The Most Sane Woman on Capitol Hill

I find it very significant that as we are in the process of populating our new web page with content – America the New Atlantis – the Womb of the Antichrist – that a Congressional stenographer laid everything on the line last night and call our government for what it really is. She put her job, her career into jeopardy – a  job which would have required an extensive background check and impeccable references.

Moments before House members passed a bill to raise the debt ceiling, a woman later identified as stenographer Diane Reidy approached the microphone at the Speaker’s Lobby in a trance-like state and began to shout.


“He will not be mocked, don’t touch me, he will not be mocked,” Reidy ranted, adding, “The greatest deception here is this is not one nation under God, it never was…..It never was, had it been, it would not have been….the Constitution would not have been written by Freemasons, they go against God, you cannot serve two masters.”

We should not take this lightly. Things like this are likely to be orchestrated from on high as a warning to us. This woman has been working as an official stenographer with the Office of the Clerk for more than 20 years according to

I predict that either this story will get no traction or she will be demonized by the media and political henchmen.They likely will have a mental health evaluation done on her and rule her as mentally disturbed, but  after all that we have seen from these bozo’s, she was clearly the most sane person on Capitol Hill that day.

You Tube Video


Take this as a warning from Heaven




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