to be strictly Muslim.  The biblical prophecies call for a return of all the lost and scattered people groups of Israel.  How the Pathans play into this prophetic scenario remains to be seen, though at least one biblical historian, Dr John Mock, believes that they are God’ Battle Axe, possibly an apt description of the returned 10 tribes in  the Book of Zechariah.

With the spiraling political situation in Pakistan and the recent developments with China, it is quite possible that the Khalifah could be re-established in Pakistan (and then worldwide) with the Army of the Black Flags emerging in the near future to take their place in the the real life biblical drama that will bring them home to the Land of Israel.  This scenario appears to be consistent with all three Abrahamic Faiths and supported by their religious texts.  

 It remains to be seen if whether that family reunion between the 10 tribes and the House of Judah will be one of rejoicing or one of war, but rest assured the unfolding of these future events will be met with awe and trepidation alike.



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Doubts About the Death of Osama bin Laden

Wheres the Body?

While most of the western world is rejoicing over the supposed death of arch-enemy Osama bin Laden, there are lingering questions.  The western media is eating up this story and no one is asking the hard questions.

Some of the particulars are very disturbing and need answers.  The operation was carried out under Obama’s direction and supervision.  The action was unilateral which is uncharacteristic of the President who seeks at all times to get permission from the United Nations at all times.  The initial pictures of the dead Osama that the Administration ordered released are now proven to be fakes, having been doctored with Photoshop.

The burial at sea is highly questionable.  Obama has admitted he is a Muslim.  The burial at sea according to Muslim clerics, violates Islamic law, unless he died on the ship while at sea.  The absence of the body places doubt in the minds of many people, including me.

Wanted Dead or Alive  Pakistani General Hamid Gul in an interview with Alex Jones (  states that this supposed kill is a propaganda tool for the Obama regime in his bid for re-election. He also stated that all the Pakistani security forces have pictures of OBL and they do not look like the fake photo the US produced.  Are we too believe that the ISI, Pakistan’s elite security forces, missed the fact that OBL was living in Abbottabad possibly since 2005? The Taliban have also announced that the US has not produced evidence that Osama is dead.  One must understand that in 2001, the Taliban government asked to be given evidence of OBL”s complicity in the 911 attacks.  This request was ignored by the US government who then proceeded to invade Afghanistan (who has an estimated 200 years of oil below the surface, which is a good incentive for invasion). Given the facts of the faked photos and the missing body add up to another controversy of the Obama regime.

See the Interview with General Hamid Gul at

The Obama regime has no evidence to produce to the world attesting to the fact that OBL is actually dead.  The only legitimate evidence is to produce a body that can undergo an autopsy.  The supposed DNA sample is questionable.  The have had his DNA for some time and it would not be that hard to manipulate the press into believing it is legitimate, because it is.  But did it come from the ‘fake’ OBL, killed in Abbottabad Pakistan?


#1 Wanted Man-Osama bin Laden killed in Operation Geronimo??

Today is a good day for America and Americans. 

On Sunday, the 1 of May 2011, an elite team of US Seals (SEAL Team #6), purportedly ended the life of Osama Bin Laden, our #1 enemy, may his name be for a curse, forever.  OBL, dubbed “Geronimo” after the elusive Apache war chief who eluded the United States Army for years, was supposed killed in Operation Geronimo when he refused to surrender to US forces.  After 10 years of searching for him, he was OSAMA IS DEAD!discovered not living in  the mountains of Afghanistan in some freezing mountain cave, as many assumed, but freely, undisturbed and untroubled by the authorities, in comfort in a desirable Pakistani neighbourhood, in the suburbs of Islamabad, Pakistan.  How he managed to live in Pakistan in a  compound in a popular summer resort a short drive from the national capital, Islamabad, is an enormous and dangerous embarrassment for Pakistan’s government. Extremely pointed questions are now certain to be asked about whether the ISI or its various branches and minions, knew of the existence of the highly unusual, heavily fortified, expensively built compound in Abbottabad, 35 miles north of Islamabad – and of its high-value, low-profile tenant.

The building, about eight times the size of other nearby houses, sat on a large plot of land that was relatively secluded when it was built in 2005. The villa had comprehensive security measures in place, the official said, including 12- to 18-foot outer walls topped with barbed wire and internal walls. Like some kind of medieval keep, two security gates restricted access. Only a few windows of the three-story building faced outwards, and its terrace had a seven-foot privacy wall, officials said.  According to US sources, OBL was buried at sea to prevent his followers from creating a martyr site at his grave.

