Obama Places Amerika Under a ‘Peace-time Martial Law’

President Obama has quietly signed Executive Order For The Mobilization and Seizure Of All American Resources Towards “Emergencies”, Preparations For Full Scale War.

The headlong descent into total and abject tyranny is almost complete. With President Obama’s most recent executive order,  he has granted himself the authority to declare peacetime martial law. This Executive Order was posted on the WhiteHouse.gov web site on Friday, March 16, 2012.

President Obama signed THE NATIONAL DEFENSE RESOURCES PREPAREDNESS ACT  on March 16 2012 triggering provisions and posturing for the government seizure of any and all private property necessary (including food) for the war effort. The foundations for all of this were laid in many Executive Orders drafted in the 1980s under Ronald Reagan, shortly after the U.S. government became officially aware of Peak Oil.

Peak oil is the point in time when the maximum rate of petroleum extraction is reached, after which the rate of production enters terminal decline. Every oil well and field exhibits similar characteristics of being discovered, the logistics to extract the oil being put in place, a peak or plateau of production followed by relentless decline. US domestic oil production peaked in 1970. Global production of conventional crude oil plateaued in 2005.  The defacto Amerikan Regime’s wars in the Middle East for the past 22 years were designed and implemented to place the US and the Power Elite in control of the world’s dwindling oil supply.

This executive order is particularly draconian in that it eliminates the private ownership  and Obama has delegated the complete control of the nation’s resources to his cabinet level department heads (i.e. Czars).

 Section 601 signals the most Orwellian aspect of this executive order in which “upon request by the Director of Selective Service, and in coordination with the Secretary of Defense, assist the Director of Selective Service in development of policies regulating the induction and deferment of persons for duty in the armed services” (paragraph 2). What is particularly troubling is that the Secretary of Labor will possess oversight over the Selective Service process, instead of the Secretary of Defense.  Why would the Department of Labor be in charge of the coming military draft?

To understand, one must remember  the 2008 Presidential campaign in which Obama stated that “we need to construct a national civilian security force that is just as powerful, just as strong, just as well funded” (as the military). Obama is clearly planning to conscript civilians, train them and send them where they are needed and will pay them whatever wage the Secretary of Commerce determines (Section 601; paragraphs 3, 4-Section 801; paragraph C). In one fell swoop, Obama has side-stepped the 13th Amendment as we are talking about the introduction of forced labor (i.e. slavery). 

How ironic and tragic that our first black president has declared his intention to impose government sanctioned slavery upon the American people?

You history buffs should remember the forced labor camps run by the Nazi’s in which the Jewish people and other political prisoners were forced into slave labor in support of the Nazi war effort while being systematically starved to death.

Although Obama’s EO is almost an identical update to President Clinton’s EO 12919 (1994),if would be wise to take note that in Section 201(b) of the Obama version, Obama inserted the phrase “under both emergency and non-emergency conditions.” This enables the President, solely based upon his own authority, to declare peacetime martial law which is tantamount to the establishment of an indefinite dictatorship. Also, the intent behind the Obama EO must be considered within the context of the times that we presently live in.

 There can be no doubt that America is witnessing the systematic and incremental implementation of Obama’s modern day version of the Nazi Enabling Act of 1933 which brought the world the second World War and Genocide of 6 million Jews and other ethnic groups. The Enabling Act permitted the German cabinet to enact previously prohibited legislation, which included laws which clearly deviated from and profoundly altered the meaning of the German constitution. As with Obama’s unconstitutional actions, this was accomplished without the consent of the Reichstag. Within the parameters of the Enabling Act, the Nazis created “Special Courts” to punish political dissent in a strikingly similar manner identified in the Obama sponsored NDAA as well as a number of declarations and proclamations referenced in the previous paragraph. Also contained in the Enabling Act was a series of civil laws that barred Jews from holding civil service positions as well as jobs in the legal, medical and teaching professions.


Arm Yourselves with Truth and Knowledge.  The War is Coming


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