Reconciling Religion with it’s Origins

The following article is written by Rabbi Ariel bar Zadok. The article is very compelling and thought-provoking. He has also written an excellent ebook called The Torah on Life in Space and Aliens which cites Jewish sources concerning the Sages understanding of extraterrestrials, UFO’s, Angels, Demons and life on other planets. You can purchase this book at

Reconciling Religion with its Extra-terrestrial Origins
by Ariel Bar Zadok

Copyright (C) 2013 by Ariel Bar Tzadok.  All rights reserved.

Warning! This is a very long and thought-provoking essay.  Please take the time to read it carefully.

Let’s be ruthlessly blunt here. If one is to believe what is written in the Bible, then there are certain uncomfortable conclusions that we are required to accept, and equally uncomfortable questions that we are required to ask. Let’s review some of them.

Number One, God, is presented in the Bible as being All-Present (omnipresent) and All-Knowing (omniscient). God is essentially an alien “life-form(?),” an “Entity” that is not of this Earth. God certainly not human by any standard of definition with which we define what it is to be human. We can even question whether we can refer to God as an Entity, or life-form at all. Essentially, what we call God would be a form of life completely outside the context of any presently known application of these terms.

Number Two, Prayer, we know, is a method of communication through which we communicate with God. Yet, prayer cannot simply be a dialogue of verbal communication, similar to that which one would have with one’s friend. When we pray, we are talking to God who certainly is not there physically to be seen in any way. As such prayers, “ascend to Heaven,” whatever that means.

Essentially, prayers travel from “Point A,” (us), to “Point B,” (God). That “Point B” is a destination, again, not of this Earth. What is this place? How do prayers travel there? What is their energy source that make this travel possible? What exactly is making the trip, is it the sound waves of the words of our prayers, or is it the brain waves of the thoughts of our prayers? If God is omnipresent, then does the concept of prayers traveling to Heaven really even exist?

Number Three, Torah was given to Moses on Mt. Sinai. Yet, where did it come from? Torah came to Earth from another domain, not of this Earth. The Bible says that at the giving of the Torah, the Heavens opened up. What does this mean? Is this referring to some kind of wormhole that opened into a parallel dimension, or acted as a bridge through space in this dimension? Moses is said to have gone up to Heaven. Where exactly did he go? How did he get there? The Bible says he was up there for 40 days and nights. Did Moses experience his time in Heaven as 40 days as those at the foot of Mt Sinai did? We have many legitimate questions, and only homiletic tales for answers. If there is anything actual and real to this story (as religious people believe), then we can no longer ignore the questions that we have raised here. What really happened at Sinai. Where did Moses really go, and what is this Torah that he received?

According to the Bible, there is this Entity which we call God. However non-human that it is, it still enables us humans to contact it (prayer), and then it made contact with us (Sinai/prophecy). These seem to be the undeniable Biblical claims, three distinct Biblical facts for believers in “the Word.” There is a God, there is His Word, and we humans can communicate with God, just like He communicated with us. Yet, we know that God’s Word, the Torah, came from off-world. God Him(It)self exists in a state that by definition is off-world. Prayer is communication with that which is off-world.

We have a modern word, which we can use to sum up all these off-world references, and that word is “extraterrestrial.” Now, I know that a lot of traditional religious-type folks do not use, and do not like to use the word “extraterrestrial,” with regards to their spiritual and religious beliefs. Nevertheless, I think it is the right time that we dispel with religious myths and begin to embrace religious realities. If there is any reality, whatsoever, to religious/spiritual experiences, then such experiences must rightly be called extraterrestrial, simply because, if these things are real, then they certainly, are not of this Earth, and are thus by definition “extraterrestrial.”

If one wishes to continue to believe in God, to believe in God’s Word communicated to human beings on planet Earth, and to believe in our human capacity to communicate back with God, then in light of modern discoveries and revelations about the true nature of science and reality, we are required to discard old prejudices, and embrace what might be, for some, unpleasant truths, and these are that God, Torah and prayer are all extraterrestrial by definition.

