Mass Murderers All Agree – Gun Control Works

What is the #1 cause of unnatural death in the history of the world? – Sadly it’s not serial killers or famine or disease, though these tragedies are are responsible for numerous deaths. No the culprit which is responsible for the most staggering amount of death is none other than the legal (and illegal) governments of the Earth. The statistics are astounding and sickening. Death by government has killed a record 290 million people and that’s just in the last 100 years and does not include history previous to that, nor does it include wars.  Government has killed 4 times as many people that were killed in international and domestic wars.

1. USSR – 1917-1987 – 61, 911,000 million

2. Hitler’s Nazi Germany – 1933 to 1945 – 20,946,000 million people

3. Imperial Japan – 1936-1945 – 5,964,000 million people

4. Combined Western Colonization – 50 million people

6. Pol Pot’s Cambodia – 1975-1979 – 2, 035,000 million people. Pol Pot was funded by the US government.

7. Communist China – 1949-1987 – 76, 702,000 million people

8. Turkey – 1909-1918 – 1,883,000 million people

9. Vietnam – 1949-1987 – 1, 670,000 million people

10. North Korea – 1948- 1987 – 1,663,000 million people

11. Poland – 1945-1948 – 1,585,000 million people

12. Pakistan 1958-1987 – 1,503,000 million people

Department of Homeland Security purchased 1.6 billion hollow point rounds of ammo, enough to wage a 30 year ground war on American citizens who refuse to surrender to their draconian rule. The pattern is historic: once gun control is achieved, weapon confiscation results and those who will not submit to their oppressive rule our murdered and executed.

As we documented in an earlier post this year, based on the years long research work of scientist Dr. Andrew M. Lobaczewski, most of the worlds leaders are hidden psychopaths. The evidence above clearly shows this – 290 million deaths from governments who desired to silence their opposition. America is no exception. One only need to look at the Federal governments history with the American Indian populations which were decimated.

It is clear in my mind that these psychopaths, and their friends and useful idiots present a clear and present danger to the inhabitants of this planet and our survival hinges on our ability to rid ourselves of these human vermin with the help of HaShem and the coming of the Messiah.



One thought on “Mass Murderers All Agree – Gun Control Works

  1. I hear you,I also agree. This is so scary,because it is true.I have read enough to know it is starting to happen in this country.This needs to be put on facebook. I do not know how to repost stuff. Yet ,who would believe?? Make me want to cry and never stop,B’rooch haba B’Shem Adonai!!!


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