Update on Iowa Caucus

There are various reports coming in from district captains and Caucus volunteers in Iowa that there has been voter fraud in yesterday Iowa vote. Though none of the bought and sold Mainstream Media will report on it and Congressman Paul is too much of a gentleman to speak of it, many reports coming out of the Alternate Media are verifying that the Power Elite is running scared and willing to do almost anything to try to stop the momentum that Ron Paul has continued to gain. In fact CNN cut the live feed of a US soldier who spoke of voting for Ron Paul.   Statstisics concerning donations from the US Military to presidential candidates show that soldiers give to Ron Paul more than any other candidate. In fact military donations to Ron Paul exceed donations to all other candidates combined, including the Leper Messiah  Barak Obama.

While the “official” count was that Ron Paul came in third, in reality it was a statistical dead heat between the top three with each candidate receiving an equal number of delegates. In New Hampshire Congressman Paul is a strong 2nd and gaining.


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