Essentially, if the Bible is to be believed, then rather than look into the future for our first human contact with alien life, we had better start to more properly understand our past. Let us turn our thoughts for a moment to science, and the laws of nature for some further insights into there matters.

The universe is governed by the laws of nature, right? All things in the universe follow the course of the natural, right? All things follow nature, with rigid, unyielding accuracy. Oh really? Practically speaking, it is true, everything does follow nature, and always will. But, what makes us so arrogantly sure that we understand nature and the natural way? In spite of all our recent discoveries, there is so little about science which we understand, and then there is so much more than we do not. All things may very well be natural, but we are a long way off from discovering the true parameters of nature.

While we observe nature, we expect nature to follow the laws that we see operating in it. Yet, scientific discovery is based upon seeing new things in nature that we did not see before. So, how much that is unseen and unknown today is still nevertheless operational natural law?

Essentially, how many unseen, unknown and undiscovered scientific forces are out there influencing us even right now that our present understandings of science does not yet include or acknowledge? Before one wishes to dismiss the supernatural and the metaphysical, one should recognize that there is more to these domains than meets the present eye. Today, what is supernatural, might tomorrow become everyday science.

One will never understand the realities of that which we call the spiritual and the Divine, until we first begin to understand them scientifically, as actual and natural, telepathic, clairvoyant powers inherent within the human mind. Developing our latent mental/spiritual powers is the key to opening up experiences with those domains which today we mythologically call the spiritual. Yet, the spiritual is scientific, actual and real. We only need to reexamine our relationship with it, to learn how to redefine it and include it into our growing understanding of science and the universe.

Many of these other domains experienced through spiritual practices are not physical in the same sense as matter is understood here on Earth. Modern science now postulates that there are many alternate dimensions and parallel worlds. These claims have also been made by religionists for millennia. Rather than refer to these domains and the dominions that inhabit them as mythological angels or demons, the proper term to refer to them is extraterrestrial. Whether we refer to angels or entities, we are referring to, and seeking to interact with, life-forms that are alien to both our forms of life, and our world in general. With this being said, let us understand that real extraterrestrial alien life-forms do not necessarily have to resemble any form of life that we can possibly imagine.

Other entities may or may not inhabit physical bodies, as do we, or they may be of an entirely different composite, possibly of substances that our modern sciences have not even yet discovered. Remember this, based upon our present measurements of time, our universe is billions of years old. Who knows what forms of life were the First Ones, who have existed and evolved over a period of billions of years (as we measure time today)? Where are these First Ones today, what are they doing? Do they know about us? Are they possibly involved with us, as ancient teachings suggest?

Are these First Ones the legendary angels that ancient tradition states were created on Day Two of creation? Are they the Watchers spoken of in the Bible? Are they the holy Dragons who are in the universe, as a king on this throne?

Think about this, if humanity continues forward without destroying itself, what form will humanity eventually evolve into over the next million years or so? Where will our technology take us a million years into the future? Now, extrapolate on this, and think, if the First Ones have been out there for a billion (or more) years, how much have they evolved? What is their science like? What have they discovered about the Creator? Would we even be able to recognize them as life-forms? Would we consider them to be gods?

Our science fiction novels and movies have, for the most part, brought to us images of aliens as hostile physical entities out to take control of our planet. Granted, there may very well be numerous aliens races out there, who, if given the chance, would conquer foreign worlds, rape them of their natural resources, and either ignore or exterminate the indigenous population, depending on what was convenient and believed to be correct.

We should not be surprised that such hostile alien life exists. After all, we too are just like them. We would be the hostile alien invaders, if given the chance to attack and conquer a desirable world, inhabited by what we would consider to be an inferior race. We have already done this throughout our history to numerous nations of people right here on our own Earth. We should never entertain the fantasy to think that we would not do this again on a foreign world, if given the chance.

Fear of alien invaders is just a modern psychological projection of our own inner fears and hostile intentions. Yet, we should never allow ourselves to believe that actual alien life forms, however different from us they may be in appearance, will be very much different from us spiritually. We human beings embrace certain spiritual/psychological universal constants, such as the struggle between good and evil. Yet, we should never limit the definitions of good and evil to applications and definitions subject to life here on Earth.

