Freemasonry & the Revolutionary War

The following post is a continuation of the series on America- Womb of the Antichrist.

It is now well established that Washington was a Freemason who wore Masonic garments during the laying of the foundation stone for the Capitol. That is part of the historic record. On that apron was a trestleboard which according to Manly P. Hall set for in symbolism the “…task to the accomplishment of which the United States Government was dedicated to from the day of it’s inception.”
It is well known among modern historians and researchers that the Rosicrucian-Masonic Brotherhood was responsible for not only the American Revolution but the French Revolution which ignited the democratic revolutions of the entire European block. Of the 56 signers of the Founding Fathers, 44 of them were Rosicrucian or Masons.

The seeds of revolution in America were sown when the Brotherhood in London ensured that new taxes were introduced and their representatives in the colonies began to stimulate the rebellion against them. This is a classic technique used throughout the ages. The mass of the people stood in the middle with no idea of what was going on, taking everything on face value. Among the American ‘rebels’ were the Freemasons, Patrick Henry and Richard Henry Lee, who led a rebellion by the Virginia Assembly in 1769.

The situation came to a head with the passing of the Tea Act which allowed that Brotherhood operation, the British East India Company, to unload its surplus tea in the colonies without paying duty. This clearly destroyed the market for everyone else.

Contrary to popular belief, the Boston Tea Party was not some spontaneous protest. The event was so well planned that it is even considered to be best planned and executed act of resistance before the Revolutionary War. There is lot of evidence to support this statement. According to ‘The Builders’ by Joseph Fort Newton, the Tea Party was planned, and executed by Masons disguised as Mohawk Indians – not by the Masonic Lodge as such, but by a club formed within the Lodge, calling itself the Caucus Pro Bono Publico. Today, in 2012, the Freemasons consider the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party to be a ‘Masonic Day.’

The British Parliament had given the East India Tea Company a monopoly on tea. The American Colonies were not supposed to buy any other tea. The Tea Act put a small tax on the East India Tea. It was actually cheap tea that had been stored in warehouses in England. However, the East India Tea Company was bankrupt, so Parliament gave them a monopoly. Tea was to be sold by the Consignees (tea agents) of the company. This gave the Con-signees a tea monopoly in their area. Keeping the small tax on tea would just prove that Parliament still had the power to tax.

On Monday morning, the 29th of November, 1773, a handbill was posted all over Boston, containing the following words: “Friends! Brethren! Countrymen!–That worst of plagues, the detested tea, shipped for this port by the East India Company, is now arrived in the harbor.”

In New York, Philadelphia and Charleston, the Consignees for the tea resigned their Commissions at the request of the Sons of Liberty. With no Con-signees to pay the tax and sign for the tea, the East India Company tea ships had to turn around and sail back to England with their cheap tea. The Sons of liberty was created by Freemasons Paul Revere and Samuel Adams in Boston.

But the tea agents in Boston would not resign. Two sons of the Governor and a son-in-law were Consignees. The Tea Act stated that tea “remaining twenty days unloaded” was subject to seizure by the Customs House and sold for nonpayment of duties. Once the tea was in the Governor’s hands, he could dispose of it secretly to local merchants. When Governor Hutchinson again refused to let the tea ships go on the night before December 17th, (the 16th was the end of the 20 day limit for unloading), the Mohawks seated in the balcony at the Old South Meeting Hall took matters into their own hands. Many years later, Sir Winston Churchill—Prime Minister, Historian and Freemason—commented on the Tea Act of Parliament that had given the East India Company a monopoly on tea. Churchill called it “a fatal blunder”.

On the night of the Boston Tea Party there were men who called themselves Mohawks and put lamp black and paint on their faces as a disguise. Some of these so-called Mohawks met at the Green Dragon Tavern. In the Green Dragon Tavern, if a man ordered tea, he was a Tory. If he ordered coffee, he was a Patriot.

At the Green Dragon, the Sons of Liberty held secret meetings. The building had been purchased by the St. Andrews Lodge in 1764. There was a square and compass, symbols of Freemasonry over the front door and a copper Dragon that had turned green through age. Downstairs was the Tavern. Upstairs was the St. Andrews Masonic Lodge and the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts (Ancients). Historians have called it “the headquarters of the American Revolution.”

Dr. Joseph Warren, a 33 year old physician is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Massachusetts that met upstairs. Paul Revere is the Senior Grand Deacon. Both are Past Masters25 of the St. Andrews Lodge. They are close friends and had come to the St. Andrews Lodge in the same year. It is Joseph Warren who sends Paul Revere to Lexington with a coded message for Brother John Hancock (also of St. Andrews Lodge).

John Hancock was the Colonel for the Governor’s Cadet Corps who guarded the tea ships. The night before the Tea Party he was aboard the tea ships inspecting his troops. Both he and Brother Joseph Warren had served as Orators at the Com-memoration of those who had died at the Boston Massacre.
Two thousand people were standing on Griffin’s wharf to watch the Boston Tea Party. The crowd watched in silence as sixty men dump 90,000 pounds of tea into the salt water. The whole Tea Party was in range of a 60-gun British warship. The British Admiral watched from the upstairs window of a house nearby. From the time of the Boston Tea Party the East India Company sold no more tea in America.
The Governor’s Cadet Corps were guarding the tea ships. They never lifted a musket and stood away from the crowd because these people still remembered the Boston Massacre. The crews of the tea ships were ordered below. No resistance was made. Some of the crew even helped unload the tea. It took three hours and all done in silence and order. No damage was done to the ships. The decks were swept clean. No Mohawk would keep any of the tea.

Benjamin Franklin, a Grand Master of Pennsylvania, was in London at the time. He called the Boston Tea Party “an act of violent injustice.” A group of London merchants wanted to pay twice the value of the tea to keep trade open. Franklin offered to pay for the tea himself. Franklin was also a Master of the Paris Lodge of Nine Sisters.

When Benjamin Franklin went to France to be honored by the State, he was received too by the Lodge of Perfection, the most famous of all the French secret orders; and his name, written in his own fine hand, is in their record ledger, close to that of the Marquis de Lafayette.

Franklin spoke for the Order of the Quest, and most of the men who worked with him in the early days of the American Revolution were also members.  The plan was working out, the New Atlantis was coming into being, in accordance with the program laid down by Francis Bacon a hundred and fifty years earlier.

The whole affair, at every turn, strongly supports the idea that the Boston Tea Party was a well planned and orchrastrated operation by the Freemason Brotherhood. Furthermore, the Boston Tea Party and the Boston Massacre, these events helped lead to the American Revolutionary War, which would eventually bring forth the agenda of of the Illuminati Network.

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