More Voting Fraud Revealed

Dara Fox, a poll watcher in Virginia revealed on Radio station WMAL talks about witnessing voter fraud during the election. She told WMAL that she witnessed massive voter fraud at her precinct, where numerous voters voted at least twice. Others state that people were being bused in and given groceries to go vote for Obama.

We are convinced, given the various stories from across the US that the Presidential election was stolen by Barak Obama. Welcome to the NEW AMERIKA. We are officially in a dictatorship. This however comes as no suprise to me or those who read my blog regularly. We forecasted that Obama would be the last American President. Our small group has been preparing for this eventuality for some time. I believe that these are signs of what to expect in the future.

It is my contention that Barak Obama is either the fore-runner of who the Christians call the Anti-Christ or He himself is the Anti-Christ. While I know many bible believers do not see it that way, they are ignorant of some very pertinent facts which I will present in the near future.
As an update, we are working hard on editing and finishing Book II of In the Shadow of the Apocalypse and will put it out as soon as we can. I suggest you read Book I to get some very nessessary background.

There are bats in the belfry as they say. The time is past for saving our country from the enemy. The enemy has taken it. Time now for protecting your families, helping those who stand with us. Show no mercy to evil. Pray for Israel as we await HaShem’s redemption – Blessed be He.


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