Are Amerika’s Presedential Electons Rigged?

For many years now I have had a sinking feeling that our Presidential Elections are rigged and the winner is pre-determined by powerful and influential groups and individuals.  I chose to ignore that gut instinct because the truth of that revelation was too terrible to contemplate.  But now given the American political history of the last 15 years, I’m now convinced that our elections, touted as ‘democratic’ are nothing but subterfuge.  The following videos are quite revealing.  The first one has a computer programmer testifying of the existence of a computer program that could rig an election:

The second video is put out by a  Catholic Benedictine Monastery located in Fillmore, NY.  While I certainly am not signing off on Christianity of any form, truth comes from many directions and the video is very well done and explains many aspects of voter fraud including Media collusion who knows the winner in advance of the official results.


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