The Purpose of the 2nd Amendment

There are people in our country who really do not understand the intent behind the 2nd Amendment to the US Constitution. And there are many people who are citizens of foreign countries who do not understand the conflict or are simply mouth pieces of the Elites who want to see us un-armed. Piers Morgan the British journalist is such a person.  Most of us Americans do not care what a British citizen has to say about American gun rights and we would prefer you keep your mouth shut Piers.

Our 2nd Amendment right is not derived from the US Government.  It is not there so we can pursue our hunting pleasures or to visit our local gun range for an afternoon of target practicing.  The 2nd amendment is there so that the individual citizens of the united states of America can defend themselves from a tyrannical government and to overthrow that tyrannical government.

That’s right Uncle Sam, We the People – the individual citizens of the 50 states have the right and duty to overthrow any and every tyrannical American federal government that tries to thwart the rights of We the People.  Our elected officials have all taken a solemn oath to uphold and defend the constitution, not seek it’s overthrow.  In my view most of our Congress, including the POTUS has violated their oath and many of them can be categorized as traitors who are aiding the enemies of the American people.

I can truly say that any gun confiscation scheme will be met with stiff opposition and many of us will outright take up arms to defend our right to overthrow tyrants as our forefathers did over 200 years ago. Any collusion with the Amerikan Regime will be remember by We the People so I suggest you tread lightly.

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