Is ISIS a Legitimate Islamic Caliphate?

As ISIS continues to expand its influence and rule in Syria and Iraq, torture, murder and execute non-Muslims or force them to leave their homes, we must step back and ask ourselves if the Muslim world at large accepts this group as a legitimate Khalifah. It is well known that this group was trained by US forces in both Jordan and Turkey and that Saudi Arabia and the Muslim brotherhood as well as the CIA and NATO have connections to them.

Fortunately, there are Muslic voices sounding alarm that this so-called Caliphate is not based on Sharia Law and is ill-legitimate. MEMRI reports: 

The declaration of the caliphate which coincided with the first day of Ramadan, considered by Muslims to be the month of victory and jihad is the first such declaration in the Arab world since the fall of the Ottoman Empire and the establishment of nation states, and it may have sociopolitical and religious ramifications throughout the Arab and Muslim world, including for its states and regimes.

However, its more immediate impact was to expand the circles of ISIS opponents within the Arab world. Elements that were initially either implicitly or overtly supportive of the organization’s invasion of Iraq because of its war against Iraq’s Shi’ites and also because these elements themselves support Iraqi Sunnis’ opposition to the regime of recently deposed Iraqi prime minister Nouri Al-Maliki such as Sheikh Yousuf Al-Qaradhawi’s International Union of Muslim Scholars (IUMS) have now joined the camp of ISIS’s opponents.

…….A July 1, 2014 communique signed by 260 such critics, from Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, stated: “The awakening of clan and tribal forces that carry ISIS’s banner and that are supported by ‘wandering jihadis’ from all over the world is not only threatening to bloodily dismantle the national entities that were established following the collapse of the Ottoman Sultanate. It is threatening more than that that is, to bring down societal, cultural, and religious frameworks in our countries… 

….”This entity is in principle hostile to freedom, women, beauty, and modern education. It is an economic parasite, aggressive domestically and outwardly; it forms the basis of a regime of enslavement that will take over residents, land, and resources. But it will not settle for power alone. It will force locals into a foreign way of life and kill them if they fail to maintain it…

Columnist Hussein Al-Rawashdeh wrote in the Jordanian daily Al-Dustour on July 1: “This perverse innovation in Muslim law that is, the establishment of an [false] Islamic caliphate comes as no surprise. It appears from time to time in the literature of some [political] parties and groups that have reduced Islam to a regime and the state to a servant of the caliph, and who have, in the name of religion, clashed with society and the people, because of their belief that the quickest way to actualize their goals is to force Islam on the public. As if Islam…

Read the  full MEMRI article The Growing Sunni Opposition To ISIS’ Declaration Of The Islamic Caliphate






One thought on “Is ISIS a Legitimate Islamic Caliphate?

  1. I believe it is. There are 15 prophecies of Rabbi Ishmael about the descendants of Ishmael. They all have been fulfilled and the one about them taking aver the world is being seen in Europe. We are also seeing things of the Middle Ages such as expulsions (Mosul). The good news is that the only event that needs to take place is ishmael (arabs) attacking israel along with some other countries, but this time they will be stopped.

    Perkei D Rabbi Eliezer can be found as PDF online. I saw a video (breslov) but it’s in Spanish on the issue in depth. Also, it’s interesting to note that the pm of hamas his name is Ishmael.

    The sages say that the name Ishmael can also be translated as , Yish Ma EL. G-d will hear. What will He hear? In the end of days he will hear the cry of Israel over Ishmael because Ishmael will become a great affliction to Israel which is what’s happening today. – hope this is helpful.

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