A Prayer For the Knowledge of HasHem to Spread

This morning at 4:18am my wife and I awoke to pray and read Isaiah 11 to commemorate the astronomical event that has never before occurred in recorded history. The sun was darkened according to the prophecy of Joel and will be followed up in two weeks by a blood red moon at Pesach or Passover.  The possibility that this could  be the time that HaShem pours out his Spirit upon all flesh could become a reality and the way God enables us to endure the horrific years to come.
The following prayer is offered for today:
A Prayer for God to be Known
For the 20th of March 2015 written by Steve Hawthorne – Waymakers.org
They will not hurt or destroy in all My holy mountain,
for the earth will be full of the knowledge of the LORD
as the waters cover the sea. — Isaiah 11:9
God Most High, from the beginning You have blessed all creation to be filled with the fruition of Your life and Your love. You are so holy and great that angels in the highest heavens hide their eyes in Your presence, and yet they also declare that the entire earth must be filled with Your glory. Bring forth this fullness! We know that human minds cannot contain the wondrous expanse of Your great glory. And yet You have formed us to know and honor You with heartfelt praise. You cannot be praised unless You are known. And so we pray that you would reveal Yourself to the nations, so that people of every language and lineage would come to know Your name, to honor and to fear You, as do Your people. May wisdom and understanding abound so that men, women and children will not only know You truly, but will fear and serve You gladly. At the last, You will flood the earth with the weight of Your glory. But before that drastic day, cause Your Spirit to gently rest upon Your people in order to make You known. Even though darkness covers the earth, overshadow Your people with the light of Your presence. Even now, wherever Your word is heard and obeyed, there is newness of life that overcomes the harm and destruction of evil. Lift up the lives of those who love You so that nations are gathered to You. May this be the day that knowledge of the Lord increases rapidly, to envelop all the earth with Your glory.

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