MEMRI reported that:

In an article on the killing of Osama bin Laden by U.S. forces in the Pakistani town of Abbottabad, senior Pakistani editor Badar Alam notes that Pakistan, which had been claiming that the Al-Qaeda leader was not on Pakistani soil, has suffered a major setback to its image and trustworthiness, especially in its relationship with its neighboring nations and the U.S.

“Not that Pakistan has a great international image to speak of. But whatever trust or goodwill the country has been trying to build vis-à-vis Afghanistan, India and the United States in the recent past has suffered a serious blow,” wrote Badar Alam, who is editor of the Dawn media group’s Herald magazine.

He added: “The fact that the most wanted international terrorist, and a sworn enemy of Pakistan’s state and government, has been residing within a stone’s throw from the country’s military academy is something that will continue to disturb and upset many in the country.”

News of the death of OBL was met in the Muslim world with mixed reactions.  Israeli MK Ibrahim Sarsoor of the extremist Arab list Ra’am Ta’al called the assassination of Osama Bin Laden a “murder” and said that it was carried out as part of Barack Obama’s preparations for the next presidential elections.  The MK may be right.  President Obama is not known for acting unilaterally and I suspect his approval of this operation may have been politically motivated to capture the re-election in 2012.

Iranian Majlis National Security Commission chairman Alaeddin Boroujerdi raised doubts about whether bin Laden had actually been killed, saying that the U.S. had made similar announcements before.  Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt deputy leader Dr. ‘Issam Al-‘Arian said that bin Laden’s death removes one of the reasons for violence in the world, and predicted that revenge would come.

Calling Evil Good

Gaza Hamas prime minister Isma’il Haniya said that despite the dispute between Hamas and Al-Qaeda, Hamas condemns the assassination of “jihad fighter” Osama bin Laden. The Gaza-based website Al Qassamreports that the Gaza leader told reporters on Monday that Bin Laden was an “Arab holy warrior.” Similarly, Arabs in the village of Silwan, adjacent to the City of David neighborMuslims rioting over OBL deathhood in Jerusalem, rioted Monday night in protest over the elimination of Osama Bin Laden. The rioters threw stones at police and attempted to block roads.

Hamas reached a “reconciliation” agreement with Fatah last week, calling for the formation of a joint interim government in the coming days, and preparations for elections a year from now throughout Judea, Samaria and Gaza. The agreement was hailed by most left-wing and anti-Israel organizations, but even President Shimon Peres, a strong supporter of a two-state solution and the Oslo process, said, “Israel would like to see the Palestinian people become united for peace – [but] this is not an agreement, this is a split. Hamas is a recognized terrorist organization. According to this agreement Hamas doesn’t have to change their charter that calls for the destruction of Israel, they can continue to shoot at us as they did when firing [last month] on a yellow school bus [and murdering a teenager]. Hamas is a branch of Iran –  Iran, Hamas and Hizbullah want a union for war…” (ISN)

The Tanakh gives strong warning to those to praise and exalt the likes of Osama Bin Laden and his followers:

“Woe to those who speak of evil as good and of good as evil; who make darkness into light and light into darkness; the make bitter into sweet and sweet into bitter! (Isaiah 5:20)

Hamas like Iran and a whole host of deranged Jihadists, has called for the destruction of Israel.  The fact that the PA has agreed to unity with Hamas further delegitimize the Palestinian people.  Any people that straps bombs on their children is a debased society that has no place in a civilized world let alone as “peace partners” with Israel.  Any people that would use such tactics actually love death, even worship it.  This characteristic is akin the idolatry of the pagan nations who sacrificed their children to false gods such as Molech, Chemosh, Asherah, Baal and now Allah.  Proverbs 8:36 tells us those who love death actually hate HaShem, the Creator.

In the coming days we shall be able to see what effect the OBL death will have on the radical Muslim world.  Will the Jihadist world seek revenge for OBL’s death or will cooler heads prevail?  It is my guess that given the thin skin of the Islamic Jihadists, that things will only heat up now that their hero is dead.  This in itself could pave the way for Islam to proclaim the coming of the 12th Imam, the Mahdi, the long awaited Muslim Saviour.

Read the MEMRI post on reactions to the OBL killing.