Looming Financial Doom


Recently, as was announced by the Bought and Sold Press, the Palestinian Authority was granted membership in the United Nations UNESCO.  The announcement was lauded as a break through for the PA and cheered by the UN and those who want to see the PA established as a parasite nation.  The PA vowed it was applying for membership to 16 other UN organizations in celebration of it’s PR victory.  That celebration however encouraging to the Palestinians is to be short-lived.

Fast forward to today November 3rd, 2011.   In a surprising reversal, Ban Ki Moon, the UN General Secretary announced  that the PA should be content with what they have gained and not seek membership in other UN organizations.  This is coming from a man who has encouraged the Palestinians in their political plans until now.  So why the change of heart?  Money, Money, Money.

After UNESCO accepted the PA as a member, the United States, Canada and Israel cut-off funding the organization.  The United States and Canada supply 30% of it’s operating budget.  The US gives about 64 million annually to UNESCO.  Israel is also cutting off it’s 2 million dollar aid as well.   Ban Ki Moon is trying to head off a financial collapse by discouraging the PA from further membership in it’s organizations.  The United States by law, cannot support any UN organization that has the PA as a member.  Personally, I hope the PA applies for membership in all the UN organizations.   The US should not be funding that morally bankrupt monster with even $1 US dollar.  The building should be vacated of the riffraff and used for American interests (US citizens, not US Gov.)


Without warning, Lloyd’s, the world’s oldest insurer announced that it has withdrawn its money from European banks.  According to Lloyd’s, the banks are in danger of failing as the debt crisis in Europe continues to intensify. The company’s Finance Director, Luke Savage, put it simply:

“If you’re worried the government itself might be at risk, then you’re certainly worried the banks could be taken down with them.”

Which European governments is Lloyd’s speaking of? They’re not saying publicly. But we should note that Lloyd’s didn’t just withdraw its money from only Greek banks; it withdrew its money from banks from all over the European BlocWhen the world’s oldest insurance company, a firm that for 323 years has made its living by accurately calculating the odds of future disasters . When that company suddenly takes its money and runs, it’s a MASSIVE red flag for investors— a clear signal that the start of the end is near!

Lloyd’s has every reason to worry. In addition to the government debt crisis that’s threatening to destroy European banks, a huge credit crisis is spreading across the Continent as well.  Spanish and Italian banks are rejecting massive numbers of loans and charging customers more as the sovereign debt crisis continues to drive their own borrowing cost higher.  Any way you look at it, this shrinking of European credit markets is the worst kind of downward spiral:

  • The government debt crisis is making it harder and more expensive for banks to borrow money; the banks are passing those higher costs along to borrowers.
  • Corporations have to pay more to borrow; their cost of doing business is rising.
  • Consumers can’t or won’t borrow at higher rates, so corporate earnings plunge.
  • As corporate earnings evaporate, the taxes they pay also plummet.
  • Falling tax revenues cause the government’s deficits to explode higher, driving the banks’ cost of borrowing even higher.


The EU (European Union) gives the PA about $90 million a year.   The looming financial disaster may cause a shortfall of cash, not only for UN who receives billions in dues from it’s member nations, but the PA as well as the crisis further develops.   As this crisis hits the US, the estimated $150 million that we give to the PA could dwindle and disappear.   This could stall the PA/Hamas political agenda, at least in some respect. One can only hope and dream.  But time can only tell.

PA Reiterates Old Nazi Strategy

The Looming Cloud of a New Holocuast

Last week, Chairman Mahmoud Abbas of the Palestinian Authority told visiting members of the United States House of Representatives that it was his intention to establish a PA state in Judea and Samaria, with Jerusalem as its capital. He said that he was against any possibility of Jewish communities remaining in those areas.

UN sacrifices Israel to establish a barbaric people In defense of the settlements and of insistence on Arab recognition of Israel as a Jewish state, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu encouraged cabinet members to use the Nazi-era word “Judenrein” – German for “cleansed of Jews” – and used the expression in his meeting with German Foreign Minister Frank-Walter Steinmeier.  The PA has accused Israel of stalling talks by using such inflammatory language.

The United States, Russia, the European Union and the United Nations –  the self-proclaimed Middle East Quartet – expressed “concern” Tuesday over construction for Israelis in Ariel a city in biblical Samaria. “The Quartet is greatly concerned by Israel’s recent announcements to advance planning for new housing units in Ariel and East Jerusalem,” the group declared.  A United States State Department spokeswoman termed the housing plans “deeply troubling” and “counterproductive.”  This of course means that Israel’s continued building in the so called ‘settlement’ area’s is counter-productive toward the American/UN agenda of establishing a Middle East and one world order under their direction.

