The Real Traitors are Members of the US Government

Since the NSA Whistle-blower was identified, our treacherous government has gone out of the way to vilify this brave man. The most powerful Republican in Congress has come out an openly called him traitor. This man, who enjoyed the good life – high paying job, living in Hawaii paid for by American taxpayers – gave it all up to do the right thing. That is to notify the American public of widespread spying on Americans phone calls, email and other forms of communication. Conduct that even violates the notorious Patriot Act. The whole affair is an example of serious abuse of power by a monstrous out-of-control behemoth government of tyrants and wanna-be Napoleons.

While our heroic NSA Whistle-blower will no doubt be hunted down by the Obama regime, lets remember the lies and deceit of high-ranking government officials and the chief baboon himself Obama. This is the regime whom gave us Fast and Furious that armed drug dealers south of the border. They proclaimed patriotic Americans as terrorist and tried to pass gun control legislation as a prelude to registration and confiscation. They gave us Bengazi, were they sacrificed the lives of Americans and did absolutely nothing to help them. Obama’s incompetence (or deliberate effort to silence the witnesses of the bin Laden raid) led to the deaths of 24 SEALs which were part of the bin Laden raid. We now have the IRS scandals, the NSA spy scandal and today there is a report of insider trading by high ranking government officials of the Health Department which is going to be investigated by the SEC. It is our government who will not yield to the Constitution of the United States.

And who know’s what else is going to be revealed? The DHS source that Canada Free Press has been receiving intel from for the last few years is saying this is just the beginning.

The real traitors are our own government who are controlled by nefarious international groups who are pushing for a New World Order. It is they who must be arrested, tried and sentenced for their complicity with those dark forces.



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