Wisdom for 2015 for the People of God

Words by Rabbi Ariel bar Zadok

It is easy to tear down. It is hard to build up. Maybe this is why so many choose to be critical instead of choosing to be supportive. It is easy to tell one what they are doing is wrong. It is hard to tell one what is the right thing to do. Too much talk leads to too little action. Building is accomplished with deeds, not words. Each proper action is a building block. Many together form a strong and secure structure. A nation, a society, a culture is made up of individual building blocks, just like any other structure. If the blocks are solid, then so is the structure. If the blocks are broken and weak, the structure will not be able to stand. As it is with blocks of bricks and stone, so it is with blocks of individuals. The same rules of nature apply equally everywhere.

Too much talk leads to confusion. We often confuse ourselves placing our minds and hearts at odds with one another. We are often led to feel one way and to think another. There is no need to be led into this state. Simplify matters and one’s head and heart will naturally align.Do the right things and the right things will get done.

Pay no attention to the voices that seek to confuse. Confusion is the first step to destruction. Confusion destroys, it does not build.Pay no attention to too much talk. Be simple. Pay no attention to idealistic and unrealistic ideas, just because they sound good or right. Just stay grounded; do the right thing, the right way at the right time. This is all, we ever need to do.

Yes, life is this simple. It is only the voices that seek to confuse that make life more difficult. Be part of the team. Serve others so that others will in turn want to serve you. Act decently towards others so they will in turn act in like kind towards you. Be simple.  Do not ask, “what if,” rather ask, “what is?” Change only that which needs to be changed. Fix only that which is broken. Build, do not destroy. Support, do not undermine.

Do this, and you will be blessed by Heaven,and also by those around you.


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