Passover 5774 (2014)

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu spoke to our hearts when he said:

“Our generation had a great privilege – we saw the words of the prophets come true. We saw the rise of Zion, the return of Jewish sovereignty in the Land of Israel, the ingathering of exiles and our return to Jerusalem. We will make sure Jerusalem’s golden light will shine on our people, and spread the light of Jerusalem to the whole world. We will protect Jerusalem, because Israel without Jerusalem is like a body without a heart…Our heart will never be divided again!”

These stirring words give heart to Jews around the world, dreaming of freedom in Zion this Passover.

I have been absent for some time on my blog. For the last 8 months I have moved my family to an area where we can provide more protection for ourselves and be much more self reliant. We live somewhat off the beaten track but close enough to major population areas to access large shopping facilities with a 45 minute drive. We are embarking on more self reliance by raising chickens for meat and eggs and quite a large garden which we have done for some years now.

We are watching the events of the world unfold during these Last Days and we too are seeing the words of the Prophets come true. I think one of the great lessons of the Passover season as remembered through the story of the Exodus of the Hebrew slaves is a transformation of a people oppressed under tyranny into a people reliant only upon the compassion of HaShem. A people no longer of a slave mentality but a truly free people.

Today in America, our country is ruled by a regime who cares nothing for our laws or traditions and has done everything to place the population under dependency of the Federal criminals. Those who have been paying attention the last few years have striven to eliminate their debt and become more self-reliant rather than depend upon the callous mercy of the US government to provide once the financial and civil collapse finally comes.

Signs in the Heavens

As we move into this Passover season, we must remember that in the next two years there will be four blood moons all falling upon the Moedim of Pesach and Succot. These blood moon tetrads are incredibly rare and always portent difficult times for the Jewish people. Of the  142 tetrads have been recorded in the last 5000 years, seven of these have taken place on Jewish holy days. During past tetrads  significant historical events have taken place before, during, or after the blood moons which have historically signaled times of great distress for the Jewish people.

We all have witnessed the hubris of Vladimir Putin who appears to be attempting to reconstitute the old Russian empire (USSR) of the Cold War days. We watched as Vlad the Impaler (Putin) bested Steve Erkle (Obama) in a contest of wills. Also troubling is the drive from the Obama regime to push Israel into a ‘peace deal’ sometime this year.

As we celebrate Passover this season let us prophetically minded of the events that are shaping the world around us and of our long lived hope of deliverance from the pharaoh’s of our day and our future redemption that is coming upon the earth.



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