A Message to Obama from Egypt’s People -%””*!!!&”‘!

bitch dictater

As we celebrate our 236th birthday as a nation, lets remember that a elite criminal class has now seized power in our country and that infestation must be eliminated for us to again enjoy real liberty. The Egyptian people know all to well the pain of living under a tyrant. Sadly, as we noted on this blog during the Arab Spring in 2011, Obama was key in helping the vicious Muslim Brotherhood come to power and elect Obama’s agent, Morsi.

The following message from the Egyptian people speaks volumes about how the Egyptian people feel about our Amerikan tyrant Barak Obama:

“From the Egyptian People to US policy makers: GET YOUR DIRTY HANDS OUT OF EGYPT. To all the American people: We’ve got nothing but love for you.”

We thank the Egyptian people for their candor and support. And maybe its time for Americans to follow their lead and throw Obama out of office and run him out of the country, in fact we need to run the whole kit and kaboodle out. If I had my way we would round every one of them up and drop them down the deepest hole on earth and cover it over.

As, patriotic Americans we have been asleep at our post. While we were enjoying the good life, our enemies overtook us from within, much like the Trojan Horse. Time to wake up and rouse yourselves from slumber. The time to fight is upon us.





One thought on “A Message to Obama from Egypt’s People -%””*!!!&”‘!

  1. As a believer I’m never quite sure how to respond to political matters. I know that it is HaShem who sets up kings and removes them. Obama is throughly evil, and I personally view him as an apocalyptic figure. Just hearing his voice makes my skin crawl.
    I know that everything written in the scriptures must be fulfilled. So there is the dilemma, how to respond to wickedness in this world, while at the same time not working or plotting against G-d’s plan?

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