The Real Power Behind Events

Flesh to light, light to spirit.  
There is a plan. 
It is secret and concealed, 
and it is being directed by real clandestine powers.  
Flesh to light, light to spirit.

watcherThe plan has been in operation for a very long time. It is multi-generational.

Regardless of whatever happens, everything that transpires globally is part of the plan.

Regardless of appearances, everything is under control, under the control of the real THEM. It is THEY who control everything, just like THEY always have.

There is a real conspiracy. Some governments know about it, and others do not. Some governments are heavily involved with it, and others are equally heavily involved fighting it.

It does not take too much imagination to know which side will win.

THEY always win. It’s just that those fighting THEM do not know this, and do not want to acknowledge this.

Those who fight today are losing the fight, and they know it. Those who fight today cannot defeat THEM, because THEY are far too entrenched, and THEY have been been so for a very long time.

THEY tolerate the fight, because for THEM, the fight is part of THEIR plan.

Like wise Solomon of old said, “vanity of vanities, all is just vanity.”

Who are THEY? Time will tell! But this much I can tell you, with absolute certainty!

THEY are not Masons. THEY are not the Illuminati. THEY are not the Knights Templar. THEY are not even the Catholic Church. And certainly, THEY are not Jews.

THEY can hide behind the name of any group with which people label them.

It is definitely THEM who promote world antisemitism, but not because THEY hate Jews, but rather because THEY know that the Jews are chosen by God to serve as God’s people, God’s tool, God’s scapegoat. THEY know that part of the plan is to use the Jews to test humanity, to see if humanity can, and will, act humanely, or whether they will act depraved. Many today are Jews, and do not know it, their identities lost over generations.


When humanity acts depraved, THEY act to correct humanity’s course. We are presently in the middle of such a course correction right now. The Jews again will be held up, like a lighting rod, to see where lighting will strike, and where the clap of thunder will be heard. Being chosen is not the glory that many believe.

This is all part of the plan.

Must there be war? No! This part of the plan can be rewritten, as so many other parts have been over many centuries. Indeed, it is part of the plan to instruct the nations to overcome the temptations of war, and to resolve conflicts in wise and peaceful manners.

It is only when greed and foolishness reign supreme that THEY allow wars to happen, with the intent to teach those who fight such wars of their ultimate futility. The reason why THEY have allowed weapons of mass destruction to be developed is to “up the ante,” to make war that much more devastating and destructive.

THEY do not want war, but they do allow it.

THEY want order, and THEY are patient to wait for it.

THEY do not want conflicts, but tolerate them. THEY want peace.

There cannot be peace and order without control.

Therefore, THEY seek control to ensure that order is maintained.

Order serves THEIR purpose.

What is THEIR ultimate plan? The answer to this should be obvious. They seek control, to establish a united Earth, under control of a singular body.

Who are THEY? Time will tell! But this much I can tell you, with absolute certainty!

THEY have been here for a very long time.

THEY have been in control for as long as it can be remembered.

THEY are ancient, and even spoken about in the Bible.

THEY should never be trifled with.

THEY understand, but THEY do not forgive, nor forget.

Who are THEY? You should be able to figure it out by now.

If you have, then you understand why THEY maintain their anonymity.

If you have, then you know why THEY cannot be successfully challenged.

If you have, then you see why the future must unfold according to an ancient, but certain pattern.

THEY are who THEY are. THEIR plan is THEIR plan.


Just know this, that whoever THEY are, like us, THEY too take their “marching orders” from “higher-ups,” who still take their orders from yet even “higher, higher-ups,” and so up the ladder we go. Flesh to light, light to spirit. At the top, there is only ONE.

And the ONE is the only ONE who is truly in charge, at all levels.


Ariel Bar Tzadok




3 thoughts on “The Real Power Behind Events

  1. Am I thinking the same about what you mentioned here … [THEY are ancient, and even spoken about in the Bible.] ??

    Here is a good book that has over 150pages, I’m only @ my 51st page now, but I’m awed at its contents. Though there’s a tiny bit that I’m not really sure is correct, nevertheless, the book is amazing. Here’s a free pdf download. I would like to know your thoughts in order to confirm my thoughts and what I’ve been reading. I love facts and the truth. Please email me. Would appreciate it. Shalom.

    • Cynthia, thanks for the link but the website is not really impressive other than some of the news links that are informative. Though it maybe a Messianic site, it looks to be more like a Christian website and all I see is asking for donations. That’s typical in almost all Christian and Messianic ministries and sites.

      Re. this book or any other book, just like you, people have their own opinions so that doesn’t bother me but in my case though I too don’t agree to some of its contents and the terms used, yet there are certain parts that do make a lot of sense to me. The “THEY” who are mentioned in the above article, are the very ancient and very evil ones and “THEY” are in the ancient history of the Torah. I recognize them because “THEY” have murdered my ancestors in an Inquisition which was a continuation of the Spanish Inquisition that lasted for 252 years and caused IMMENSE deaths, destruction, plunder etc. of my people and my land…. And, “THEY” are returning in the very near future with more vengeance on innocent people like the world has never seen. Let’s pray and ask YHWH to shield us like He shielded the Israelites when He sent the terrible plagues on Egypt. Our (Hebrew) Mashiach is our ONLY HOPE. Shalom.

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