Obama: I’m Taking My Ball and Going Home

Just cry me a freaking river…

Just hours after the Supreme Court’s ruling on the Arizona immigration law which left  in place a core section of the law that permits local law enforcement officials to continue checking the immigration status of anyone suspected of being an illegal,  the Obama regime said it will no longer enforce the law.

Fox News reports that the U.S. Department of Homeland Security  has just announced that DHS Secretary Janet Napolitano is suspending a key program that allowed state and local law enforcement to enforce federal immigration law.

In other words, Team Obama  didn’t like the High Court’s ruling so they are throwing a temper tantrum, and will refuse to enforce immigration law.  If there was ever a time when we needed to remove a sitting president and his poisonous political cronies, that time is upon us.  Without the Executive Branch enforcing immigration law, our borders have been flung open even more than before and will lead to infiltration of any terror group and other filth to come into America and wreak havoc which I personally believe is his intention.

Arm yourselves with truth and in every way.  The War is Here.


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