Government Cover-up of Saudi National Connection to Boston Bombing

In the days following 911, the US government secured and escorted the Bin Laden family out of the USA and would not talk about this for over three years. The same scenario is playing out today over the Saudi man who was originally arrested and assigned a 212 3b deportation code, used only for hardened terrorists. After Secretary Kerry’s closed meeting with Saudi Foreign Minister Saud, his status was downgrade to a person of interest, then the deportation order was rescinded in such a way that can only be likened to a bad, and poorly thought out drama.

While the Media stooges and the US government are pointing us to the two Chechen brothers as the one’s wholly responsible for the terrorism in Boston, the real story is the US cover-up of the Saudi man who more than likely was the head of the operation or operated in some high level capacity.

See Glenn Beck expose the lies and deception of the US government here.


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