The 4th of July & the Amerikan War on Traditional America

Our days are marked, our time is come, our end in sight. The New Amerika Tyranny is poised to strike at the heart of traditional Amerika. Obama’s regime’ is now confirmed as merely another criminal organization, albeit a very powerful one. And this is the way of government now – a criminal body with ties to international corporations which rob, steal, and cheat the citizens of the world.

Fast and Furious,Bengazi, stolen elections, support of the al-Keada Syrian rebels who are summarily beheading non-Muslims, revelations on the CIA, NSA, IRS assaults on privacy, the militarization of American police forces, hatred on of US, it’s Constitution, and our Judeo Christian traditions.

The Justice department is going after homeschoolers, draconian executive orders, gun confiscations. Our government is preparing for a ‘domestic war on terror’, meaning o war on traditional America. DHS and other Federal agencies will conscript American civilians as fodder in this sickening war on Old Glory. Many of them will be the ignorant masses of Obamites who will do anything their so-called Messiah tells them.

Rush Limbaugh, whom I lay some blame at his feet for Obama’s 2008 election, is now saying that Republican leadership is failing to head off the liberal agenda and Congress will fall to the Democrats in 2014. It is well known among those of us in the know that the top Republican leaders are elitists and in bed with the liberals and the New World Order. These is really not news to us, since the biblical prophesies tell us that Evil will prevail for a short time during the End of Days.

On this 4th of July, it would be well to remember the true state of affairs in our country and the world at large. We are facing an tyrannical juggernaut, powered by trillions of dollars and deep connections in the occult. Today, we must make a choice for the future of where we stand. As for me and my House we shall serve HaShem and stand against those who wish to enslave the entire human race.

Today, we have drawn a line in the sand

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