America, Womb of the Antichrist

We have added a new page to the blog which is currently under construction. This section of our blog will take some time to populate with content. We literally will have to sift through hundreds of pages of notes and documentation and could take up to a year to get all the information in place.

We have named the page, America – the New Atlantis, the Womb of the Antichrist. We have opted to use the more recognizable term antichrist, rather than the biblical term that is employed in Daniel for this End Time despot. Though we have differing views on this person than our Christian friends, we will use their term for him.

We hope you will return to read this important history and its connection to the New World Order, the last of the Pagan Empires.


3 thoughts on “America, Womb of the Antichrist

  1. Thank you. Can’t wait to read the information. I pray you will be able to put it out here very soon. Frankly, I’m so glad that I subscribed to your newsletters, I have not only enjoyed reading everyone of them but have gained much knowledge.
    Thank you again and Shalom!!!!

  2. I hope that this site is up and running before the Antichrist, i.e., “the man of lawlessness,” is revealed. It’s my humble opinion, but, I think that the fulfillment of this prophecy could happen at any time.

    I believe that the Two Witnesses should appear at the same time, because they prophesy for the exact amount of time, 1260 days, or 31/2 years.

    These are exciting times, living in the days of the fulfillment of bible prophecy. The supernatural, and the natural realms, are on a collision course, and we have been chosen to live at the conclusion of earthly human rule. Come Lord Jesus!

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