Obama Set to Go to War with Americans

Our President has been hard at work in laying the groundwork to persecute, hunt down and destroy the real Americans who were actually born here – my family came here in 1587, over 420 years ago.  He has set the stage with a flurry of executive orders and it’s becoming more and more clear that he is  putting everything in place for the forced takeover of the United States of America. He told us all four years ago that he would fundamentally change America and he has done his best to create the atmosphere for massive civil unrest.

He has signed Executive Orders that have stopped the deportation of illegal aliens, one that allows him  to seize control of the communications infrastructure, another one that gives him the power to take over all private property and control private industry. Another one basically guts the  job search and work requirements regarding Welfare Reform Law of 1996, thus adding to the welfare rolls.

And just one month after President Obama signed a back door amnesty executive order for hundreds of thousands of young illegal aliens, his regime is now planning to shut down nine Border Patrol stations, something the people living in border states, Border Patrol agents, local Sheriffs and some Congressman are up in arms about. Critics are complaining that this will impede drug enforcement efforts, a delusion propagated by both parties and Law Enforcement in general.  Since most Americans with some modicum of common sense know that the War on Drugs is a sham and that the Illuminati families which control International finance are actually the ones who are doing the drug trafficking, with the help from Uncle Sam.

No the real problem with the closure of 9 more Border Patrol stations is that more than some illegal Mexican nationals will be crossing through those corridors.  There will be groups of terrorists who will now have an greatt opportunity to infiltrate America, something I feel Obama is purposely allowing to happen.

And also lets not forget that a few short months ago the traitors in Congress passed the NDAA which basically makes America a battle ground and Americans who oppose Obama targets.

I have no doubt the NSA has been very busy monitoring the blogosphere for Americans who oppose his Globalist takeover of America, including yours truly.  Prepare yourselves for massive civil unrest and the march of the Amerikan Gestapo/ DHS to round up us trouble-makers. Obama is a revolutionary, and radicals like him do not relinquish power easily. The financial markets are teetering (by design) and a financial crash could be used to implement martial law and a hostile take-over by the Obamination in the Oval Office.

Arm yourselves with truth and whatever else will expose that criminal in the White House.


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