While You Were Distracted By Amerika’s Race War…..

On July 5th, a precision strike in the coastal town of Latakia, Syria , destroyed  anti-ship cruise missiles, where intelligence sources thought the Syrian government had a massive missile depot. Sources are confirming anonymously that it was indeed the Israeli Army who carried out the attack. The missiles were reportedly sold to the Syrians by Russia, a long time ally and friend of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad.

Vladamir Putin has placed Russia’s strategic bombers in a ‘state of readiness’ due to Israel’s defensive response to Russian made missiles in Syria, which were destroyed.

Russia’s is amassing of over 160,000 troops, naval ships, fighter planes, and strategic bombers in response, a fact that has been virtually ignored by the Bought and Sold mainstream media.  This is the largest military exercise in the country since the fall of the Soviet Union.   The  long-range aviation wing at Ukrainka (the 6952nd air base) is going to full combat  readiness as of July 13. Tu-95MS strategic bombers are preparing for combat missions,” according to the Moscow Times Sunday Edition.

Other Russian-based news services have been reporting on the situation. From the Israeli bombing of the Russian missiles to the ‘snap drills’ calling upon Russian forces to enter this period of ‘full combat readiness’, it appears that only RT (Russia Today)has been analyzing the situation and looking at what’s going on based on military sources.

A Russian report on the English version of the .RU website RIA Novosti reads:

“Russia’s air base of Tu-95MS Bear-H strategic bombers in the Amur Region is switching to full combat readiness as part of massive snap drills in the Eastern Military District, the Defense Ministry’s press office reported on Sunday… The exercise, which involves over 160,000 servicemen, some 1,000 armored vehicles, 130 aircraft and 70 warships from the Pacific Fleet, was ordered by President Vladimir Putin on Friday evening.”

A tank commander in the Russian Army, Dmitry Manyukin, said,  ”The peculiarity [of this drill] is that [although] we deployed here 24 hours … it hasn’t yet been disclosed to us where we will move from here and what we will be ordered to accomplish.” [Source – Patriot News Organization].

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would not confirm nor deny Israel’s involvement in the attack on Syria. This situation, Israel vs Russia,  is the absolute ‘perfect storm’  to launch World War III and a potential nuclear exchange. It also may be prophetic as well. I’m referring to the Ezekiel 38 scenario known as the Gog Magog War, where Israel is attacked from the north by an overwhelming force only to be supernaturally protected by HaShem, who destroys the invading force.


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