Homosexuality and Biblical Law vs. American Law

One of my readers was highly upset with my previous article on Homosexuality. Granted, many are upset over the Gay Agenda and it militant march forward. But that is not the end of organized religious freedom as my slighted reader suggests:

“Are u kidding….When they change laws to sanctify gay marriage and they come into a church or temple to get married
..are you going to sanctify their union in front of God. Are you going to say they can be parents to children who did not choose to have same sex parents…where are their rights as unborn people? The entire situation will bring down organized religious freedom in this country. This has nothing to do with violence or hatred toward any group..it has to do with the idea of religious freedom…where are their rights”

No I’m not kidding young lady. The changing of American secular laws is a secondary issue as it relates to the article. The point of the article is to point out to the religious fundamentalists that how they or anyone else reacts or interacts with the Homosexual Community must be in line with Biblical Law. Their identification as Homosexuals in no way disqualifies them for common respect, and they should not to be subject to any kind of prejudice, scorn, or mistreatment.

With that said, America’s Judeo-Christian culture is constantly under attack to conform to the ever-changing culture. The traditional religious communities will continue to be assaulted. Gay marriage is already legal in many states and will be legal in all in a few years. This poses potential problems for Churches and business that stand by their religious beliefs. There will be no easy answers.

One answer is that all churches, temples and mosques should retract their 501c3 status given to them by the Federal Government. This status gives the Feds the absolute right to make them conform to Federal and State law. Secondly, in regards to sanctifying their union in front of God – stop officiating as an agent for the State at weddings. Pastors and Rabbi do not have to perform legal marriages recognized by the State. Send them to the JP after you have performed your respective religious ceremonies. Religious authorities cannot be compelled to perform religious ceremonies for outsiders. If you do not offer a State legal document, you cannot be compelled to perform a legally binding secular state union. There is no biblical injunction that suggests that approval of the secular State authorities is required for a biblical marriage. None. (And any Christian who wants to quote me from Romans, I suggest you re-read that passage very very carefully before challenging me on this).

Lastly Miss, it will not bring down organized religious freedom. The reason this agenda is so affecting American religious communities is because they have literally jumped in bed with the State for the sake of a handful of dollars. The 501c3 status is the ball and chain of the American Church and other religious communities. This status allows these communities to forego paying their fair share of taxes, and legally binds them to follow State and Federal laws, including Civil Rights, which now have been granted to Homosexual persons, partnerships and marital unions.

Though not a Christian, allow me to give the American Christian Church a bit of advice from their own Savior: “Pay unto Caesar what is Caesars…” If you are a 501c3 religious community, you are beholden to Caesar, who granted you the 501c3 status. A better option is to pay the tax to the taxman and dump the 501c3 status altogether. Then you will be more in line with biblical teaching and have more freedom to exercise your faith.

It’s not a perfect solution: But where were you offered safety from persecution, or a say over the predominant secular culture? ……..Tell me if you know.


3 thoughts on “Homosexuality and Biblical Law vs. American Law

  1. Well obviously your view on the issue is factual and strongly suggests you consider their “plight” correct. Arguing with you is really not my intention. . However I believe that this issue can not be argued. As one cannot force faith and belief in God on another…..One cannot force one to believe in their heart… in Homosexual rights with regard to their agenda with children and family life.
    Since you chose my response to continue your views to a solution to the big bad religious “fundamentalist” problem regarding their beliefs in protecting family, especially children rights..I now know this Web site is not where I choose to receive information from any longer. Good luck to you. Sorry i gave you any credence when it came to other issues by subscribing .
    “Resist the new world order”…One of your call to arms signature…is a joke…what world order.?..you are obviously part of the fabric that IS the new world order…don’t try to profess otherwise..Because you would be kidding yourself.
    Also you have many articles that closely follow Torah issues prophesies ..end of world scenarios etc…aren’t those a bit too fundamental…If you believe torah was written by divine intelligence and is correct with end times madness…then why don’t you believe the clearly stated biblical law that marriage is between a man and woman?American law doesn’t have to agree with that of course. But you seem to agree with american law over biblical law. So that would make you a hypocrite. Your big concern centers around giving the church advice about paying taxes or shutting up …bogus argument because it sidesteps the issue of children’s rights.

    • Catherine, you really misunderstand the whole point of our discourse. You are measuring apples against oranges. I in no way advocate or sympathize with their homosexuality. My position is one of basic human respect for human beings regardless of their sin. Torah requires us to behave in an upright fashion even toward those who hate us.

      The real issue as I laid it out has to do with organized religion being bed fellows with a humanistic and secular State authorities, an association which places those religious communities at an unfair disadvantage. If they have the courage to extricate themselves from the 501c3 status, that playing field would be much more level. At that point more useful conversation and debate can be engaged regarding the Homosexual issue. This would be far more useful than shouting it out, which has painted some of these groups as extremist by the media and State.

      As far as fundamentalism is concerned, prophesies and end of days scenarios are Torah Judaism and always have been. Fundamentalism is prone to extremism in Christianity, Judaism and especially Islam. Extremism is an out-working of hatred, which Biblical Law condemns. It is not part of normal religious expression.

      You your self just engaged in fundamentalist extremism by accusing me of advocating for same sex marriage, which I do not nor did I say I did. This is the modus operadi of extremism – when someone disagrees with their position it is easier to attack them and label them rather that engaging in meaningful dialog. Everything you implied I believe is untrue because you did not take the time to understand what I was really saying.

      Yes, I used your comment to continue my ‘rant’ as you say. Some of the comments you made needed to be aired out in a more public setting. I respectfully did not use your name. If you chose to leave that is your choice. However that would be unfortunate. As Scripture says iron sharpens iron, and disagreement is often the beginning of meaningful engagement.

      • The problem with interactions online occurs when people dialog without actually speaking. Intonation and personal interaction affects the outcome of the disagreement. If you feel I misinterpreted your viewpoint then I felt as though you misinterpreted my response. I think we are guilty of the same thing…but since it is really impossible to ever know the other people we interact with on the Internet one must be careful with words and opinions even if it is your own blog. Sorry if I misinterpreted your message.

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