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“Men bound by a secret oath to labor in the cause of world democracy decided that in the American colonies they would plant the roots of a new way of life. Brotherhoods were established to meet secretly, and they quietly and industriously conditioned America to its destiny for leadership in a free world. Benjamin Franklin exercised an enormous psychological influence in Colonial politics as the appointed spokesman of the unknown philosophers; he did not make laws, but his words became law.”

– 13th Chapter from the Secret Destiny of America, by Manly P. Hall

Most Americans are oblivious to the real facts relating to the establishing of America. Many well meaning Christians go to great lengths to prop up the popular view that America was founded as a Christian nation. And to some extent that is true. Certainly the majority of the immigrants that came to America in it’s early years were certainly Christian. And in that respect one can say that America was founded as a Christian nation.  But a second stream of immigrants – those who were at high levels of leadership were members of secret societies such as the Rosicrucians and Freemasons whose spiritual legacy is based on the ancient mystery religions- established the New World according to an age old dream.

That United States was intentionally crafted to advance the Illuminati New World Order – Francis Bacon’s New Atlantis – Phoenix arising from it’s ashes. The ressurection of the ancient Pagan Golden Age – the antediluvian world destroyed in the Great Flood.

Sir Francis Bacon and many other members of the secret societies of Europe believed that the New World was in reality ancient Atlantis – a mighty empire and commonwealth of nations known to the ancient priesthood of Egypt. Whether that is true or not remains to be seen.

However, there is indeed a mystery about the founding of America. It is the only nation in the world that was created first in the minds of enlightened men and women. The globalist agenda of the group we call the Illuminati Network seeks re-create the antidiluvian civilization that existed before the current age.  It too was an age of enlightenment, marked by tremendous advances in science and medicine and culture. Like our own, that age was marked by another global elite who controlled the world according to thier own desires. They were tyrants and despots.

The true origins of America begin in 1580 when Sir Francis Bacon and the Crown began to plan to create the most powerful nation in world history from the North American colonies. Bacon wrote that what the world needed  was a world reformation. Bacon’s books, Novum Organum, Advancement of Learning and the New Atlantis, gave the educated class of Europe hope and a map for the reformation of the world. Francis Bacon was key to infusing the New Atlantis ideals which he espoused into America’s founding by engrafting British philosophy and rule of law onto the colonies. He created the “mind map” for the New World to follow in their political systems, educational institutions and pursuit of their liberties.

Pre-Columbus Voyages to Amaruca

“History is the lie commonly agreed upon.” – Voltaire

Most Americans have been taught that Christobal Colon (Christopher Columbus) discovered the New World, however, there is evidence that the Norse, Welsh, Basque, Irish, Welsh, English, Portuguese and Scots landed in North America many centuries before Columbus.

There is also strong evidence that  ancient Phoenicians (sea-bearing Cananites) landed in America in ancient times and what appeared to be Egyptian or Phoenician remains were found in the Grand Canyon in the early years of this century, although the knowledge of this has been suppressed by the Smithsonian Institute. There is also the evidence of a Canaanite altar on Jeckyl Island which certain chronicles state that human sacrifices took place by giants. Today this altar is covered over by a cottage owned by JP Morgan and is the exact location where the Federal Reserve act was created.

Prince Henry Sinclair of Rosslyn, as documented in a rare book by Frederick Pohl called Prince Henry Sinclair’s Voyage To The New World 1398 made the journey with the Zeno family (also Zen, Zenone and Geno), one of the most prominent Black Nobility families in Venice with a pedigree stretching back to the 8th century. Sinclair (St. Claire) is a well known Illuminati bloodline as well.

Sinclair and  Zeno landed in what we call Newfoundland and went ashore in Nova Scotia in 1398. Sinclair went on to land in what is now New England. Five years after Columbus landed in the Caribbean, John Cabot, aka Giovanni Caboto a naturalized Venetian who came from Genoa, set sail from the Knights Templar controlled port of Bristol in England to officially discover Newfoundland, Nova Scotia, and North America.

