Occupy Wall Street Uncovers Media Blackout

I shot the White House“I think we should have a moment of silence in solidarity for the person that they said was from the Washington DC Occupy, that maybe why did he feel the need to shoot the White House window today.”

Currently the Main Stream Bought and Sold Media  is working overtime to make sure no narrative is created from the suspected White House shooter’s connection to Occupy DC group. The bought and sold media is leaving no stone unturned to keep this story out of the public’s eye and the no one can establish a connection to the Occupy movement, which Obama has some connection to, and may have been instigated by his handlers for political reasons.

According to some reports, this shooter is accused of having a fixation on the White House and having targeted the residence where the President and his family live. That means we could have an attempted assassination of the President of the United States on our hands, and these Occupiers are gathering to show some “solidarity,”over the man’s actions.

(While I detest the President for what he has done to this country, assassination is too good for him.  He should be made to pay for his high crimes in a prison, preferably one in Siberia [lol], not with a quick bullet.  Presidential assassination would create him as some martyr – not the criminal he is, which would be a travesty of justice).

See the YouTube Video

Maybe the Occupiers should move on the Main Stream Media –Occupy MSM



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