The city of Ariel is one that Israel considers to be within the “national consensus,” that is, territories that Israel plans to keep under any future diplomatic agreement with the Palestinian Authority. Jerusalem is not only part of the consensus, but has been officially annexed to the rest of Israel.  The Quartet statement appears to indicate that Quartet nations not only do not recognize Israel’s reunification of Jerusalem, but do not believe that Israel will truly be able to maintain control of “consensus” lands in talks with the PA.

The establishment of a  Palestinian State will be taken up by the United Nations on September 20 0f this year, only a week before the High Holy Days.  Given all the rhetoric, it appears the UN is prepared to sacrifice Israel in order to establish a barbaric people in the land given to Abraham, Issac and Jacob.

O God, do not remain quiet;
Do not be silent and, O God, do not be still.
For behold, Your enemies make an uproar,
And those who hate You have exalted themselves.
They make shrewd plans against Your people,
And conspire together against Your treasured ones.
They have said, “Come, and let us wipe them out as a nation,
That the name of Israel be remembered no more.”
For they have conspired together with one mind;
Against You they make a covenant….  [Psalm 83:1-5]




European Coalition for Israel Press Release

Amid the failures of of the Quartet (USA, Russia, the EU and the UN) to broker a deal between Israel and the Philistine Authority, comes a timely press release from ECI (European Coalition for Israel) that concludes that pushing back Israel to the 1949 Armistice lines violates International Law.  The international human rights layer, Jacques Gauthier, recently spoke at the House of Commons and concludes that the Old City was promised to the Jews whose claim to it is in accordance with International Law.  Jacques Gathier has also stated previously that the ‘Green Line’ is not a legitimate border as the PA claims but is merely where the parties stopped fighting in the Armistice of 1949. [See our blog post – The Law of War and the Jewish Rights to Jerusalem].


The Following report appeared on the Israpundit Blog and is posted here in it’s entirety

ECI: “Pushing Israel back to 1967 lines is illegal under International Law”

1967 LinesEuropean Coalition for Israel Press release European speaking tour on Israel’s legal rights concluded in the Palace of Westminster in London “Pushing back Israel to 1967 lines is illegal under International Law” London, 8th July, 2011 – The Balfour Declaration, issued by the British Government in 1917, in which the Jewish people were promised a national home did not qualify as international law. However, the San Remo Resolution of 1920, which incorporated the Balfour Declaration, made the pledge binding under International Law. The San Remo Declaration, together with Article 22 of the Covenant of the League of Nations and Article 80 in the Charter of the United Nations, are still applicable today. Pressuring Israel to go back to 1967 lines and dividing Jerusalem would thus be a serious breach of International Law.

These were the words of international human rights lawyer Jacques Gauthier who spoke at a consultation in the House of Commons in London on Thursday, little more than two months before a crucial vote in the UN General Assembly in New York. This is where Israel is being pressurized to accept a new Palestinian state along 1967 lines and to give up the Old City of Jerusalem. In his presentation, Dr Gauthier explained how the Old City of Jerusalem was promised to the Jews and how the Jewish claim to its capital is valid under International Law. The British and French Governments have said that ”they prefer a negotiated solution to the conflict between the Israeli Government and the Palestinian Authority, but have not ruled out accepting a unilateral declaration of a Palestinian State in September if no progress is made in the peace process in the next weeks.”

In his speech, Gauthier reminded the participants, among them members of both Houses of Parliament, of all the good that British Governments have done over the years to pave the way for a Jewish state, but also about their broken promises. – ‘Just imagine how the world could have been a different place if the White Paper of 1938 which prevented Jews who tried to flee Germany from entering Palestine, had not been issued by the British government.’ ECI director Tomas Sandell noted that it is often easier to commemorate and regret events of the past rather than to make wise decisions in the here and now. -‘History is being written as we speak. Let us make sure we make decisions of which we can feel proud when the events of 2011 are added to the history books’ he said, appealing to the British Government not to pressureIsrael into accepting  the 1967 lines.

The London event concluded a speaking tour of Italy, France and Britain, where these former members of the Supreme Council of the Principal Allied Powers of the First World War were reminded of the pledges made to the Jewish people under International Law. As most people appear to believe that it was the UN Partition Plan of 1947 which gave Israel legitimacy, the speaking tour has focussed on Israel’s legal rights under International Law, dating back to 1920. – ‘Rights were given, both to Arabs and to Jews. We need to honour all of our commitments, including those given to the Jews, as we seek a negotiated solution to the conflict in the Middle East’ , Dr Gauthier concluded. The meeting was hosted by MP Jeffrey Donaldson who asked the British Government to carefully consider its decision. -‘Dividing up cities is not the formula for peace’, he said, reminding the Government of their experience in dealing with his hometown of Belfast. He personally thanked Dr Gauthier for his presentation which he considered the best overview of Israel’s legal rights he had ever heard. The ECI information campaign will continue with more activities in the coming weeks leading up to the UN vote in mid-September. Posted by Ted Belman