Time to Slap the Stupid out of California

An online YOUTUBE video shows a man passing around a petition to repeal the second amendment in California. The attempt is meant as an illustration of the sheep-like mindset that is prevalent in some parts of the United States.  California, a bastion of liberalism, fruits and nuts shows it’s moronic acceptance of such an anti-American idea. Not one of the persons who signed the petition actually engaged the man in any type of questioning or debate. They just blindly accepted the man bogus argument as legitimate and signed their meaningless signatures to a meaningless petition without so much as a a peep.

It’s a travesty is what it is.  And in light of that revelation, I must admit I think it would be far better to let the Mexicans have California, cause we don’t need morons like that here. In fact, the Republic of Texas is looking better and better all the time to me and my family.

See This Video



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