New Sections of Yisrael – Israel in Prophecy and Resisting the New World Order

Just as a note, we have recently begun expanding our blog to incorporate more themes related to our ‘Convergence Theory’. Our theory in general identifies that the numerous phenomenon, such as UFO/Alien sightings, prophecy, both biblical non-biblical, transgenic science (nephilim science), earth changes, social disintegration, the one world government drive, and the occult and masonic takeover of institutions, the Army of the Black Pope and a plethora of other phenomenon are inter-related and bring us to a point of ‘Convergence’ where these events will culminate in the biblical End of Days foretold in the Hebrew Bible.

Check out our pages and links on the UFO/Alien Question, The Army of the Black Pope, the Big Brother Surveillance State, and more to come


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