Wake Up Israel! – America is Falling

America gives Israel over 3 billion dollars in military aid each year, a mere 1.4% of Israel’s GNP.  But the price extracted from Israel for this far exceeds the value recieved.  And while the American people overwhelmingly support Israel and it’s people, the US Government uses Israel to extend it’s failing empire and cares not for Israel or the Middle East for that matter.

The people of Israel must wake up to the reality of America’s coming collapse and throw off the chains that bind her to the American Military & Industrial Complex which is responsible for much of the worlds wars and social ills.  The American State is much like the ancient Empire of Rome.  And if we don’t get control of our government from the Power Elite, America will fall.

Rome much like America started out as a representative government.  After a few centuries it morphed into a dictatorship with Julius Caesar as it’s emperor.  Romans loved the high life and spared no expense on their desires for the finer things in life.  Eventually this caused a trade imbalance.  Rome responded to this by debasing their currency – they put less silver in their money, thereby cheating their citizens and neighbors of their hard earned money.  Once the masses were aware of this fraud, the value of the currency started to sink which eventually triggered massive inflation.  The Roman government then turned to the military and began using them in oppressive wars of choice which made tons of money for the Roman government to continue expanding their empire.  Eventually the Roman government had amassed a crushing debt which led to the collapse of their empire.

See YouTube video on Economic Collapse

America is on a similar track, but one which is taking place much quicker.  Our representative government is gone, transformed into a ‘friendly’ dictatorship.  Our elected representatives no longer listen or care about what We the People want.  Our government declares wars against other nations without the due process of law.  Our president is joke – a haughty man of no repute who despises our Constitution.  We have a 14.3 trillion dollar debt crushing our economy.  We are involved with 5 wars of choice to help prop up our economy.  Currently inflation is being suppressed artificially but will eventually will begin to grow, thereby placing us in the ‘misery index’ with run away inflation plus large scale unemployment.

Israel will eventually have no one to give it foreign military aid.   The American collapse will be devastating to the world’s economy but Israel can and will survive.   1.4% of Israel’s GNP can be made up, but they need to start now.



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