Manly P. Hall, said that both men were connected to the same secret societies. He adds in his book, America’s Assignment With Destiny:

“The explorers who opened the New World operated from a master plan and were agents of re-discovery rather than discoverers. Very little is known about the origin, lives, characters, and policies of these intrepid adventurers. Although they lived in a century amply provided with historians and biographers, these saw fit either to remain silent or to invent plausible accounts without substance.”

Unknown to most people, America, is an ancient name derived from the worship of serpent gods, possibly the reptilian entities noted by various ancient cultures, who came from the stars. The ancient name for the New World which Bacon sought to colonize as the New Atlantis was anciently known as Amaruca, Land of the Serpent Gods. In his book, New World Order: The Ancient Plan of Secret Societies, William T. Still shows that America was called initially  The Land of the Plumed Serpents by the Indians of Peru.1

The old occult secret societies sought to control and uncover the ancient treasures and secrets of this land of the plumed or feathered serpents gods.2 The Mesoamerican peoples were known as the children of the sun, since they worshipped the Sun god. The Mayan, Aztec, and Toltec peoples all are part of this group who occuppied the land of the feathered serpent gods. This land was ruled, long ago by the priesthood of the serpent god – a serpent god who required thousands of human sacrifices every year.

This alternate explanation for America’s name is much more credible than the concocted story that it was named after Amerigo Vespucci, an  explorer who travelled into South American waters on two occasions, in 1499 and again in 1501.

It should also be known that Vespucci’s birth name was Alberigo Vespucci and his name change occurred after he return from the America’s.  As a student Vespucci is said to have shown a penchant for natural philosophy, astronomy and geography and was placed by his Dominican priest father as a clerk in the great commercial house of the Medici, then the ruling family in Florence, and a prominent Black Nobility bloodline of which many Catholic Popes descend from. It seems likely that Vespucci was probably an agent of the Illuminated Medici.

This origin of the name America is further reinforced by Jules Marcou, a prominent French geologist who studied in North America in the 19th-century who reiterates that the name America was brought back to Europe from the New World and that Alberigo Vespucci had changed his name to reflect the name of this discovery. Jules Marcou tells of a district in Nicaragua called Amerrique, and asserted that this district, which was rich in gold, had been visited by both Columbus and Vespucci.

Guyan novelist Carew, stresses that Vespucci’s name Amerigo came from America and not the other way around and cites Marcou to back his claim that “in the archives of Toledo, a letter from Vespucci to the Cardinal dated December 9, 1508, is signed Amerrigo with the double ‘r’ as in the Indian Amerrique … and between 1508 and 1512, the year in which Vespucci died, at least two other signatures with the Christian name Amerrigo were recorded.”3

Marcou, who quotes anthropologist Le Plongeon who studied Mayan culture in Yucatan states: “The name AMERICA or AMERRIQUE in the Mayan language means, a country of perpetually strong wind, or the Land of the Wind, and sometimes the suffix ‘-ique’ and ‘-ika’ can mean not only wind or air but also a spirit that breathes, life itself.” Land of the Serpent Spirit or Spirit of the Air.

Who exactly is this spirit of the air that they worshipped? According to  the Popol Vuh, the sacred, indigenous Maya narrative of creation, he was the great feathered serpent creator deity known as Q’uq’umatz; also known as the Aztec god Quetzalcoatl and the Yucatec Mayan Kukulkan. Manly P. Hall, Freemasonry’s pre-eminent historian philosopher writes; “This volume [Popol Vuh] alone is sufficient to establish incontestably the philosophical excellence of the red race.” (The Secret Teachings of All Ages).

James Morgan Pyrse writes that “The Red Children of the Sun do not worship the One God…these Children of the Sun adore the Plumed Serpent, who is the messenger of the Sun. He was the god Quetzalcoatl in Mexico, Gucumatz in Quiche; and in Peru he was called Amaru. Amaruca is, literally translated, Land of the Plumed Serpent.”4

In Hall’s The Secret teachings of All Ages, we learn from him that, “The priests of this God of Peace, from their chief centre in the Cordilleras, once ruled both Americas. All the Red men who have remained true to the ancient religion are still under their sway. One of their strong centres was in Guatemala, and of their Order was the author of the book called Popol Vuh. In the Quiché tongue Gucumatz is the exact equivalent of Quetzalcoatl in the Nahuatl language; quetzal, the bird of Paradise; coatl, serpent–‘the Serpent veiled in plumes of the paradise-bird’!”

