Possible Target: American Patriots

For the first time, President Obama used the “T” word to describe Monday’s deadly bombings near the finish line of the Boston Marathon. “The FBI is investigating this as an act of terror,” the President said. “Anytime a bomb is used like this, it is an act of terror.”

Considering Obama’s refusal to describe Muslim terrorists using the word terrorist or terror, it seems likely in the coming days that homegrown American groups will be the likely ‘terrorists’. The whole thing smells of a false flag planned and carried out by Obama’s revolutionaries.



2 thoughts on “Possible Target: American Patriots

  1. Sadly, I think that you may be right. We all know that Obama, that spineless pansy, will seek to blame the innocent and to conceal the guilty. Bloodlust, is the true sport of Islam and the Communist.

  2. Isn’t it amazing how Obama is so eager to assign blame when he is attacking whitey, Christians, Jews, anyone except for black folks, traitors, and Muslims. This man is so contemptuous that mere words are not sufficient to describe his wickedness.
    Honestly, I think that Obama is the Antichrist, and if not the Antichrist, then he is most certainly an apocalyptic figure. His role in bringing about the rise of the New World Order, and ultimately, the end of days, is huge.
    I think that the mask will come off very soon. Watch, the son of perdition will soon announce his presence. The long awaited 12th Imam.

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