The Vatican and ET

For decades the Vatican has convened some of the brightest minds in the scientific community to ponder how they can ease humanity into a knowledge of extraterrestrial life, and to prepare a public disclosure on behalf of the Catholic Church. Many scientists affirm we’re not far from establishing the “First Contact,” given the advances made is astronomy.


This past March the Vatican Observatory and the University of Arizona organized a conference held in Tucson to discuss the advances made in the search for extraterrestrial life. The conference was inspired by the rapid discovery of planets, new findings on the thresholds of extreme conditions at which life on Planet Earth can survive, and new technology designed for the search of life on exoplanets.

Many biblical researchers, Christian and Jewish, believe that contact has been already made and that a Disclosure on ET is not far off. The Vatican has been closely scanning the heavens at Mount Graham in Arizona and employing the use of the LUCIFER telescope system to detect objects that are undetectable by conventional telescopes. Conspiracy theories abound but Tom Horn and Chris Putnam, both Christians, have written a hard hitting expose on the Vatican’s programs and research into ET’s and Alien life called Exo-Vaticana. This book blows the cover off of the coming ET Disclosure that the Vatican itself is preparing for.

In 2009 Jose Gabriel Funes, the director of the Vatican Observatory, gave an interview to the Vatican’s L’Osservatore Romano newspaper, where he stated the existence of alien life posed no problems for Catholic theology.