Both Hall and Pyrse are referencing an article from Helena Blavatsky’s Lucifer magazine, published by the Theosophical Society—revealing that Lucifer is the Angel of Light (an illuminated one) who, in the form of a serpent, bids mankind to partake of the “Tree of Knowledge of Good and Evil” so that their eyes would be open and they could become as gods.

Even to this day, within the secret societies of Rosicrucianism and the inner fraternity of Freemasonry and others,  Lucifer is considered this benevolent serpent-god who has nothing more than the best intentions for humanity, while HaShem, the God of Israel is an evil entity who tries to keep mankind in the dark and punishes him if he seeks the truest wisdom.

When the first Spanish chroniclers arrived with the conquistador Pizaro, the Inca explained that Tiahuanaco had been constructed by a race of giants called Huaris before Chamak-pacha, the “period of darkness,” and was already in ruins before their civilization began. They said these giants had been created by Viracocha, also known as Kukulkan to the Maya and Quetzalcoatl to the Aztecs, and Amaru to the Peruvians, a god who came from the heavens.

Viracocha, the serpent god, created animals and a race of giants. These beings enraged the Lord, and he turned them into stone. Then he flooded the earth. This flood was called uñu pachacuti, by the Inca which means “water that overturns the land.” They say that it rained sixty days and nights, that it drowned all created things, and that there alone remained some vestiges of those who were turned into stones. Viracocha rose from the bosom of Lake Titicaca, and presided over the erection of those wondrous cities whose ruins still dot its islands and western shores, and whose history is totally lost in the night of time.

Near Lake Titicaca in the Hayu Marca Mountain region of Southern Peru at 14,000 feet exists a huge, mysterious, door-like structure carved into a solid rock face in an area long revered by Peruvian Indians as the City of the Gods. Shamans still come to perform rituals at this site, which they call Puerta de Hayu Marca or the Gate of the Gods. It measures exactly twenty-three feet in height and width, with a recess in the center slightly smaller than six-feet high. Native Indians say the site is a gateway to the lands of the Gods through which, in their ancient past, great heroes arrived and then departed with a “key” that could open the mysterious doorway. Another legend tells of the first Incan priest—the Amaru Meru—who used a golden disk to open the portal, which turned the solid rock into a stargate.

According to local legend, this priest was the first of other “kings” who came to Earth from heavenly locations specifically associated with the Pleiades (Apollo) and Orion (Osiris). This disc-key section of the Gate of the Gods may be depicted by a small, circular depression on the right side of the recess of Puerta de Hayu Marca, which in turn could be related to another “portal” not far away—the Gate of the Sun at Tiahuanaco, identified by some historians and archaeologists as the gate of Viracocha who created the race of giants.

The Greeks likewise recorded how prehistoric giants were responsible for the creation of megalithic structures discovered around the world, and Islamic folklore ascribes this prehistoric “building” activity to a race of super beings called “jinn” (genies):

The Jinn were before Adam: They built huge cities whose ruins still stand in forgotten places.

In Egypt, the Edfu temple texts, believed to predate the Egyptians themselves, states that the
most ancient of earth’s temples and monuments were built to bring about the resurrection of the destroyed world of the gods.

Within the Inca religious paradigm, the oldest record of the Andean region available, the Tiahuanaco geoglyphs are therefore viewed as the vestiges of a lost civilization that knew its destiny…to be destroyed by world cataclysm. In this regard, the geoglyphs serve not only as a memorial of an ancient existence, but also as a warning for future humanity and the return of a destructive epoch, or as David Flynn concluded:

The geoglyphs seem to be physical evidence that supports the Middle and South American myths of world deluge and giants. Their discovery in modern times fits Inca and Mayan prophecies of an “awakening” to knowledge of the ancient past, of the “builder gods” and of their return. It is perhaps testament to the accuracy of these prophecies that the date, December 21, 2012, is known so widely in modern times…the end of the Mayan calendar.

And as we now understand that date triggered a new age of which the Bible warns.