Ron Paul and the Coming Changes

Responding to one Texas Jew regarding Ron Paul

All government money, including so-called charity and disaster relief,  has political strings attached to it.  Israel by accepting it, accepts the political terms that go with it.   Israel is called by the Torah to be the ‘head and not the tail…to loan but never borrow.  Proverbs clearly tells us that the borrower is the slave to the lender.  Rambam tells us that Israel is obligated to establish monarchy once we have possession of the land, not a democracy, which have been designed with a notable flaw – the human equation – and is beginning to wobble out of control.

It is time for a paradigm shift to occur.  America will not protect Israel from it’s vast number of enemies unless it’s own interests are served.  Regardless of your view on RP, HaShem Himself has determined that All the Nations will be set against Israel, for His own purposes.  The Davidic Kingdom that was foretold by the nevi’im cannot be realized by the transitory State of Israel or it’s corrupt government.  A quantum change is scheduled by HaShem sometime in the future.  That change will entail replacing the current European style Socialist democracy that the UN and the atheist Jews created 64 years with a Torah based theocratic monarchy.  The world will never accept this.
There are many notable rabbanim who see American money and influence as part of the chains of our exile and continued enslavement.  If you read my blog , you know that the Menorah that secular Israel uses as its symbol is in reality a Menorah of Exile, created by Gentile powers (Rome) with idolatrous serpents depicted on it’s base.   It symbolizes our servitude and exile among the nations. It is our enslavement.

Israel must be weaned off of American money and political power.  Ron Paul, no matter what you think of him, wants to end foreign aid to ALL nations, not just Israel.  This would include those nations who use that money to wage war on Israel.  And frankly, Americans need that money now.  If Israel no longer has American money and power to rely on, Israel will then have to look to the Holy One of Israel, blessed be He, for it’s salvation and deliverance.  Getting Ron Paul elected would be a strategic move for those who look forward to the Messianic Age.