Boston Marathon Bombing False Flag?

As info is pouring in and researchers are closely scrutinizing the details, evidence is beginning to stack up that suggests that the bombings at the Boston Marathon may have been a false flag event. For those unfamiliar with the term, False Flag is a an event that is planned and carried out by the side being attacked but the blame is placed on an a third party. Within 30 minutes of the bombing, CNN’s Wolfe Blitzer  and that idiot Piers Morgan, made statements that targeted ‘Right-wingers’. It also was reported this morning on the major TV channels that President Obama is favoring this view.  Alex Jones of made a prediction prior to the race that the setting for the Boston Marathan was perfect for a false flag event. The Marathon took place on Patriots Day and Tax Day, the current rhetoric coming from the Feds and their high powered liberal friends at the Bought & Sold Media concerning gun control and weapon confiscation. Add to the fact that they recently purchased 1.6 billion rounds of hollow point ammo for the Nazi DHS.

Some outlets think that the operation has an al-Kaeda feel to it and that it’s to pave the way for war with Iran. Time will tell.

See more at Exo-Human

and watch the INFOWARS video

Daily Caller


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