In many ways, alien life will be so very very different from us, then again, there will always be a side through which we will have commonality. And it will be through this commonality that we will be able to communicate. Yet, this commonality, will not be through physical verbal speech, but rather through mental/spiritual telepathic communications.

It is amazing, how in the greater scheme of things in the universe, we human beings are so insignificantly small. Yet, we aggrandize ourselves as being of central importance to the universe. Granted, religious teachers have taught about the importance and centrality of humanity to the universe, but these teachings were never meant to be taken literally, in reference to our present finite, physical state, to create within a humanity a sense of a delusional inflated ego. Such teachings only endeavor to forward the agenda of humanity being more than just physical homo sapiens animals.

Indeed, from the relative side of our soul existence, we truly are great beings. However, almost no single human being alive, or who has ever lived, has ever tapped into their soul content, to unleash the extraterrestrial part of our humanity, while trapped here in our terrestrial bodies. So, practically speaking, although we have the potential for greatness, that potential is very far from being realized. Essentially, we are very small life-forms in a very big (and crowded) universe.

In order for us to be unleash our inner soul potential and psychic powers, we must come to an understanding of the way natural law directs the flow of natural energies. For the energies of nature, the energies of the mind, and the energies of life and reproduction all overlap one another in accordance to a very precise natural pattern. One who can access one’s energy field, can manage to gain access to all the others. This is why the scientific principles of the natural world, mind sciences like meditation, and energy practices having to do with reproduction and sex, all complement one another, and fit together like a hand-in-glove.

Being that these energy fields, of which I speak, are essential parts of the natural world, we can rest assured that the ancient First Ones, and those who have come after them, still, many millions of years before our present incarnation, know these things, and have been working with them, and using them for what for us may be billions of years. We may religiously refer to the First Ones as archangels, who were created on the second day of creation. They wield the Divine powers of God, and are often called El or Elohim. But call them what we may, the underlying reality of their existence remains the same.

If we wish to truly communicate with higher life forms not of our planet, then we are obligated to learn the form of communication that they use to transmit and receive. Being that energy is the commodity and language of the universe, energy itself is the language of choice.

Being that our knowledge of science is so pitifully minimal, whatever we would broadcast in this wavelength certainly would not be strong enough, even to be detected. However, we can cultivate usage of these latent energies that lie unused in the mind and use them to tap into realms of higher consciousness. We can even augment the mind/soul content by charging it with creative libido sexual energy. In the language of the later Kabbalah, the combination of these two are referred to as the union of the sefirot Tiferet and Malkhut. Essentially, doing this is nothing new, on the contrary, it is something very old.

While many readers might conclude that I have delved here deeply into science fiction, I assure you that this is not the case. There difference between science fiction and science fact is a blurry line that is constantly subject to change. One should never be so quick to today condemn and dismiss something as science fiction, because it may becomes tomorrow’s science fact. Indeed, who knows what scientific discoveries and secrets presently reside with government laboratories or military bases. Do not be so quick to judge and condemn based on prejudice and ignorance.

We human beings have a very long and ancient history of relations with entities from other worlds, be they in this dimension, or another. Biblical records clearly profess this, and extra-Biblical literature only reinforces this. Some will wish to dismiss all of this out of hand. There is never a shortage of those who wish to proverbially stick their heads in the sand, close their eyes and deny everything. Yet, if we wish to move forward in human history, then the search for discovery, and the desire for uncovering truths, cries out to us to first look backwards into our past.

We have the technology to take us into realms previously inaccessible. What will we find there? Will we find those extraterrestrial races that the Bible and other religions have long referred to as angels and demons? If there is any truth to the Bible and to religion in general, then, in order for humanity as a whole to move forward into our collective future and growth, we must properly understand that which we already know, from our past, in light of that which we are now learning.

Imagine the possibilities of discovering the realities of ancient lost truths, and what such knowledge can do for our future.

The true religion of the future will be our revitalized understanding of the revelations of the past.


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