Congress Complicit on NSA SPYING

As most of us should realize by now, the Congress is a veritable pit of vipers with only a small few who could be considered to be acting in the best interest of traditional America. Most are agent provocateurs for the illegal defacto 14th Amendment US GOVERNMENT. The following article should be yet one more proof of the traitorous actions of our national leaders.

Congress insisted it be kept in the dark on the NSA surveillance programs recently revealed by Edward Snowden, according to Dick Cheney, who approached lawmakers with an invitation for them to provide more oversight back in 2004 but was told, “absolutely not”.

Speaking at a Washington think tank on U.S.-Korean affairs, the former Vice-President bragged about his involvement in setting up NSA programs shortly after 9/11 that snooped on email and phone records.

Cheney also revealed that when he approached Congressional leaders about whether they wished to provide oversight for the program three years after it began, they were “unanimous” that it should continue.

“I said, ‘Do you think we ought to come back to the Congress in order to get more formal authorization?’ and they said, ‘Absolutely not.’ Everybody, Republican and Democrat, said, ‘Don’t come back up here, it will leak’,” Cheney said.

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