CDC is Lying about Ebola

A Missouri physician is accusing the Centers for Disease Control of being “derelict in its duty,” saying the agency is not leveling with the public about the potential for Ebola to spread in the United States.

Dr. Gil Mobley says there has been a lack of planning on the CDC’s part to head off the spread of Ebola now that it has made its way to the U.S. through air travel.

“It’s reactionary. It’s not responsive,” he said, referring to the way the first case has been handled in Dallas, Texas.

Mobley, a microbiologist and board-certified trauma physician in Springfield, Missouri, gained notoriety Thursday when he showed up at the Atlanta Hartsfield International Airport in a hazmat suit with the words “CDC is lying!” across his back. He said he wanted to draw attention to what he sees as a disturbing lack of action by the CDC.

Mobley, who was back in Missouri Friday after returning from a medical mission trip in Guatemala, told WND he was not asked any questions upon re-entry into the country other than if he had alcohol or cigarettes.

“Yesterday on the front page of USA Today the CDC said we’re at a low risk because of our advanced healthcare and sanitary systems and because we are screening at airports,” he said. “Yet I had just come through Customs the day before, and they didn’t screen me.

Read more @ WND


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