Release of End of Days ebook – 1st in a series

We have recently finished up on our first book in our series – The Shadow of the Apocalypse, (Book 1) the Foundations of Tyranny. There will be several books in the series which lay the foundation for understanding the prophesies not only of the Hebrew Bible, but the numerous prophesies of many ancient people s.  This work will be an on going work, and by no means the arbitrator of truth. We encourage everyone to contribute.  We feel this topic is so important that we will be offering the ebooks at no charge. Many of the topics have already appeared on our blog, but are more expanded in the ebook.

The End of Days is upon us and if we have  interpreted the numerous pieces of evidence, beginning soon our world will undergo an enormous paradigm shift of reality.  It will be important to arm yourselves with information to help with the transition and survival of the human race.

11/07/2012 – We have expedited the release of our book due to the re-election of Barak Obama who we believe is either the End of Days Contemptible King of the book of Daniel or the one who prepares the way for his arrival. Though we would have liked more time to fine tune the first book, we feel it is important now more than ever to get the information out.  His re-election along with the coming galactic alignment places us at a crossroads or threshold of earth-shaking events. We hope we can continue to provide information to our readers, but we are also aware of his desire to control the internet. If that becomes a reality, sites that speak out against him, the Illuminati and their agenda will be taken off the web.  Please read the book and send it to your friends. You can request a copy of my file by posting a comment on the blog and requesting a free copy.

To access Book I – The Foundations of Tyranny, just go to the ebook tab at the top of the page and click


3 thoughts on “Release of End of Days ebook – 1st in a series

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    Hello,  I was unable to post a comment to request a copy of your ebook.  Thank you very much for taking the time to do this book for people.  If there is anything I can do to help support , please leat me know.   A Geller

    • your quite welcome. I am currently editing book I but there is an older version on my blog under ebooks. Book I is only a primer and begins to lay a foundation or basic understanding. There will be many additions to the book which uncover prophecy from a unorthodox point of view. I will keep everyone updated through the blog as more chapters and books are available.


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