Scottsdale arizona Cop Murders Unarmed Grandfather


Criminals with Badges

Scottsdale Arizona police killed an unarmed man, John Loxas, with a bullet to the head based on a 911 call to police stating that a man was walking around the neighborhood with his 9 month old grandson with a gun. The officer,John Peterson, has been involved with 7 other shootings in the last 10 years, 6 of them were fatal. The Scottsdale police brazenly stated that Peterson was a good cop. Having family members in Law Enforcement I can tell that a good cop is not involved in that many shooting deaths in a medium sized town such as Scottsdale.

Murder is murder whether or not you have a shiny tin badge or not.  I hope his family sues the pants off of the city of Scottsdale and that noisy neighbor who made a false report.




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